Let’s Make a Mixtape. Share Your Favorite Song Suggestions.

It’s November, and around here that means…

It’s time to make the annual mixtapes! Since 2004, I’ve compiled two mixtapes as presents for my mum and sis. More like mix cd’s rather, which yes – I know are also becoming obsolete – but that doesn’t make the actual songlisting any less fun.

This is where you come in.

I need YOUR HELP collecting awesome songs that fit the theme for the mixtapes.

The FIRST is a Phenomenal Woman Mix – all female artists, songs you can dance to, but some ballads are great too.

The SECOND is a Cafe Mix – any artist, more mellow vibes, songs you can play while relaxing at home.

Why should you help?

Why not?! Music is the ultimate mood lifter and who couldn’t use a boost of finding new tunes to jam to and new artists to fall in love with. Go down the same rabbit holes as me sifting through song suggestions in the comments. Watch YouTube videos until you forget how to blink. Play the same song over and over until your significant other knocks on the bathroom door and asks “What, exactly, are you doing in there?”

BONUS: TWO lucky commenters will receive copies of the cds after the playlist is compiled! Free music for you! Woohoo!

So, share your song suggestions in the comments below. I can’t wait to listen. I always find new favorites and couldn’t make these awesome compilations without you. I’ll share the final picks and announce the winners in January.

Here’s some ideas from last year to get you started:

Phenomenal Woman Mix

Fallingwater ~ Maggie Rogers

Great One ~ Jessie Reyez

Shadow on the Wall ~ Ruby Amanfu

Yours ~ Ella Henderson

Cafe Mix

Two Blue Eyes ~ Tall Heights

Famous ~ Serena Ryder

Slow Burn ~ Kacey Musgraves

Beyond ~ Leon Bridges


For the full 2018 playlist, click here. Also, 2017 was a great songlist, too, if I do say so myself.

What are your recommendations? I’m all ears!
Also, any suggestions on what platform to adapt
these mixes to once cds do go out?
Thanks, friends! Happy listening! Rock on!

9 responses

  1. For your phenomenal women’s tape: Brittany Howard “Stay High”. Without a doubt one of my favorite songs this year!! And the video stars one of my fave actors and it is simply AWESOME….not sure if this link will work but, check it out…

    1. Oooh, I don’t know this artist. Thanks for the recommendation! Off to watch!

      1. She’s the lead singer for Alabama Shakes (they have SOOO many good songs too!)

        1. Ooooh! Well I know them! That’s awesome!

    2. Ohmygawd, we have a keeper! First song in!!!! This could work on either mix, so it’s definitely going down on one of them. Love it!

  2. Short of figuring out how to make a vinyl record (dare to dream!), you could create a public Spotify playlist to share.

    OK, phenomenal women:

    “For the Sun” – Marissa Nadler
    “Cry for Me” – Camila Cabello
    “Darkhorse” – Emma Ruth Rundle
    “Drown” – Chastity Belt
    “Keep On” – Courtney Barnett
    “Seventeen” – Sharon Van Etten
    “Red Bull & Hennessy” – Jenny Lewis
    “Shape” – Julia Shapiro
    “Echoes” – Rose Elinor Dougall
    “Falling Clouds” – Dyson Stringer Cloher (you get THREE phenomenal women in one song!)

    Cafe mix:

    “Find a Home Out There” – Alberta Cross
    “Bullets in a Briefcase” – Matt Mays
    “Church” – Coldplay (too obvious? I don’t even care)
    “Faith” – Bon Iver
    “Woman” – Mumford & Sons
    “Hurricanes” – Dido
    “Paradise” – George Ezra
    “Rising Water” – James Vincent McMorrow
    “Farewell Transmission” – Songs: Ohia
    “Mariner’s Apartment Complex” – Lana Del Rey

    1. Nice!! I love Jenny Lewis and I don’t know if I’ve used her stuff recently. Lots of new artists to check out to! Thanks!

      Yah, records would be cool, but Spotify is probably the route. Lol.

  3. I love that you do this! My picks:

    Phenomenal woman: “I Am Her” – Shea Diamond
    Cafe: “Bury My Lovely” – October Project

    1. Ooooh, two more new ones!
      I think my audiobook obsession has put me out of the loop music wise. This is why I need y’all’s help! I find great new artists and always end up buying more music than I need. Solution: dance party! 💃🏻

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