10 Links To Inspire Love and a Larger Wordcount

There have been some great blog posts lately, all of which are motivating me to stay focused on my goals. I hope to be 3/4 of the way done with edits by my April writers conference. I’m also working on author branding and hope to create new business cards as well as start up a pinterest page. Any advice from you all is greatly appreciated.

I know many of you are hard at work on your own goal list: figuring out which conferences to attend, starting new novels, finishing drafts, or maybe just planning a romantic night out with your honey.

If so, I’ve got you covered! Pull up a chair, wrap your fingers around a mug of your fave beverage, and happy reading!

In Preparation for Valentine’s Day:

I made a Valentine's picture, but the rings are so big they look like handcuffs. Haha!

I made a Valentine’s picture, but the rings are so big they look like handcuffs. Haha!

  • Emma Meade interviewed erotica author Kitt Crescendo on her latest release (of the literature sort) in Blogger Pal and Author of Steamy Fiction. *Bring a glass of water to cool down after you read Kitt’s book excerpt!
  • Shannon Donnelly guests at Writers in the Storm to answer What Makes a Romance? with seven tips for helping anyone on the fence about whether their book fits.
  • Liz from Be.Love.Live. is celebrating February by Learning to Love Yourself Through a Photo a Day. She’s hosting a photo a day challenge to take 28 selfies that share something beautiful about you! Aww.
  • Shameless plug: Stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day guest post from pet behavioralist and thriller writer, Amy Shojai, right here on the Happiness Project!

Writer’s Hub:

  • Adam from Roof Beam Reader gives his take on the J.K. Rowling interview in J.K. Rowling Can Say What She Wants. Have you heard about this?! Rowling was interviewed (by Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films) and commented that intended for Hermione and Harry to end up together in the end, NOT Hermione and Ron. It’s a fascinating conversation and I would LOVE to hear your opinions on it.
  • Speaking of Harry Potter, author Ginger Calem’s daughter snapped the cutest picture of a Harry Potter fan ever. Check this adorbs out! And follow Ginger on Instagram!

Is this cute or the cutest?

  • Piper Bayard and co-blogger/author, Holmes, kidnapped invited bestselling author Ellie Ann to their blog to discuss the Steampunk trend as well as Enhanced Books. Fab interview on these new medias. Steampunk and Books That Sing
  • Julie Glover discusses the power of book’s first line with great examples from both classics and her own works. I love that she includes Daphne du Maurier’s wicked character Mrs. Danvers to illustrate! Kickin’ It Off Right: A Novel’s First Line
  • Bradley Somer posted in Wordbitches What We Talk About When We Talk About Our Writing, which is filled with great tips for anyone who has, or wants to have, speaking engagements like book readings or presentations.
  • Kristen Lamb shares Why All Writers Should Attend a Writers Conference which is full of useful networking advice, tools and updates on the publishing industry, as well as information about an upcoming online conference!

What goals are you working on? What are your Valentine’s plans? And what blog posts inspired you this past week? Feel free to share links!

21 responses

  1. Awww, how cute that Gia made your blog. Can’t wait to show my daughter. (Thank You!) And thanks to all the other awesome links, I know how I’ll spend my morning. πŸ™‚

    1. I absolutely made an audible “Awww” noise when I saw that photo. Plus it’s my way of sneakily getting you to Instagram more. πŸ™‚ I love using Instagram as my little break taker and seeing what fun all my writer peeps are up to.

  2. Oh, I love Amy Shojai! So glad she’s coming to The Happiness Project. (I credit her with me no longer having to clean up…”messes”…from my cat. Her cat book is awesome!)

    Thanks for including me in this great list of links. And thanks to you, I’ve been picturing Mrs. Danvers as my inner editor all week. So yeah, I’ve been shuddering a lot. LOL.

    As to the business cards, the one thing I recommend is including your photo. I’ve traded biz cards at conferences and meetings, and when I get home with my stash, it’s so much easier to match the conversation to the card when the person’s face is there to jog my memory. I’ve heard that helps agents too.

    Have a terrific week, Jess! Love the handcuff rings. πŸ™‚

    1. Mrs. Danvers is quite possibly the creepiest inner editor out there. That’s why I like her.

      I am planning on putting my picture on the cards. Trying to decide whether it’s worth the book blurb on the back…

      1. I did that on my biz cards (suggested by an agent), but now they aren’t flexible. Like if you decide a word or two should be changed, you can’t very well justify reprinting 250 cards. I have mixed feelings on that now.

        1. Yah that’s why I am wary. Good feedback to know. Thanks Julie!

          Did you set up a Pinterest account yet?

          1. Yes, but I haven’t done much there. I’ll shoot you the link later.

  3. Big thank you for including us, Jess. And thanks for the link explaining where the sudden fuss came from about Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Luna. πŸ™‚

    1. I find that conversation so interesting! People are really divided on this! And Rowling’s gotten a lot of flack for her comments. My opinion is she’s the creator, her thoughts around the book can change over time repeatedly. A book is a kind of love and we grow and learn to love in various ways and that love changes over time. So would an author’s opinion on such a successful work.

  4. Thanks for the blog love, Jess. You have a great site, I’ll be back!
    -Fae Rowen

    1. Thank you Fae! I always find great content at Writers in the Storm!

  5. Great collection, Jess! And I LOVE the photos. πŸ™‚ I read Kitt’s book — it’s awesome!

    Wishing you and Joe a fantabulous V-day.

    1. Thank you! Kitt’s book would be a great valentine!

  6. Good luck at your April conference. I attended one in January and it’s always a terrific and inspiring experience. No matter how much you think you know, there is always so much to learn. How do you like the book your reading? I haven’t read it yet, but I’m a big Sedaris fan.

    1. What conference did you attend? I love them. Like you said you always learn something and I think they’re so energizing.

      Which book? The Sloane Crosley one? It’s good. I’m not too far into it yet. Her first one, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, was hilarious!

      1. I attended SCBWI’s Florida Winter conference; I also write YA. And I won a big award at this one, so it was really exciting!

        I’ve been meaning to read “I Was Told There’d Be Cake,” and I suspect it’s probably already on my Kindle, but reading time has been limited lately. I still haven’t finished reading David Sedaris’ latest. Must stop reading new books before I’ve finished all the ones I’ve started. Between working on a final edit on my manuscript before I send it out and running a fun pillow business, it’s been a challenge to balance everything. Hopefully, the writing will soon take over. πŸ™‚

        1. Congrats on the award!

          Sedaris’s new book is on my list too. Here’s to more reading and writing for both of us!

  7. I’ve decided to get Tara a book of dinosaur erotica for V-Day. Hopefully, this will lead to a bit of role play later. I’ll be the stegosaurus and she’ll be the hapless but hot Neanderthal chick just begging for it.

    God, I’m such a romantic!

    1. Give me Tara’s number. I need to warn her! Lol

  8. Aww! Thanks for the blog love for both me and Emma! You’re too sweet. BTW, Ginger’s doggie pic put a big ol’ smile on my face. How adorable was that?!

    1. Most welcome Kitt!

      And that picture IS the cutest.

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