Do You Poop At Work?

Things are getting real at the Happiness Project today. We’re talking today about something I know a lot about. We’re talking about poop.

DSCF0724Beware hiking in extreme temperatures around
things labeled the ‘Devil.’
Nothing good happens.

But we’re not talking about why it’s important to pack extra underwear on vacation. No.

We’re talking about pooping at work.

Do you?

Be honest!

I’m betting most of you, like me, need to “drop off the occasional package” while working. 😉

I’ve had some interesting bathrooms in my workplaces over the years. From your basic department store row of stalls, complete with screaming child trying to crawl under the dividers away from her mother, to a restroom located in the creepy cellar of a warehouse’s storage area.

The one thing that bonds us all is the fact that we all poop. Although, we don’t like to admit it. (Unless you’re me and have no shame.)

However, even I struggle with how to sneakily “pay the bowl troll” without any coworkers knowing. So when my wonderful fiance shared this video with me, I just knew I needed to pay it forward with you.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you…

How to Poop at Work

*Warning: Side effects of watching this video may include randomly shouting “Turd Burglar” and laughing so hard you poop your pants.
So tell me, do you poop at work? 😉

13 responses

  1. Some folks here poop at work every day. It’s their morning ritual, and we know not to disturb them when that door is closed for 15 minutes at a stretch. I could never do that…but on occasion, sure. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, right? There’s no shame in that!

    1. Lol. I can’t imagine having a work pooping ritual. That’s hysterical! But kudos to them for having such regular digestive tracks.

  2. Skitting laughing here.

    1. Just be sure to wipe before you go!

  3. I had to stop the video when he got to “Watermelon.”

    Since I work at home now, I guess you could say that I poop at work, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you mean. Most places I worked, the handicapped stall functioned as a place to leave reading materials (over the grab bar).

    Do you remember the commercial for (I don’t remember the product, but it was likely something like Metamucil or Phillip’s) that featured three guys marching smartly into a public restroom, greeting each other (“Bill.” “Ted.” “Bob.”) and walking into three adjacent stalls? They called them “The Regular Guys,” as I recall.

    1. I don’t remember that. That’s funny though since there seems to be such a stigma about going in the stall next to someone.

      Reading materials in public bathrooms creep me out.

  4. I can poop as much as I want. I have my own bathroom at work and it’s right next to my office. On the downside, we are in sort of a “trailer”, so sound carries from one end of the building to the other. LOL (There are no secrets here.) Oh, and I work with ALL guys.

    1. LOL. At least you get your own space. They’ll know something’s up if you run the faucet though. 😉

  5. Good grief, yes! One can’t predict when poop will pop into your life. It’s a bit like losing the lottery.

    I have a small atomizer of PooPourri in my purse. Seriously! I do! That stuff works…so long as I haven’t delayed so long I have no time to ferret it from the depths of my purse pre-bomb-drop.

    I’ve become an expert at timing a flush to mask the watermelons — I even do advance reconnaissance for the small buttons on those automatic toilets that flush at will. I’ve spent my fair share of time sitting in a stall after my business is done waiting for others to leave.

    The alternative is to fly out of the stall and proclaim loudly that “I can not WAIT to get out of the Loo because someone OBVIOUSLY left a real stinker with some hang time loose in here! BLECH!”

    1. I heart you Gloria! Poopourri is the best!

  6. Jess we always loved you & your blog but you just moved up the blogadex to the first place for us! You’ve given us our best laugh in a long, long time!! We’ve been isolated in a TINY writing room editing our next book. Needless to say, we’re tired, soar eyes, biting each other’s heads off & cabin fever has set in & the bitch is now holding us hostage! This was the perfect ending to a horrible day! We will be sharing this video with all our networking friends in hopes of spreading the laughter! Oh by the way….Gloria rocks too. Poopourri. She should totally coin that phrase! 😉

    1. Oh, poo-pourri is a real thing and it’s amazing! You should YouTube them because their videos are just as hilarious!

      And I’m so thrilled you two came over to talk about…eh hem…#2 with me! 😀 I have my dad’s potty humor so I thought this was hilarious too.

      Turd burglar!

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