I’m Addicted to Stitch Fix

Have you tried or heard of Stitch Fix?

It’s a personal styling business for women based out of San Francisco, CA. I first heard about them on Twitter and started ogling all the cute pictures people were taking of the new clothes they received. I had to check this out.

The Scoop:

Sign up for an account, which is free, and fill out your style profile. It’s an in depth assessment of what YOU want and like, but it’s not too time consuming. I promise. It shows you pictures and lets you enter your sizes and comfort level with showing off various body parts. You input budget guidelines. You can also link to your Twitter and Pinterest accounts so the stylists can better get to know you when they select items for your fix.

Which is honestly why I started a pinterest account…but there’s writing stuff on there too!

The Cost:


For $20 a personal stylist will select 5 items for you and mail them to your house.

That’s right. To your house. No driving in circles for a parking spot at the mall, clothes shopping in places where it smells like big pretzels. You get five items personally selected for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. No shipping fee.

If you buy the whole fix, you get 25% off everything, but otherwise keep what you want, and send the rest back. Again, no shipping. Stitch Fix boxes come with a prepaid envelope inside. And that $20? Goes towards your purchase!

Stitch Fix 1This was my first Stitch Fix box. I asked for fun summer outfits to wear on my honeymoon, and the stylist wrote the sweetest personalized note to me.

style card note

The Deal-io:

Stitch Fix Founder and CEO, Katrina Lake, has always worked in some capacity with retail, but she always dreamed of starting up her own project. Her passion was in the potential for digital fashion sales. She partnered with tech wizards in Silicon Valley to create style algorithms based on people’s responses and worked with up and coming fashion designers to lower expenses of the clothes while still granting mass exposure of their labels.

Here’s a quick interview with Katrina – this woman knows her stuff.

A common thread she kept hearing from clients was how busy each woman was. Stitch Fix to the rescue! When you can try clothes on in your own home, you have your entire closet with you to see if that new top really does pair well those paisley gaucho pants you bought two years ago and have yet to match anything to. 😀

The Fun:

Photo-ops! Take one look at the twitter hashtag #StitchFix, and you’ll see women all over the country gleefully unpacking their Stick Fix box, which by the way is packed adorably and professionally and comes with style cards for your new potential wardrobe items.

style cardsI’m Addicted:

This is fun! And you should Stitch Fix with me. The most you have to lose is $20. But I’m betting you’re gonna like it!

Stitch Fix 2Stitch Fix box #2. I kept the skinny jeans and the black top.

Still curious? Try it yourself!


And, the winner of Roni Loren’s e-book, Still Into You, is… brickhousechick!!! Congratulations!
Your summer just got more sizzlin’!

31 responses

  1. What an original idea I love the black top! I also thought the green blouse and peach dress looked really good on you as well. I don’t twitter or instagram, and right now, clothes shopping is a no go (unless we are talking maternity stuff). But being able to try stuff on at home and not have to go to the mall? Love!

    1. After baby, you gotta try this! It would be so convenient! And something fun to look forward to just for you!

  2. This sounds like a great idea! Those are some cute clothes. (It probably helps that you could make just about anything look good, Jess!) I especially like the idea of getting to see if an item works with the rest of my wardrobe, which is a no-go in the store dressing room.

    I do wonder about sizing, though. I’m often hesitant to order something online for that reason. I’m wondering how specific the sizing is for Stitch Fix.

    1. Julie I was skeptical too. Not everything has been perfect, but pretty spot on. And I attribute that to the designers who make women’s clothes whatever size they want to. They’re all different. But Stitch Fix has a nice profile where you input sizes as well as body type info and what you want to accentuate versus conceal. I was really impressed. Plus you can update that any time on your account. And I hear the stylists get better and better as you go cuz they learn what you like. Try it out! You might get converted like me!

