Hello From Sunny Elsewhere

road trip prioritiesHey Friends!

I’m at the Madison Writers’ Institute this weekend filling my head with all kinds of wordy knowledge. Wish me luck!

I’ve got my road trip priorities (audio books, coffee and cake pops) all set!

To entertain you while I’m away, I’ve compiled some of my favorite reading spots to keep you company. And if you really, really miss me (Aww, aren’t you the sweetest?!), you can find me hanging out with The Indie Chicks. I’d love if you stopped by!

9 Women Who Made History You Probably Didn’t Know About


6 Tips to Nail Your Interview


For the Writerly

Editing tips from The Secrets of Midwives author, Sally Hepworth, in What the Editing Process Really Looks Like.

Rachel Funk Heller guest blogs at Writers in the Storm with 8 Tips on Writing Faster – And Why You Should Try It!

miranda rightsHopefully you haven’t missed Bayard & Holmes Writing Spies series. It’s pretty cool. The latest is How the Pros Bug a Room.

More thriller fun came in Kristen Lamb’s latest, Series and Psychopaths – The Author Sadist & Why Audiences LOVE the Pain.

It’s part of the job for writers, right? Social media is a must. Jane Friedman offers tips for managing it, My 5 Philosophies of Social Media.

For fans of Top Ten Tuesday and book lists, check out Maren’s post at The Worn Bookmark – Top Ten Books I’d Love to Revisit From My Childhood.

Looking for your next great book to read? Waste no time! Grab a FREE (for a limited time) copy of Tameri Etherton’s book, The Stones of Kaldaar. Already own it? Book 2 is out now!

For Those Who Love to Learn

I love the notion of “arousing your life” in August McLaughlin’s 3 Powerful Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom Life. A must read.

“Life requires brave. And you’ve got it.” That’s the message of Erin’s #52Dares Challenge. I recently discovered this inspirational blog that gives you a new challenge each week to grow your own self confidence, boost your outlook on life, and be brave!

One of the founders of The Indie Chicks, Chiara Mazzucco, tells it in her signature straight style Accept Yourself – You’re All You Got.

Who doesn’t need a little nudge now and again to turn off social media and start tackling those to-do’s – 5 Ways To Manage Your Time So It Doesn’t Manage You.

For Your Funny Bone

photo(4)Displaying micro-blogging at its best, The Bloggess, gifts us with There Should Be a Yelp For Places You Visit in Your Sleep.

Queen of Comedy, Her Royal Thighness, admits her kids don’t think she’s funny in What? You Don’t Like My Knockers?

Think you have skills? Let Steve from The Brown Road Chronicles tell you all about Slicing Bananas Like a Fucking Ninja.

What would you do if you discovered you didn’t have fingerprints? Aussa Lorens plans 5 Absolutely Justified Crimes I Might Actually Commit.


11 responses

  1. Love the 9 women from history information – thanks for posting!!

    1. I had fun writing that one. 😊

  2. Arousing your life? Say no more…CLICK!

    1. August and I have also coined the term “Metaborgasm” to describe eating well to increase your sex drive. #whentwosexualhealtheducatorsgettogether

      1. That right there is #purebrilliance

  3. Thanks for the sweet shout out, Jess! What a groovy collection to appear in. I dug Aussa’s post, too — and that pic of your guy cracks. Me. UP!

    1. Always enjoy your posts, August! And yes, he’s very entertaining.

  4. What a great mashup, Jess! Many of my fave sites up there, as well as a link to Rachel’s post at WITS. Thank you!!

    I was at a Writer’s Con that weekend too, so I’m just now catching up on blogs. Why does learning new tricks soak up so much brain energy? It was awesome, but tiring. 🙂

    1. Yah – it’s information overload, but so energizing. Tough to pick where to start.

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I truly appreciate the shout out, my friend. Sorry it’s taken me this long to hop over here… life is amazingly crazy right now. But I love it. And I love you. ❤

    1. Oh it’s well deserved my love. So happy for you! Have a blast at the book launch tonight!

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