What I Was Up To While I Was Away

office selfieHi Friends,

I’ve missed you. How the heck are each of you?!

I’ve been busy working on projects. Lots of projects!

So, here’s what I was up to while I was away…


Co-Hosting a Film Screening

That’s right! My talented and inspiring new friend, Stephanie Sharp, invited me to co-host a private screening of the indie arts collaboration film, Indie Kindred.

Are you ready to get inspired? Watch this!

The film and movement behind Indie Kindred comes from storyteller and filmmaker, Jen Lee. You might recall that name when I talked about The 10 Letters Project, which another local writer and I are emulating in a local magazine.

Indie Kindred is the story of makers paving their own paths, finding other creatives they can work with, and collaborating to make something good. Indie + Kindred + Collaboration.

So, 2 weeks ago, about a dozen of us makers (artists, designers,chefs, writers, and repurposers) met in Stephanie’s home for some good food, show and tell, a film screening and makers chat. Most of us did not know each other. Now, we’ve created our own private group of local makers online and have plans for a second gathering and retreat! Because as Jen Lee so eloquently puts it “Doing it yourself, doesn’t mean do it alone.”

Interested in hosting your own screening or meeting other makers? There’s a public facebook community for Indie Kindred!

Driftless Area Makers cover photo
A sampling of the work shown at our makers meetup.

Held Auditions and Cast a Show

Three days. Eleven hours. Almost 40 auditioners. And now…we have a cast!!!

La Crosse joins 40 other cities giving motherhood a microphone in our debut, live, on-stage storytelling event, Listen to Your Mother! I’m so pleased to be working with each of the cast members we selected to share their stories and to raise funds for our local YWCA who has worked to end racism and empower women and girls.

Behind the scenes at auditions. 

Here’s an accurate account of my life right now…


And here’s what I came across on the internet and thought you might enjoy…

Me whenever anyone offers me caffeine lately. 

This Tumblr account that imagines Kylo Ren living at home with Han and Leia. 

kylo ren

This comedian talking about what we do when the doorbell rings.

(found via the hilarious Darla of She’s a Maineiac)

This book we bought for our nephew. Ok, actually for his parents. 

You can’t beat this hilarious bedtime story for adults.


That’s what I was up to while I was away.
What have YOU been up to, friends?

14 responses

  1. I haven’t been up to anything nearly as word-worthy as you. Challenging, rewarding and meaningful – yes. Exciting and interesting to anyone but me – no.

    1. But if it’s interesting and exciting to you, that’s what counts!

  2. Cute, yes, but I seriously doubt you’re chubby. You’re definitely busy! I guess we can forgive you your extended absence considering all the pots you’ve been stirring lately.

    You impress me with your commitment to so many projects. Truly.

    1. Hence my ongoing joke line “I’m part time all the time.” Which I guess I can add, “even when I’m full time.” ??? LOL #99problems

  3. Best of luck on all your projects! I loved the Go the F to Sleep book. Wish I had that when my kids were younger.

    1. That doorbell joke you shared had me in stitches. Reminded me of growing up. We actually hid from neighbors then too. LOL

      1. I loved the Sanka bit and the “you guys get the crap muffins”. That was our family!

  4. Me? Just dealing with complications of cancer, and fighting with my insurance company. You know, fun stuff. My family was totally like the doorbell guy’s! My mom always had Enteman’s or Heineman’s coffee cake for company! You are definitely cuter than a racoon! Sending you internet caffeine, by the gallon! 🙂

    1. Wishing you much healing and strength! Cancer is the worst. My mother and sister are survivors and it’s so draining emotionally and physically. I am extra sorry you’re fighting insurance on top of all that. Ugh! You deserve some Heineman’s!

      1. Thank you, Jess! I’m going to have some Girl Scout cookies! (Figuratively) sending you your favorite flavor! 🙂

  5. May the force be with you Jess! You were missed. 🙂

    1. Awww. I missed YOU Karen!

  6. I fell totally in love with Jennifer Garner watching that video and had to expel Jaimie Alexander out of the love list (for now). I’ve missed being around here, I’ll tell you the f*ck that. Love your adventures always.

    1. Best. Compliment. Thank you Eli! Miss you too pal!

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