I’m a Finalist for the Badass Blog Awards! Vote for Me Please!

Guess what? Guess what? Guess what?

Because you folks are awesome, I am a finalist in The Indie Chicks‘ Badass Blog Awards!

I love writing for The Indie Chicks and I love writing for all of you. You’re my people. They say you find your people in carnivals college, and that’s partially true, but my people are also here – online. We’re a community, an online family. We band together around face injuries, good books to read, and poop stories and I couldn’t love you all more for it.

Thank you.

Here’s the scoop for the Indie Chicks’ 3rd Annual Badass Blog Awards. I’m a finalist in the category of Funniest Blog. Voting for all finalists goes on this week, Monday – Friday, and you can vote once every day. Sooo basically this is like American Idol for bloggers.


If you want to see me win Funniest Blogger, head on over to vote for me by clicking here, or click the button above. And you can do it once a day – it’s like remembering to take fish oil, annoying but good for you! I would be extremely honored if you made my blog your fish oil. Ok, that was a bad example of why you would like my blog, but please do it anyway. You rock! And also do take fish oil, it does make your heart healthy.

Thanks for being so awesome everyone!

21 responses

  1. Voted, done. Fish oil, done.

    1. By the way, Spaceballs is one of my all-time faves. “They’re combing the desert, sir.” “What did you find?” “We ain’t found shit.”

      1. We just rewatched this recently too! “Prepare ship for ludicrous speed!”

    2. Admit it. You’re heart and soul feel healthier, don’t they?

  2. I have yet to share a poop story. Does this mean I’m not one of the cool kids yet?

    1. Oh, you’re a cool kid. I wouldn’t say one HAS to poop their pants to hang out here, I’m just calling this a no judgement zone. LOL

  3. Go Jess! Super worthy nomination. If I had a nickel for every time you’ve made me laugh… (I’d fly you here to party, of course!)

    1. And I would go! Purely to entertain you. Kudos to you my fellow Badass!

    1. Thanks my lovely Lauralynn! You’re the best!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!!! I voted for you and August. But I am just knocked out…you are in the same category as The Bloggess. Jess, my friend, you have ARRIVED. 🙂

    1. LOL. Yah, I don’t stand a chance. But this is pretty freakin cool.

      1. Who say’s you don’t stand a chance? I’d imagine she’s too busy with other things to play this up the way you will. However, I’m just thrilled for you, to be in her category. 🙂

        1. Thanks Jenny! My eyes definitely popped when I saw the category finalists. Wowza.

  5. Catherine Johnson | Reply

    Awesome! Congrats! Off to vote

    1. Thanks for all the help Catherine! Much appreciated!

  6. Amazing and well deserved! Just voted!

    1. Thank you Patricia! Enjoy your writing space right now! Your Instagram pic looked amazing! What a view!

  7. […] Jess Witkins and August McLaughlin (GirlBoner) are up for different categories in the Badass Blog Award from […]

  8. VOTED! Had to vote “anonymous” because — when Indie Chicks’ site bounced me to logon to WordPress, I couldn’t sign on. No clue why. I am and was already logged onto WordPress.

    You and August both earned the nomination and (kazoo trill) the win!

    1. You’re the best! Thank you Gloria, you sassy pants!

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