Monday Morning Comedy Hour

I recently started reading Sarah Silverman’s memoir, The Bedwetter.

It’s pretty amazing.

I had never read any books written by stand up comics before. I’ve read a ton of humor authors, including finally Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neckso people can stop shaming me about never having read any Nora Ephron. Challenge accepted.

I love listening to Sarah’s story. She’s brutally honest about the things she dealt with as a kid and how they shaped her sense of humor. True to the title, Sarah was, in fact, a bedwetter long into elementary school. She saw numerous doctors and spent years with a hypnotist, but still had to wait it out until she, and mostly her bladder, grew.

As a young comic, Sarah took risks. She’s known for telling vulgar jokes that often involve bowel movements or racism. But she’s also a hard working comedian. She spent hours at open mic nights whether she was slated to go on or not, just on the off chance someone else didn’t show and she could step in. She worked in comedy clubs, where she met some of her heroes and was able to network and be inspired.

And when she did make it big, she didn’t lose her childish enthusiasm for the work she gets to do. She reminds her peers and staff that they get to be a part of something creative.

Sarah inspired me to enjoy some stand up comedy this weekend. Here are some of my favorite bits to help kick off your monday!

Early Sarah Silverman Stand-up:

Maria Bamford on Coworker Feuds

The Fabulous Tig Notaro (who I get to see speak at BlogHer!!!) – No Moleste!

Sneak Peek from Jim Gaffigan’s new show, Obsessed – Seafood

Eddie Gossling – I Am Not a Rocket Scientist

and finally…my college friend, Joann Schinderle, who is doing in stand-up in Portland, OR!

What made you laugh this weekend?





10 responses

  1. I DVR’d Jim Gaffigan’s special last night because he makes me laugh so hard I cry. I’m not that familiar with Sarah, but I’ll have to read her book now. By the way, how was Nora Ephron’s book?

    1. Yah Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! “I like butter too.”

      Nora Ephron’s book was really funny. She points out the hours and equates to number of work weeks that women spend primping or trying to turn back the clock on aging. She also had some hilarious stories on parenting and finance. I would definitely read more of her work.

  2. “I found a rock with a snot in it”. OMG!!!! LOVE him! He did seafood perfectly! Thanks for the Monday laugh. We used to go to the Boston Comedy Clubs pre-marriage and loved it so much! We’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld, Rosanne and Steve Martin back in the day. 🙂

    1. Sarah Silverman worked for the Boston Comedy Club handing out flyers on the street. Great stories about the friends she made in that job!

      And I’m jealous you saw all those comedians.

  3. My husband actually read Silverman’s book and said it was laugh out loud funny. This is notable mainly because he doesn’t normally read books and it takes a lot to make him laugh. Even out loud. She’s a pretty funny lady, but when I hear her voice, all I can think about now is Wreck It Ralph.

    1. I haven’t seen it. Am I missing out?

  4. I’m a big fan of Brian Regan. And, of course, Louis C.K. I say “of course” because how could you not be??

    “Party crashing as an Oops Baby” made me laugh this morning, to be honest. Not sure how long that’s been up there but today was the first time I noticed it.

    1. I searched and searched for a semi-appropriate Louis CK clip. I like him too. But I wasn’t sure if I’d offend someone, which is probably stupid but that’s what I did.

      Sarah is good friends with Louis CK so there are multiple stories about him in her book. You’d dig it.

  5. karenmcfarland | Reply

    It should be no surprise that I relate to Nora Ephron. She will be terribly missed. What a talent. Sarah, I think, comes from the other side of the spectrum. Perhaps, because I come from a different generation, I don’t grasp a lot of her humor. Although, she’s been known to strike my funny bone a time or two. Thanks for sharing this Jess! 🙂

    1. You know, I didn’t think I’d care for Sarah’s book as much as I did. But I found myself talking about it with coworkers and friends and sharing how hilarious it was. I would recommend it.

      And yes, I need to read more Nora Ephron!

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