Start Your Monday Off Right With Things to Laugh At This Week

I’ve encountered some hilarious YouTubing this week and I had to share. Have you seen any of these? Set down your morning coffee before hitting play on these bad babies.


Ever just had one of those days? 3 year old Mateo just wants a cupcake, but Linda (his MOM) isn’t having any of it.


Have you seen Kid Snippets before? They’re a series of videos filmed with adults lip synching to stories told by children. Here are two of my faves!

Pool Party:

Book Report:


Do you fear the 80s are under-represented and misunderstood by the younger generations these days? Well, so does Kevin Bacon. And he’s here to talk about 80’s Awareness with you.


I found this one for work. Did you know most people do not know how to effectively use a condom? Bedsider’s series A Guy’s Guide has you covered.


What funny videos or stories made you laugh this weekend?

14 responses

  1. Great minds, Jess…great minds. I did the same kind of post to start off the week.

    One thing: WHAT kind of day job do you have right now, where you’re looking up “Condom 101” for work? Enquiring minds want to know…

    1. LOL. I work in a reproductive health clinic. You’d be SHOCKED by the things I google sometimes. 😉

      That video is pretty hilarious, though, don’t you think?

      Off to read your funny blog!

      1. That video was RAD. Who knew there were so many names for a condom? However, i think Kevin Bacon won the video award with “You will never know the comfort of parachute pants!” *beady stare*

        1. Which one was your fave? I’m rather fond of “sleave it to beaver.” LOL

          1. You know, the fact that they could double-team terms for like 20 seconds was my favorite. I had NO idea most of those existed. 🙂

            1. Hmm, now I wonder how many Gloria’s heard of…

  2. I saw the Kevin Bacon video making the rounds on FB last week, and couldn’t resist watching it. I’m glad the youth of today are receiving the proper education from Mr. Six-Degrees-of-Separation Bacon himself.

  3. Excellent pics Jess! It’ s a real tough thing to name them all. Hmmmm, yes, yes I got it…your pics!! Well that & a funny comedian show tonight!! Thanks for stopping by our blog and for commenting Jess!! 😉

    1. How is all the editing going?!

      1. Pretty good so far Jess, but check back with us in two weeks. Could be buckets of tears and bruises!! lmao

        1. Oh! Hang in there! Glad you have each other as sounding boards both in books and life in general. Cheering you on from Wisconsin!

  4. Love it, Jess! KidSnippets are always hilarious! Hope you’re having a great week!

    1. My days are all off, but I think it’s fine. Lol. How’s yours?

      I mean, continue with your book report! *crunch crunch crunch*

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