Monday Mashup: Writing Tips and Self Care for Writers

I did it again. I filled up my Facebook queue with saved links like Emily Dickinson filled her mattress with poetry slips.

I scoured the internet, so you don’t have to. 🙂

Here are my favorite links from the past couple of weeks.

Writing Tips and Self Care for Writers, Along With Some Food for Thought


Self Care for Writers by paranormal/fantasy author, Jami Gold, is a must read for writers who like to go from one project to the next and need a reminder to schedule in some downtime too.

Illustrator Andrea Tsurumi shared You’ll Never Have Enough Time about carving out work time and space, avoiding burnout, and what going freelance really means.

If you’re feeling like Andrea from the last post, you’ll also enjoy 5 Tips for Making Writing a Daily Habit.

There’s lots out there about fair pay for writers right now and I thought this article on The Rich Writer Myth by Ros Barber was interesting. It’s written sharing examples of pounds, but I think you can convert it to dollars for us in the states.

Ros followed up her own article with one on The Guardian elaborating on the publishing industry with For Me, Traditional Publishing Means Poverty, But Self-Publish? No Way.

Because we can’t end on the bummer of bucks, or the misery of making moola, here are 20 Empowering Quotes By Female Authors That Are Perfect to Decorate Your Office With.

Self-Care and Body Positivity for All:

This was my de-stress project this weekend. Adult coloring and playing with my art journal. 

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time accepting compliments. I hear them and I immediately shrug them off or worse, name a flaw right afterwards. It’s something I’m working on. So of course, I saved this article on 7 Tips for Working on Your Self Confidence: Accepting That You’re Awesome.

And if you’re still feeling a little beat up mentally, here’s 6 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself Right Now. Read it, I’ll wait. … There now, don’t you feel better? 🙂

My facebook queue is always full of posts by Heather from Hiya Tootsie, and here’s one I wanted to share with you! What’s Luck Got to Do With It? 3 Ways to Honor the Work Your Dreams Require.

Are you constantly stressed from the day job plus the side hustle? This money saving blog offered all kinds of low stress money-making opportunities as well as a simple plan for setting money aside each month. How I Saved $1000 While Living Paycheck to Paycheck.

Because all bodies deserve respect, you should reward yourself by reading August McLaughlin’s How to REALLY Get Body-Positive. This post was blowing up my twitter feed and it’s worth reading more than once!


What are the posts saved up in your queues? Got any other good ones to share?
How are you practicing self care this week? 






14 responses

  1. This year one of my goals was to write more – or “make more time to write” – or just plain “write more” (because that’s what it says in my planner). I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS so to enable success in my goal, I got a planner that has a blank page for notes for each week. I told myself that if I could write down at least 5 lines for every day of the week, that would be my measure of success for the year. They didn’t even have to be good lines, just random stuff about what happened or what I was thinking about. So far it’s been working and I’ve only missed a handful of days due to adult beverages and being up late. Still, 88 days into the year and I’ve written down something for most of them.

    1. That’s a great plan! I need to make better use of my time for work on the book. I think setting a time or setting a wordcount are the best ways to ensure you keep that time. Stick with it!

  2. Thanks for sharing the links, particularly those for the Ros Barber articles. Wow – she’s got a lot to say about Indie Publishing, but a good bit of it is uninformed or just blatant snobbery and assumption. What she gets right is that you will spend a lot of time marketing and need to plan to do so. I wouldn’t agree with her 90/10 ratio. There’s really more of an ebb and flow to it based on how recently your title released. It is very manageable. What she neglects to mention is that traditionally published authors who are not in the top tier at their publishing house do not get much marketing/publicity support and either remain at the mercy of what the publishing house offers to promote their work — or — they have to be proactive and jump into publicity and marketing anyway. Aren’t we lucky as writers that we have the option to indie publish or traditionally publish or even do both–which is a path many writers have taken.

    1. Yes I agree. It’s a rude awakening. But there’s so much out there on the subject and I thought her opinion was an interesting one. But I agree that 90/10 is extreme. I do wish she’d highlighted hybrid publishing more which is sounding like a great option for many. I found that and the notion of so many writers having their own publicist nowadays really fascinating at last year’s writers institute. Sadly, I won’t see you there this year. It’s too close to my Listen To Your Mother show date and I wanted to be around for last minute stuff. I will be attending the Write By the Lake retreat though! You?

  3. I’m sure these are going to be great reading, but right now I’m leaving YOUR post up in my open tabs to click through later. 🙂

    My question is, how do you have a Facebook queue? It sounds much more workable than keep tabs open all the time!

    1. At the top right of Facebook posts is a drop down arrow with the option to save the link or video or image. When I learned that, my life changed. LOL

  4. What a great list! Thanks so much for the sweet shout out and inclusion, Jess! I’ll have to save the rest of the links. 😉

    1. It was a message well worth spreading, August! 😘

  5. So smart! So good! So helpful!! 🙂

    1. Now for some down time to put these tips in place! 😉

      1. Haha! That is SO you!

        1. Shhhh! Quiet, Liz! 😝

  6. Thanks for the shout out to my post! 🙂 Great list!

    I’ve been struggling with the issue of self-care so much that it caused health problems, so hopefully my reminder might prevent that issue with others. 🙂

    1. I thought your post was great Jami! Hope you’re still able to put it in practice.

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