I Really Do Hate Kayaking! Five Truths and a Lie Answers Revealed

Hey Lads and Lassies,

Thanks all for playing along with last week’s post Five Truths and a Lie. All of you made admirable guesses and many of you left your own five truths and a lie for me to guess, which was super fun. Thanks!

As promised, the answers are revealed this week and I decided to do so via vlog. Enjoy my muppet voice!

You’re welcome.

Still wanna play along? Leave five truths and a lie in the comments and I will try to guess which is the lie.
Or write your own blog post! Link back here so I can see it.
Happy week everyone!

8 responses

  1. Love the idea of answering in a vlog! I think mostly I just love using the word “vlog” any chance I can get. Thanks for the fun and interactive post!

    1. Thanks for playing Mark! Did you play too? Wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it.

      1. I only played by guessing. Incorrectly, I might add. I think I will do this sometime, though. We played this game during a team meeting at work one time and it was a lot of fun, not to mention very enlightening!

  2. Oh my, you are so adorable! How fun! Which reminds me… Lina and I have got to get to work on our next blog soon! 😉

    1. vlog, not blog!

    2. Do! You two are equally adorable and I must tune in!

  3. Oh my gosh, your vlog was so cute; definitely not awkward. Or maybe I’m just awkward too. Mathair always told me I was awkward so we’ll go with coining the phrase that we’re “adorably awkward”, Jess. lol Super excited to be back on your blog!!! We’ve missed that ray of happiness and sunshine you always bring to the blogosphere. 😉 I’ve seen a couple of kayaks flip on occasion so I too avoid them like the plague. Great post, Jess. Had so much fun getting to know you better.

    1. Thanks Lovely! Kayaks are freaky. We need to get yak boarding trending! Or, I could use someone to go paddle boarding with me. Wanna go?! 😉

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