Go Ahead, Let’s Get Fangirl

FangirlI’ve been known to achieve ‘fangirl’ status now and again. You can pretty much count on it whenever anything Jane Austen or Anne of Green Gables pops up. I know those aren’t the popular characters that teens fangirl over today. But, I can get down with those too.

I am Team Edward. A Gryffindor. Divergent. And Team Gale (in the book). Team Peeta (in the movie).

Oh and I’m a full-fledged member of Team Christian Gray needs a restraining order.

I have made real life, lasting friendships through joint fangirling. My pal, Misty, and I became soulmates after discovering a mutual love for the film Singles. And Reality Bites. Talking with Misty is like that scene where Winona Ryder and Janeane Garofalo are in the gas station and their jam comes on.

Yah, it’s like that. AND, that’s why I can send her a chalkboard thought bubble and she can send me a kabuki bottle opener and a cup with a Gremlin on it. We just GET each other.

Thanks to fangirling.

But back to my obsessions. It’s true, I can fangirl over just about anything. I have a loud, energetic, and passionate personality that friends euphemistically call “quirky.” Thanks, friends.

We all go back to what we know, right? And when I was growing up there were two things I came to know very well. Jane Austen movies and Anne of Green Gables.

And Rodgers and Hammerstein’s showtunes. So, three things.

Well, and Shirley Temple movies, so four. Four things.

And then came Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman…

I’m basically a WEALTH of nerd know-how! Like, if it involved singing, Regency Englanders or the fucking prairie, I knew about it.

What can I say, I was raised by old people.

These things haven’t left me. I still love all of them. Because I am a fangirl and my love does not wane.

My sole purpose of having a Pinterest account is a place where I can pin pictures from Jane Austen movies and Anne of Green Gables, losing hours upon HOURS of my day. You can check them out on my pinterest boards So Austentacious and You May Call Me Cordelia.

Here’s what you will find there:

I’m thinking of starting a new board called “Sashay-Bronte” where I can pin things from Wuthering Heights.

I recently scored a new addition to my collection of fangirl swag. I purchased a copy of Shirley Temple’s autobiography Child Star. It’s out of print and you can only get used copies now. Plus Target released the Little Darling Collection of her films, which is to date the most comprehensive of all the sets. I was pretty psyched about this. And I displayed my little “Good Ship Lollipop” of joy for my husband to see.

Shirley Temple

He wasn’t that amused. In fact, I think he may have been frightened.

No worries. His lack of excitement and psychiatric concern could not put a damper on my spirits!

Because I am a fangirl! 


What do you fangirl about?
Do we share a propensity for all things Austen, Anne, or Shirley?
What are your favorite fangirl crazes that stick out from your childhood?

24 responses

  1. All things Austen and Anne! I love the boiled potatoes meme! I’m also a total fangirl for Outlander since starting the book series in December and watching the show. Love me some Jamie Fraser 🙂 But my heart will always belong to Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, Colonel Brandon and Gilbert Blythe.

    1. Ah yes, add Outlander to my list of fangirling. Have you watched Poldark? I’ve been hearing about that show too.

      And don’t forget Mr. Knightley! All those Austen men.

      1. I have not watched Poldark yet. It’s on my list of shows to watch though. Ah yes Mr. Knightley!

  2. I go fangirl for anything Oprah, rescue dogs (especially pit bulls and bull dogs) and inspiring true stories. #TEDtalkaholic

    Remind me to tell you about the time one of the stars of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman gave me clown lessons. I really stink at balloon animals. 🙂

    1. Wait…WHAaaaaaaat?! #FangirlBreakdown

      1. I may even have (horrendous) photos! I’ll check. 🙂

  3. When I was a kid, it was anything Simpsons, Animaniacs, or Tiny Toons.

    1. All exceptionally acceptable.

  4. Well, I don’t “fangirl” per se because I am not an actual, you know. GIRL. The devil’s in the details, right? But I do share your (and Misty’s) affinity for both Singles and Reality Bites. To the point where Tara and I visited the actual apartment complex in Seattle that served as the singles’ home base. I stopped short of knocking on the door and asking if Cliff could come help me install a subwoofer in the back of my Mazda, but it took every ounce of willpower to resist that particular urge.

    Gesundheit. What’s your glitch, man?

    1. There is so much awesomeness in this comment, I don’t know where to begin. Did you drive by Debbie Country?

      And the appropriate term is the “fanboy.”

      1. You’re damn right I did. I came to where the flavor was!

  5. My very first fangirl moment was when I was…maybe 4 or 5. Saturday morning, I would change out of my PJs and into one of my mom’s very fancy slips, then I would slip on a pair of her high-heeled shoes, maybe dab a bit of lipstick on and sit down to…

    HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAAAAYYYYY. Yes, Mighty Mouse was my little lady jam. I was gonna marry that mouse.

    I’ve gone on to more sophisticated fangirl things, but that was my best.

    1. LOL 😂
      I love that! Amy, that’s the cutest Fangirl story ever.

  6. Suffering from dudeness, I must confess I don’t fangirl…..

    unless I am in the car and Gwen Stefani/No Doubt appear miraculously performing Just A Girl on the FM dial bending my gender bias. Typically, all-air-band breaks loose drawing shocked looks from fellow travelers, passengers, and pedestrians alike.

    I am not ashamed.

    1. An excellent reason to Fangirl I must say.

  7. Melrose Place is a really good show!

    1. I never got into that one. I was obsessed with Charmed.

      1. Oh Jess…..rewatch your Reality Bites. Then get back to me. :p

  8. I always want to talk Jane Austen! Especially Mr Darcy 🙂

    1. Are you reading along in Austen in August?

      1. I didn’t know about it but I do love re-reading her books!

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