  3. OMG! Totes adorbs!! SQUEEE….

    1. You’re just jealous!

  4. Sounds awesome! You look great in your boxes, too, by the way. 🙂

    1. Why thank you, m’lady! You should check it out too, sassy lass such as yourself!

        1. Be sure to share photos from your fashion session! I wanna seeeeeee! 😀

  5. Unique idea! Thanks for sharing it. I’ll go check it out. I like what you received from them…cute outfit.

    1. Ohmygosh, go look at the twitter feed #StitchFix. It’s full of people sharing pictures of their fixes and there’s such a variety. I love it. You can tell people are having fun. I follow Stitch Fix on Instagram too and they have all these colorful pictures inspiring color trends or styles or just moods. They just seem like a happy company.

  6. Jumping up and down screaming and laughing because I won!! So exciting! I need my summer to get “hotter”! I can read all the sizzling words in the book during the Summer and then, act on all of it in the Fall when my nest is empty! Woot! Woot! Thank you kindly to you and Roni. 🙂

    How sickly adorable are you, Jess??? It’s so much fun to shop for honeymoon attire especially if you don’t have to leave the house. Sounds like a win win to me. Great outfits. I’ll have to check it out.

    Off to get a goodnight sleep before my daughter graduates from HS tomorrow night. 🙂

    1. Ooh have fun at her graduation! And I love your summer timeline! Add Stitch Fix for a sexy summer date outfit! Rawr! 😽

      Enjoy Roni’s book and thanks for commenting!

  7. The most I could lose would be my husband! He’d have a fit if boxes of clothes showed up at our house on a regular basis for me to consider. He’d know I was keeping every single item, because I would pretty much love everything and find a place for it in my wardrobe. He figures if I have to go out and do the hunter/gatherer routine, it will save him money.

    1. Ah but your limited to 5 things each month. Tell him if you’re at the mall there’s no limit to what you might bring home!

      1. That might make a difference. However, I’m not exactly a mall rat – too many years in retail. I also love that feeling of finding the perfect deal – like getting a $240 jacket for $40 or $150 shoes for $7. Of course, that means I have a perfectly beautiful pair of Goldenrod Yellow High-Heeled Strappy Sandals that I got for $7 a couple years ago which haven’t seen the light of day yet – but their day is coming.

        1. Make an outfit starting with those shoes and hit the town, Girl!

  8. Someone else I know did something like this, but it was a different company. I can’t remember the name of it. I have two issues with it. 1) I know the clothes the person bought from the other company were more expensive than what I usually pay for clothing. 2) I don’t need to buy clothes that often. So I have a couple of questions. What kind of price tag do those clothes have (if you don’t mind telling) and can you specify how often you want to receive clothes? I love this idea, but it might not fit into my budget.

    1. Yes yes yes! The profile includes a budget guideline that’s specific to types of clothes. For example I said I was willing to pay $50-100 for bottoms because I wear all my pants till they’re unwearable so I would get my money’s worth. For everything else I put the cheaper the better. I’m on a budget too! And you rank each item online after it comes and that includes price point so your stylist will get the message as you go too. And you adjust the fix times whenever you want. You can request it just when you feel like it or you can ask for one each month but skip 1 or 2 months in between.

      I wouldn’t write an endorsement post on my blog unless I was really in love and I just think this company is the coolest. Happy shopping if you give it a go!

      1. I like that about being able to adjust the time to “whenever you feel like it”. I would never buy clothes as often as once a month. I’m going to look into this…mostly because it sounds like such FUN. It’s like unwrapping a present, right? 🙂

        1. Yah a gorgeous, professional, and loved present. They pack very nicely with care. Let me see pictures when you do!

          1. I will! And a quick update…it WAS Stitch Fix my other friend subscribed to. I didn’t think that was the name of it, but it was. I so have to do this. *grins*

            1. If you do, I’d love it if you linked through me (just click on their logo or the link I added). That sends me referral bucks for my next fix! Would love it!! And I mean it, you better share photos of your fashion show! That’s the best part.

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