The Internet Gave Us These Amazing Gifts

18494555212_018fa1e261_z (1)The wide world of the interwebs has been on a role lately. It gave us these amazing gifts and scattered them across our Facebook feeds, blog readers, twitter timelines, and one of my particularly favorite time wasters, YouTube, and its endless rabbit hole of clips to watch.

With the new year already flying by, friends and family alike are feeling overwhelmed. Adding in the loss of David Bowie and Alan Rickman only heightened all “the feels” and I think we could all use a little entertainment that makes us smile, or better yet, bust a gut laugh.

I Give You These Gifts the Internet Gave Us

Go Ahead and Laugh

Because everyone loves a good pun, Comedy Central sent out the hashtag request to #InternetABook, and Buzzfeed collected 29 Hilarious Literary Internet Puns. Don’t judge me, but my favorite one was “Moby Dick Pic.” I died laughing.

Reaching ERMAGHERD status – James Corden and Tom Hanks acted out Hanks’s film career in a matter of minutes and it’s spectacular.

Stop everything you’re doing right now and take this quiz. Wes Anderson has to be one of my all time favorite film directors. I will watch anything that man creates, even if it was an ad revival to bring back yellow pages on the home shopping network. (But why would anyone want that?) Anyway…

Who Would You End Up With in a Wes Anderson movie? 

I got: Jane from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

“You and Jane share a tenacity and a love of words. Whether you’re also a journalist or not, you’re always searching for the truth and greater meaning in life, just like Jane. You’d make an effing great duo.”

Brace yourselves, children, because Anne of Green Gables is back! 

Breaking Bad Writer is Bringing Anne of Green Gables back to Television

Or check out celebrity nano-impressions by Ross Marquand! See celebrity impressions in common day snafus. My fave: Brad Pitt forgets what he was going to say.


In honor of Alan Rickman, let’s talk about that time he pranked Harry Potter with a fart machine. Don’t you wish you were a fly on that set?

And Now For Some Self-Care Super-Stories

August McLaughlin is my sister from another mother, and she penned this awesome post about 5 Empowering Questions to Ask Yourself Daily for a Groovier, More Impactful Life. I am all about the side hustle right now.

Kirsten Weiss of the Para Your Normal blog shared 5 Mantras to Boost Your Magick. Let’s just say, the universe has been telling me this for awhile, and I’m ready to listen.

My friend Liz from Be. Love. Live. is offering free life coaching now – and I jumped at the chance. Liz has 20 years of experience as a mentor and coach and her blog is one of my favorite motivational/inspirational blogs. It’s real, she’s on a journey too, and it’s full of her beautiful photography not stupid posters with kittens hanging from tree branches. (Note* I have nothing against kittens on tree branches.) Check out Living Intentionally: How to Take Control of Your Life One Moment at a Time.

“Raise your hand if you’ve felt completely overwhelmed sometime in the last six months.” That’s the comaraderie you’ll find with Heather at Hiya Tootsie who gifts us with How to Handle the Overwhelm: a 6 part strategy.

If inspirational just isn’t your thing, then I leave you with Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. He’s got this thing figured out, and it’s funny.


What’s been making you laugh this week?
How are you following your dreams? 


33 responses

  1. Ah, what a fun (and funny!) post. Thanks for the sweet shoutout, sis!! 😉

    This made me laugh, and I’m dream-following by getting started on a new creative venture that’s filling me with butterflies. Wishing you a beautiful week. 🙂

    1. Oooh can’t wait to hear what project is up your sleeve! Best of luck to you!!! I know it’ll be amazing!

  2. Get out! Anne of Green Gables from a Breaking Bad writer?! I’m getting all bosomy just thinking about it.

    1. LOL. I’m reading Anne of Avonlea for the first time. I’m so shocked by the differences in the book vs the miniseries. Did you know Marilla adopts TWINS???

  3. Confession: I am an Ancient Alien aficionado. Half of me is intrigued by the questions they ask and the other half just loves to laugh at Giorgio Tsoukalos’ hair. I recently watched the teaser below from Gaia TV purporting to know our Hidden Origins. The narrator must not know Giorgio, because he covered much of the same ground, but with a much more serious mindset. My imagination provided clips of Giorgio saying, “I’m not saying it was the aliens, but…” in the upper right hand corner of the screen or a guardian angel version Giorgio, sitting on the narrator’s shoulder, bobbing his head. I was busting up the whole time and I am sure that was not the intent of the broadcast. Maybe you will have fun with it, too.

