Throwback Thursday: Pajama Party

Meet my parents.

Here’s another glimpse into my writing project this week. I’ve spent more time editing the chapters about my family’s restaurant than any other chapters. So much to fit in.

This throwback thursday features another themed New Year’s Eve Party – pajama jammer. My pops wore long underwear, and if I know him, the butt flap was probably open. (But he would have had undies underneath!) At least, I hope so.

I’m pretty sure I had a Christmas dress at one point that matched my mother’s nightgown.

And you can see I’m modeling a very similar plaid ensemble. (pronounced un-some-bleh)

I’m calling this shot…Escanaba in da Moonlight meets The Berenstein Bears.

Pajama Party

What’s a funny memory you have of your parents?
Can’t think of one…what about the way they dressed you? Huh, huh?

12 responses

  1. Without your commentary, this might be a typical family picture. I cannot wait to read your memoir! My parents didn’t dress funny but my mom did choose a few homely fashion items for me. When I was a kid, going to mass on Sunday meant wearing a hat. My mom made me wear an olive green felt hat from the 1920s with a satin ribbon with my camel colored winter/spring/fall coat. Total clash and it was so ugly that today I still refuse to wear anything green. When I was 11, I got “the gumption” (one of moms expressions) to speak up and insist she throw that hat away and I would wear a Mantilla (Spanish origin-triangular black lace scarf) on my head like the other girls wore to church.

    1. Ohmygod I want to see pictures of both! That’s amazing!

  2. Ok, funniest clothing related memory of my parents was when I was but a wee lass. It was around Halloween, and my parents were going to a costume party. My brother and I had a babysitter and were sitting in the living room watching TV with her while my parents were upstairs getting dressed. I think I was around 8/9, so that would make the bro 5/6? Anyway, in walks Groucho Marx. My bro goes, “oh, hi dad.” So, I look up and realize that dad must have shrunk about 6 inches or so, and when I look closer, I see that it’s my mom. It was pretty convincing, though. Then my dad walks in dressed as a woman. I’m sure they had a great time at the party.

    1. That’s a sweet idea! Kudos to your ‘rents for doing that! I’ve dressed as a man a couple of times. I’ve been Brad from Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Incredible Hulk, and some form of a red headed Justin Timberlake for a Drag Show. Believe me, I made good tips.

  3. Now that is priceless!!

  4. In the late 90’s, my first job had “Ugly Shirt Day”. I never told my mom why I borrowed one of her shirts.

    1. LOL that’s funny. I’ll keep your secret. 😉

  5. While I would love to blame my parents, I went through an unfortunate Sonny Crockett phase in high school that was, sadly, all my own doing. Gulp. I’m going to have to dig out a photo someday and post that for Throwback Thursday.

    1. Oh please! Please do.

  6. Is this from the awkward family pictures series? hee,hee Very cute!

    1. Uh it definitely could be.

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