Must Reads for the Weekend

Happy Weekend Everyone! Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in. I’ve got your reading assignments right here!


Tickle Your Funny Bone

Coffee Time

Be careful when you sip! You’re likely to drip.

I highly suggest you all meet and follow my writers group facilitator, Heidi Blanke! I just convinced Heidi to start blogging, so please give her a warm welcome. You won’t be sorry as she is an excellent writer and always adds a good dose of humor to her work! Check out To Sleep……..Not!

Got a fear of flying? All those who wanderlust – no matter your preferred method of transportation – should check out She’s a Maineiac’s I’ll Take 30 Bags of Tiny Pretzels Please. Beware the monster on the wing of the plane. 😉

The fabulous Kait Nolan shared Morgan Freeman…on helium in this week’s Three Awesome Things.

Writing Resources and Posts to Make You Think

Tiffany Lawson Inman guest posted at Writers in the Storm with Want to Write Like a Bestseller? Write Naked First! The woman behind the Twitter account @NakedEditor, Tiffany offers advice on writing emotion, dialogue, and active setting.

Also on Writers in the Storm, Kait Nolan, self-publishing maven and ROW80 founder, shared 10 Reasons Why You Should Know How to Format Ebooks. It is a wealth of information with in depth tips and I for one really appreciated this post because she made digital formatting not seem so freakin’ scary. 🙂

Triple times the love – Writers in the Storm has had some awsome-sauce posts lately. Margie Lawson guest blogged Write the Hard Stuff – Facial Expressions. That is tricky! Thanks Margie, for the tips!

Am writingKristen Lamb wrote an amazing post about “empathetic correctness” and what it could mean for writers. You must read Something Wicked This Way Comes & Why Writers Could Be In Great Danger. Very thought provoking and I’ve wondered the same thing myself.

Bob Mayer shared The 1 Thing Authors Need to Consider referring to Amazon and Hachette. Quality post with thought provoking questions about the nature of the writing industry.

What about educating those around you? Caitlin Kelly wrote The 12 Things You Should Never Say to a Writer.

What are your favorite books you’ve read? Deanne Schultz took her list and created The Top Five Ingredients of a Great Book.

G. G. Andrew also discusses What Good Books Do and takes us along for the ride!

Telling it like it is, Susie Lindau brings us Why Blog? And What the Heck is a Writers Platform? Happy 3 year blogiversary, Susie!

Jenny Hansen brought up a great point in her post, Do You Know How to Edit and Proofread? There is a difference you know.

Tawna Fenske compiled some amazing reader photos from the release of her new book in The Week You All Became Booksellers.

Do genre definitions confuse you? Marcy Kennedy to the rescue with A Crash Course in Thriller Sub-Genres.

Share a post of your own!

What’s on your must read list this weekend?


15 responses

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jess! Right now, I’m reading “The Great Gatsby.” It’s been a while since I read this classic, and I’m finding lots to like reading it a second time. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I love F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story collection, Flappers and Philosophers. My copy is a bit tattered. Great characters in it! Happy reading!

  2. I am busy getting caught up on the blogs I follow as well as introducing myself to some new blogs, so that should keep me busy for a while! Also, I picked up “Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” a couple weeks ago at Target and am reading that in my “spare” time. So far it’s a very good read! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Did you know there’s a sequel now? At least I think it’s a sequel. It’s by the same author. Aren’t the photos in that book so curious? Very different kind of book. I liked it!

      1. Yes, I see that a sequel was released in Jan. “The Hollow City”, I think. Almost finished with it now, can’t wait to pass along to my kids – such an exciting and imaginative book!

  3. Thanks for including my post! There’s a bunch of gems here I hadn’t seen yet. Can’t wait until I can read them all 🙂

    1. So many good writing posts lately! I hadn’t intended to monopolize the mash-up, but…


  4. I’m currently reading “The Demonologist,” a look at the extraordinary career of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Fascinating stuff! I hope to push my way closer to the end this weekend.

    1. Oh awesome! I may need to add that to my goodreads queue. That sounds very interesting. Did you see that movie about them and a family, The Conjuring? I thought it was really creepy. But awesome to see Ron Livingston in a horror flick. Did you know his sister, Jennifer, is a news anchor in my town?

      1. I loved The Conjuring! I’d like to see a whole movie devoted to the Annabelle doll. Maybe someday. I had no idea Ron Livingston even had a sister, let alone the fact that she’s a news anchor in Wisconsin!

        1. Um no! That doll was terrifying! Terrifying! I would never sleep again. Seriously.

  5. Holy cowbell, you’ve got some magnificence happening here. Wowzers!

    I don’t even know where to start thanking you for all the Writers In the Storm love, especially because I was blog mistress this month (we trade off). Your post made all the angst worth it. Many, many thanks. 🙂

    1. Seriously fantastic posts, Jenny! You always find and do great work.

  6. Thanks for the shout! I’m on vacation and finally found time to pop over! It looks like a great list to check out. 🙂

    1. Enjoy vacation! And happy blogiversary!! Cheers!

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