    1. Oh I’ve seen the memes. They are funny. I had no idea you’re an ancient alien aficionado! Roswell? Worth a road trip?

      1. Roswell is more fun out on the street than it is in the museum. Roswell’s Flying Saucer McDonald’s has been and continues to be my “most liked” photograph on Trip Advisor. Would I make a special trip? Nah, but since I was on my way from Carlsbad Caverns to West Texas, why not? I can recommend the Pyramids with greater enthusiasm. Next on my “it was the aliens” list? Machu Picchu and maybe even Lake Titicaca (I kid you not!)

        1. Machu Picchu is on my list too!

  4. I love Anne of Green Gables! So cool that it’s coming back.

    1. I’m really interested in it, but nervous too because they are going to try modernizing it a bit. What does “a bit” mean? #GreenGablesForLife

  5. Thanks for the info! A great way to start the week.
    I’m commenting from the reader. You may want to check out my post to find out how to change that setting.

    1. You’re right! I saw that in your post and was like “oh I should change that.” And of course I forgot. Thanks for that helpful tip Susie! I may hit you up if I get confused. Hahaha

  6. Oh my goodness, those literary internet puns and the Tom Hanks filmography had me in stitches! Thanks for sharing. That was a great bit of fun for my writing break.

    1. Isn’t the Wilson clip with the green screen too funny? I was cracking up. Happy writing!

  7. Great read on a cold day!

    1. Some fine entertainment for you!

  8. I loved ” Gone With The Windows 98″ 🙂
    Love the pic of you and the fountain!
    I got Ritchie, Luke Wilson’s character on Royal Tanenbaums.

    1. I’ve seen lots of people get Richie and one get Steve Zissou. Part of me was hoping for Adrian Brody from Darjeeling Unlimited cause I have a crush on him. 🙂

  9. The Tom Hanks thing… There are no words! 😉

    1. Here’s a random fact for you. Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, and Martin Short all schedule their colonoscopies on the same day and then they get together and play cards at someone’s house while they each take turns going to the bathroom. LOL I think that says something about their fun loving nature.

      1. Tom Hanks could replace Chevy Chase in the 3 Amigos!

  10. Well, this was a fun 30 minutes…40? Anyway, I want to tuck this post in my pocket so I have it in case I need a laugh, or inspiration, or motivation! I got M. Gustave from The Grand Budapest Hotel–one of my favorite movies of all time! Oh, and now I’m also following Kirsten’s blog.

    Also! Tom Hanks!

    I have to go back, I didn’t get to all the links…

    1. I know. The Internet was wonderful this past week. I LOVE Grand Budapest hotel so I think you scored an excellent soulmate in the quiz. And I’m glad you met Kirsten. She’s awesome! I got to hang out with her on google once and she was so cool. 😀

  11. We lost so many great ones this past month, Mathair and I are dealing with snow issues here in the Smokey Mountains and I’ve been feeling under the weather lately so to see the silver lining in the internet this week was delightful, Jess. Loved the impressions but the fart machine story has to be my favorite. Thank you so much for the ray of sunshine. 😀 ❤

    1. I love when Harry props himself up like “You guuuuuuuys.”

  12. I am lovin’ the self care info! And…a remake of Anne of Green Gables? Truly? I am over the moon with that little tidbit of information. Love, love Anne with an E. Thanks Jess!

    1. Karen, I just found yesterday there are TWO AOGG remakes! YTV’s making one to come out next month and Martin Sheen stars as Matthew. And then the CBC one is set for 2017. I’m cautiously excited since I adore Anne, but have a serious soft spot for the original cast.

  13. P.S. The Tom Hanks thing with James Corden was awesome. But I must say that I am in mourning over Glenn Frey’s death. I grew up with him and the Eagles. They were part of the soundtrack of my high school years and onward. In fact, Glenn and the Eagles are in my book. I’m just so bummed out. All these great musicians died in the last week. It has aged me considerably. But life goes on. 🙂

    1. Yah we’ve listened to Bowie and watched Labyrinth and then watched Rickman’s films and we played the Eagles in the bar Monday night when we went to grab a bite. So many greats gone.

  14. I loved that #InternetABook thing! Chris Hardwick on @Midnight is our new dinnertime go-to show. After Galavant. But only until Walking Dead comes back.

    1. The only reason I miss having cable is that we can’t watch Walking and Talking Dead live.

  15. What fun this was! The puns and Tom Hanks, especially. And I”m all over AOGG, too!

    1. Did you there are now two new productions of it?!

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