I’m a Feminist. Now What?

feminismWhat does it mean to be a modern day feminist? Do you have to stop shaving your legs? Do you have to hold picket signs? Does it mean you can’t wear skirts and dresses anymore?

Ever wondered where the new wave of feminists are? You’re in luck, cuz they’re out there!

AND because I’m blogging about it at one of the coolest new e-zines for badasses out there, The Indie Chicks.

Today I’m guest posting on the conundrum: I’m a Feminist. Now What?

Learn what it really means to be a feminist – Guys, that includes you too – and find out five ways you can make a difference starting now.

Every view, comment, like, and share helps me out because The Indie Chicks are currently looking for contributing writers. And I’ll tell you a secret, so scooch in…


So please tell me I’ll see you there!




12 responses

  1. The word feminist creates a reaction beyond its basic definition because we associate the word with all of the activities done under its “umbrella”. With a 19-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son we have had some great discussions about what feminism means and our concerns over the opportunities and perils both of them face in college, the workforce, and the world in general.

    1. Great parenting Valerie! It’s an important discussion for both girls and boys. 😀

  2. The late, great Kurt Cobain was an unabashed feminist, and I totally identify as the same. Go rock it, grrl!

    1. I dig it! Way to rock feminism, Mark!

  3. Great post! Also, I hope you get your dream of becoming a regular contributor!

    I must say, about the paid maternity leave, I have strong concerns that forcing employers to provide it would just increase the wage gap and the ratio of male to female employees…I’d rather have unpaid maternity leave than that.

    1. Thank you!

      Well in some countries both men and women get paid leave. And there’s research about jobs that let you bring your child to work too (infants). I think we could come up with some better solution that’s for sure.

  4. Elizabeth Reynolds McGuire | Reply

    That’s so exciting! Congrats to you!! I will definitely check it out!

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