Sh*t My Husband Says While Sleeping: Star Wars Edition

This is my husband, Joe.

To clarify, he’s the non-reptile one.


Joe likes road trips, playing 2 recorders at once,
and making his wife sing songs with him. 

Joe also talks in his sleep. Sometimes he laughs about things like crackers and email, and other times he stresses over where to store hot water.

Whatever he says, it’s typically entertaining, so I like to share it with all of you!

 Recently, we went to see the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. We both really liked it! And I guess he had the movie on his mind one night when I overheard this…

Joe: Aiding and abetting…

Me: What?

Joe: Chewbacca lovers. 

Me: What about them?

Joe: I don’t know… They’re up to something.

Me: …

Han Solo

Then, a few nights later, he made this random statement.

Joe: I wish I had some coconut oil. 

Me: …

steve carrell

He claims that dream came from a Facebook ad in his feed about coconut oil being a fix-all solution for any problem. Sure, Joe. Whatever you say.

What do YOU think the Chewbacca lovers are up to? 


And in case you missed it, celebrity themed movie marathons are back! Every wednesday night this January, we’re watching an Emilio Estevez film and celebrating #EmilioFestevez!!!

Watch along and live tweet the film using the #EmilioFestevez hashtag.

And now, there’s a Facebook group for that!! 

Movie marathons are bi-monthly, and if Twitter’s not your thing, you can hangout on Facebook too. Find out the movie lineups, share your ideas for future marathons, and meet other film-loving fools like you! Hope to see you there!


14 responses

  1. Ohmygosh, that’s so funny. The other day I discovered that the Hubster has been voice recording me talking in my sleep…it was both mortifying and hilarious. 🙂

    1. Yah you say the strangest things! It makes me really curious what you and Joe dream about.

  2. Wow, he was very quick with the explanation about the coconut oil. Kudos. And I love the Estevez thing. It’s almost like his last name was just made for it.

    1. He even offered to find the meme for me afterward. Ha!

      You should join us for the next #EmilioFestevez! It would force you to tweet! Lol

  3. It’s a Festevez for the rest of… ez…
    Someone told me, while I was sleeping, I once suddenly yelled out : “PLUS TAX! BOW DOW DOW!”


    1. LOL. I don’t know what that means, but I wouldn’t mess with you.

  4. I don’t talk in my sleep, but I do have some weird dreams. The other night I woke up three different times with the same sentence in my mind. With anyone else that would probably be something profound and wonderful. With me it was, “Don’t be waking up to feed the leprechauns in the middle of the night.”

    1. Bahahahaha!!! That IS profound and wonderful!

  5. I’m a reformed sleepwalker, not sleeptalker. Tara moans in her sleep, which is pretty funny (and a little awkward) when we’re sharing a hotel room with Audrey. Took some doing to convince her that nothing untoward was happening.

    1. Poor Audrey.

      How does one become a “reformed” sleepwalker? Sleepwalking can be pretty dangerous, no?

      1. One becomes reformed by outgrowing it. I haven’t woken up to find myself standing in the middle of the street lately, so I’m guessing I’m “over” it!

  6. I love Emilio Festivez! I mean Estevez! Go Ducks! Hey, they’re a SoCal team so I have to cheer them on. And thanks for the tip Joe on the Coconut Oil. It sounds like it’s taken the place of Windex. About time. 🙂

    1. LOL! I forgot about that. “Put some windex on it.”

  7. […] did manage to spend Valentine’s Day Eve with my main squeeze, also known as He Who Says Weird Things While Sleeping. We stayed true to our tradition of watching a very un-romantic movie together. For example, past […]

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