Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Books I’d Love to Read With My Book Club

BibliophileIt’s no secret. I’m a bibliophile. I really love books. I also really love my book club.

So when I spotted The Broke and the Bookish‘s Top Ten Tuesday theme of ten books I’d love to read with my book club, I had to share my suggestions. Be sure to swing by their post and check out other book club suggestions too!

In my group, we have 11 members and meet once a month, with December being a holiday party in which we each wrap a book we read in the past year to giveaway. It works out nicely that each member gets to pick the book for the month they host book club. This year we also each picked a genre so we’d end up with a wide variety of kinds of books. Should be a fun year!

Since book recommendations are always something I love, in addition to my dream list, I’m sharing the titles my book club has selected for this year so far.

Historical Fiction: Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks
Mystery: Death in Holy Orders by P.D. James
Autobiography/Memoir: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life by Sophia Loren
Nonfiction: The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Sci-fi: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin (my pick)
Classic: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

But if they ever let me choose ALL the books we read in a year…

Top 10 Books I’d Love to Read in My Book Club

1. A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

The story of two women – Nao, a teenage girl who feels she has nothing to live for and Ruth, a novelist living across the ocean who finds a lunchbox with a secret history inside. Now, these women’s stories are about to entwine.

2. Child Star by Shirley Temple Black

I grew up watching Shirley Temple films, so I’ve always wanted to read this book. Sadly, it’s out of print, but you can get used copies on Amazon. This is her story about becoming a rising star during the depression era.

3. The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II by Denise Kiernan

We’ve already read quite a few war books in my club, but none that focus so much on the women’s perspective. Almost 75,000 women were recruited to work in Manhattan Project’s secret cities on a variety of tasks that aided WWII.

4. The Never List by Koethi Zan

Sarah and Jennifer are two friends who make one bad judgement call and spend the next three years held captive by sadist men. Ten years later, when Sarah’s abductor is up for parole, she decides to confront her phobias, and faces fears she didn’t know existed beneath the surface.

5. Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Phones no longer ring. The internet stops working. News reports have ended. People live indoors and stay there. One look at what’s outside and they will never be the same again.

6. Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Jenna Metcalf is searching for her mom. Her mom that has been gone for over a decade. She scours what little information is left behind and partners up with both a medium and a private investigator.

7. The Wild Truth: The Untold Story of Sibling Survival by Carine McCandless

Most are familiar with the story of Chris McCandless, the boy who left home to live off the land. His story of the nomadic life was made famous as the subject of Jon Krakauer’s book, Into the Wild. Now, twenty years later, Chris’s sister, Carine, shares intimate details about her brother’s journey and their family.

8. Without You, There Is No Us by Suki Kim

Author Suki Kim shares her experiences of teaching English in North Korea. It’s a mysterious world where her letters are censored, yet she adores the enthusiasm of her students. A unique glimpse at a culture we rarely get to peek into.

9. See How Small by Scott Blackwood

A brutal murder leaves three girls dead in an ice cream shop. The remainder of the story follows the townspeople as they try to make sense and move on from the travesty. But it also follows the three girls, whose spirits also check in on the townspeople.

10. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

The hottest new title in Young Adult novels. A chance encounter on the school roof throws Theodore – who thinks only of death – into Violet’s world, where she lives in the future – planning for life after graduation. How will these polar opposites shape one another?


Have you read any of these titles? What did you think?

What books would you pick for your book club to read?





26 responses

  1. Looks like a great list. I have to say the description of Bird Box — no phone or internet — was sounding more like utopia until the stay indoors part. Thanks for sharing your picks with us.

    1. What would you add to it Piper?

      1. I would add American Sniper. By all personal accounts, Chris Kyle was a hell of a man. Also, it’s a book about a warrior, not a book about war. From what I’m told, it nails the reality of who these men are and how they are torn between their families and their duty and commitment to protecting innocents. I know Holmes experiences the same and that theme is a constant through our books.

        1. I’ve heard great things about the movie. My book club read What It Is Like To Go War by Karl Marlantes and that was very eye opening and brought about lots of discussion. Have you or Holmes checked out that title?

          1. I haven’t read it, but I will check out. I haven’t heard Holmes mention it, but that’s sort of like you and I reading a book about what it’s like to blog or write a book. Thanks so much for the title. 🙂

  2. My book club actually read The Year of Wonders together, and it was a good pick. I’m sure you’re not surprised that your YA pick is the one that most interests me. And if I were to pick a few books for a book club, here are a few:
    Nonfiction: The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World One Correction at a Time by Jeff Deck & Benjamin Herson
    Young Adult: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
    Historical Fiction: The Other Daughter by Lauren Willing (read The Ashford Affair & it would be good too)
    Classic: Three Men in a Boat Jerome K. Jerome (I’ve wanted to read this for so long)

    1. I didn’t know Me Before You was a YA book! Totally missed that. I have The Last Letter From Your Lover on my shelf by JoJo Moyes. Haven’t read it yet.

      1. Ooh, maybe it isn’t. I got that impression from a friend, but I should double-check! Actually, what I’m reading next is Fairest (definitely YA) by Marissa Meyer.

        1. Is that part of the Lunar Chronicles or a new book series? I still need to read Cress.

          1. Part of Lunar Chronicles — Levana’s story. The next one, Winter, comes out in the fall.

            1. Oh good grief! I’ll never finish! Tell me if you think it’s worth it.

              Have you read all the Divergent series? Remind me. I have Four lent to me by my SIL. Worth a read? I’m interested.

  3. Several of them look very good, Jess! Have you read any/many of them and if so, any particular recommendations?

    1. I haven’t read any if these Dorie, but I want to read them all! Are you getting much reading done out west?

  4. I’ve never heard of any of the books on your list, and the only author I’ve heard of is Shirley Temple Black. LOL. Bird Box sounds very intriguing…and scary!

    1. Yah, in my next life I want to be a thriller writer. Has to be so fun!

      1. I almost picked Bird Box up in audio since I have credits, but I read a sample of the book, and it’s written in present tense. That drives me crazy. I might still give it a read. I just can’t decide. If I can get into the story early, I might be able to get past the present tense thing. Present tense isn’t BAD, I just don’t like it personally.

        1. Well it’s definitely the most talked about title here! If you try it again, let me know!

  5. If you haven’t read P.D. James before, you’ll enjoy it – I have several of her books, and they’re very well written. Also consider Elizabeth George or Anne Perry’s mysteries – hers are set in Victorian times. Let us know which one from the list is your fave!

    1. I just started Death in Holy Orders and of course Death Comes to Pemberley is on my list!

  6. Yay! I am a bibliophile, too. I loved reading this post, because I’ve only read about a couple of the books on your top 10 list. The others are all new to me! Now, I am going to have to check them out! 🙂

    1. Let me know what ones you like! I hope I can get thru all these this year, but we’ll see. So much to read…so little time.

  7. These sound interesting, particularly “The Girls of Atomic City” and “Birdbox.” Thanks for the recommendations! For my book club, I’d pick this excellent read I know called “No Time For Kings.” All my friends keep RAVING over it!

    1. I wonder if you could get the author to skype interview with your book club. 😉

      1. I don’t know, I hear that guy is super busy signing autographs and fending off groupies…

        1. He would have groupies.

  8. Already had #8 on my to-read list, but going to add #3… Great list 🙂

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