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IMG_3537I love seeing people embrace their own beauty. In a world of impossible beauty standards, the role models I want to embrace are the people who celebrate doing their own thing while opening doors, rather than closing them, for others to find what’s right for them too. I follow campaigns like Tess Holiday’s #effyourbeautystandards. I’ve been a user of #StitchFix for awhile and love how detailed their style profile is and that they allow clients to play with fashion. So when Dia & Co. asked me if I was interested in participating in their Try Day challenge, I said yes.

The Try Day challenge is about the clothes in your closet you haven’t found the guts to wear yet. The items you chose to buy, but haven’t worn. The clothes you’d love to try on and try out, but always second guess yourself or change out of at the last minute.

Dia & Co., like Stitch Fix, is a personal styling business that sends five items to your home to try out with your existing wardrobe. They specialize in plus size fashions which is awesome because no one should have to forgo personal style just because of size. Having worked in the retail industry for several years, I know how hard it can be to find as many options in special sizes. Everyone wants to look and feel great in what they wear. Shopping and sporting your style shouldn’t be as degrading or frustrating as the fashion industry, and let’s not forget misogyny, sometimes makes it.


I grew up the youngest child of four, so a lot of my clothes and fashion sense came from my older siblings. Acid wash jeans, anyone? This year it dawned on me, I didn’t really know what my fashion style was because I never actually thought about my personal style. I got the same kind of pieces I always got, bought some trends, but didn’t necessarily have a signature look.

To be honest, I’m still figuring that out, and it’s cool with me if it changes over time. Clothes are just another way to be creative. At my core, I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda gal. But I love the feeling I get when I wear a suit jacket. A nice, well fitting blazer makes me feel like a badass.

Still, I have clothes in my closet that I never wear too. Specifically, two leather jackets. So when I thought about the Try Day challenge, I knew I had to incorporate one of them. Another look I love is denim on denim, but since I don’t live on a ranch and professionally rope cattle, I wasn’t sure I could rock that style either. So, there was my challenge. Wear denim on denim with a leather jacket, and rock it.

IMG_3500I styled my look with things that I loved, and paired them with things I wanted to try. I wore dark denim skinny jeans with a lighter denim shirt. I scrunched up my socks on the outside of my boots (because 80s girl). I threw on a leather jacket, a scarf, and some teardrop earrings and went out with the hubs.

I loved my look and felt good in it (until we went outside, because this outfit is not winter weather appropriate for Wisconsin, but hey it’s called a “challenge” for a reason, right?) All wind advisories aside, I loved doing something that pushed me to try a new look. We could all do with a little more self confidence and creativity, don’t you think?

What items are hiding in your closet, begging to spend a night out?

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  1. See, I love this. I think women should be comfortable with their own style. Perhaps this is akin to feeling comfortable in our own skin. And I have heard of Stitch Fix. Looks like a good fit for you Jess. You look fabulous! Even if the outfit isn’t frozen tundra appropriate for Wisconsin. 😊

    1. I love older women who break barriers through colorful and playful clothing. We have so many rules about how women should look and dress. I say, forget that! Do your own thing!

  2. I used to enjoy Stitch Fix, but it just got too expensive for me. One thing I didn’t like about them is I didn’t feel like they had enough “girly” stuff. I love frills and lace. I especially like fancy blouses with jeans. That’s probably my favorite look. I don’t know if that has changed or not. I do know they finally got plus sizes in.

    I’ve been “shopping” in my closet lately, but only because I’ve lost 18 lbs., and I’ve found clothes with tags still on them from times I said “I’ll get down into this one day”. LOL. And I finally did. A couple of things were actually from Stitch Fix.

    Sometimes I’m hesitant to wear really long tunics. I love them, but I’m afraid people will look at me and say “Are you wearing a top or a dress?” LOL. But you know what? I just don’t care. I’m going to wear them anyway.

    1. I hope you do get out those tunics! I’ve been wearing some myself too.

      I agree with you on Stitch Fix. I had to pause my deliveries when I got laid off. But I have some great pieces from them, including my fave pair of jeans.

      Shop away, M’Lady, whether at home or not!

      1. My favorite pair of jeans is also from Stitch Fix. They are the Liverpool brand. I loved them so much that my husband found them online and bought another pair for me for Christmas year before last. He needs to do that again this year since these are getting too big. LOL

        1. Grrrl, I am with you! I could live in jeans all day everyday if possible. If they’re good jeans, love em!!

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  4. I always used to wear what I wanted! Until Tara told me to stop wearing things like white tennis shoes and jean shorts. You know what? I’m okay wearing what she says is acceptable if it saves me from embarrassment!

    I am definitely going to have to beef up my wardrobe for South Dakota.

    1. I’m sure Joe could say the same thing. LOL. He has A LOT less Hawaiian shirts in his collection. But he’s increased his western wear. I think he’s ok with it all around.

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