You Are What You Eat, And That’s Why I’m An Oompa Loompa

The past year has been a transitional one for me. I quit my job of six years, I was unemployed and financially broke for months, I wrote a full draft of my book, and I got a new job that I love!

It seems the winds of change weren’t done for me after just one year. I took on the task of planning an international wedding. I continued working on my book. I had a secret civil ceremony abroad. And then my family and I laid my brother-in-law to rest. Four days later, Joe and I had our stateside wedding ceremony and revealed our big surprise.

It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve undergone so many emotional extremes – some of which in one week’s time. I know I lived it. But I can’t believe it. I just knew it was time that I start taking care of myself. Mentally and physically.

The big push to get started came after reading Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive. It’s amazing and well-researched. And I had the pleasure of meeting her at BlogHer14. In her book, she discusses the strengths and increased productivity from exercising meditation, getting enough sleep at night, and separating ourselves from technology for awhile.

BlogHer book signing

I started practicing a few of her tips, like not checking social media an hour before bedtime – and going to bed earlier!

About a month ago, my best friend asked me if I wanted to do the 21 Day Fix challenge with her. It’s a daily workout and meal plan. I was in the midst of the wedding and decided not to, but when it came up again this month, I said yes.

And that brings me to all the green food I’ve eaten.

I’m eating a lot of green food.


chicken with avocadoAvocado on top of my Chicken

spinachSpinach and Kale


Everything I’m eating is GREEN!

green foods collage

In addition, I also ate peas, green beans, and asparagus.

I started worrying that if I continued to eat so many green foods, I would eventually turn GREEN!

And then I’d look like an Oompa Loompa!!!

Selfie - OL1

Selfie - OL2

Selfie - OL3

Selfie - OL4

But I still crave junk food sometimes.

selfie - OL collageI’m done with week one. And good news, I’ve gone grocery shopping and bought vegetables of other colors. For now, my pigment is sage safe.

I’m liking how I feel so far. Taking care of ourselves is a luxury most of us don’t honor. But I’m glad I timed myself out and did this. My brain and body feel energized and are able to start processing the events of this past year.

What are you doing for yourself this week?

16 responses

  1. Oh, this is so uncanny! I just finished “Thrive” a couple weeks ago, and then read “The Virgin Diet” by JJ Virgin. I’m starting week three of no sweets (OK, sweets limited to just 3 oz of chocolate every day) and no caffeine. I’m also eating lots of green things, but I feel scads better than I did before. You said you feel energized, which is how I feel after getting rid of all the crap in my system. You’ve had lots of ups and downs this year, which can take a toll on your well being – glad you’re doing something about it, even at the risk of becoming an Oompa Loompa!! 🙂

    1. Great minds think alike! Cheers – or Yamas! – on your own endeavor. I do miss chocolate and WINE. But overall the pluses are really good ones. Like the energy. Can’t be beat.

      And Thrive is fricken great!!!! Life changer.

  2. It’s definitely been a whirlwind year for you! I’ve had a few of those myself. 2014…2013…2012…2011…

    The only difference is, I didn’t switch to an all-green diet, though I was craving a different sort of green ($$$). Best of luck with the meditation and everything else!

    1. Ah yes, I crave that green too, Mark. It all helps pay off an international wedding. You have had bigs ups and downs too – job woes and job wins. Long distance love to a happy marriage.

      We have to remember to take care of ourselves during those times. Have a belated rum and coke for me! Cheers!

  3. You’ve had quite a life lately!

    I’m trying to work on eating better, too. I started using my Fat Secret app again. We’ll see how long that lasts.

    1. Tell me more. What is it? The app I’m looking into is Peace Alarm which times meditation for you. Heard about it through the yoga girl challenge.

      1. Fat Secret is an app where you enter what you eat and your exercise. You weigh in once a week and enter that. The database of food is HUGE. For most restaurants, it has everything on the menu except new or limited time stuff. It has most brand names. Like today, I searched Ritz crackers and it was on there. I’ve even found some fairly obscure brands.

        Btw, did you get your Stitch Fix credit?

        1. Yes I did! Thank you so much m’lady!!!!

  4. Those food pics make me want to try to be healthier. I used to meditate years ago and don’t why I gave it up. It’s something I need to go back to.
    You have made big life changes and taken risks, but they’re paying off. Well done, Jess.
    I’m heading over to Goodreads to check out Thrive. Thanks.

    1. I love Goodreads. Have fun! Take 5 minutes to meditate today. Treat yo’ self!

  5. It’s good to hear that you’re going green! You will feel soo much better. Lots of oxygen in your blood. Kale to detox on a cellular level. Besides all the other nutrients you benefit from. And lets not become colorblind. You are allowed to eat of the fruit and other lovely vegetables. Wahoo Jess! You are rockin’ the green! 🙂

    1. You’re going to shocked, so sit down before I tell you this………but since this post, I’ve eaten cauliflower and tomatoes. Shocker!!!! LOL

  6. Good grief, Jess. We’ve missed a bunch! lol 😉 Well, first of all congrats!! I followed the link to the surprise, to find My Big Fat Secret Greek Wedding…gotcha!! Sounds to me like you’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster girl! So sorry to hear about your loss!! xoxo ❤ And I hope your family's well. As for your new life, I like the fact that you didn't stop your ceremony but kept moving forward. Life can not be contained. With death comes life and more life. It's so important to move forward. As for the green food, although it all looked delish, (especially the avocado over the chicken) I would be leery of eating anymore least you end up like Shrek!! lmao 😉 Sending big xoxoxo's and wishing you a long & happy life with your wonderful new husband!! 😉

    1. Ohmygosh, yes SURPRISE!!! We had a beautiful private wedding in Greece. It was wonderful and relaxing and romantic. A month later, it seems the ground was pulled from under us. We did and do continue to move forward, but I have been rather sad these past few days. The momentum of the wedding news has died down and I’m finally processing everything. Feeling weepy. But that’s ok. It’s part of the process. The healthy choices are good ones, and if I do end up like Shrek – at least I’ll look like Fiona and still have red hair. 😛

  7. You are impressive! I went through a phase of having green smoothies for breakfast every morning – I felt amazing, but have been a bit lazy with it lately. This post has inspired me to make one this morning – and I’ve also bought Thrive, so I hope to be as impressive as you very soon!! 😉

    1. Ooh share your smoothie recipe(s)! And enjoy Thrive! I thought it was phenomenal!

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