Pirate Ships of the Mississippi

This past weekend Joe and I went bumming around town for date night and happened upon an unusual sight.

A pirate ship.

photo 1Oh yah, and it’s also a bus.

If you can’t read the heading, it says Pirate Ship Hippies & Gypsies, No Bras or Squares.

As we walked by the bus, I snapped this photo, and the bus’s owner hopped up from a bench in the park and asked us if wanted a picture by his bus.

Uh, yah!

So he had us climb onto the back and told us to look “naughty.”

This is a true story, by the way. I think the guy really was a gypsy, and he most certainly wasn’t ‘square.’

photo 3What was so hilarious is that we were about to step down, say thanks, and be on our way, when he started choreographing our poses.

“Now stick your butts out.”

Um…this is awkward. And hilarious.

So this Mississippi River bus pirate was snapping pictures with my phone, and when we finally did take off, this is what we had to show for such nonsense.

photo 2Feet.

photo 4Half of a gypsy fingerprint.

And oh yah… our butts sticking out!

photo 5

Happy travels everyone!
Got some guest bloggers to keep you company while we’re off!

So give them a warm welcome, and maybe I’ll bring you all back some dolmades. Mmmm…

10 responses

    1. Thanks Heidi! Great day at writers group yesterday!

  1. I’m thinking more hippy than gypsy. Methinks the dude was smoking something to cause his aim to be that off.

    Bring back some spanakopita for me!!! 🙂

    1. I thought of you. Random stranger photo snapping is Sooo you! LOL we were cracking up.

      And I’ll see what I can do.

  2. So funny! I knew people like him in my hippie days. At least you one really cute pic of you two. Have a fabulous honeymoon!! Sending hugs and love to you both!

    1. That does not surprise me! Thank you Marcia!

  3. That’s awesome. And maybe the guy is really a decent photographer but simply has a foot fetish. Or a “my own finger” fetish…

    1. I hadn’t thought of that. In truth, I was laughing much too hard.

  4. Opa! Have a great time, Jess. 🙂

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