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Three to Get Deadly: My First Experience With Janet Evanovich

Of course I had heard of bestselling author, Janet Evanovich, but I’d never read her work before.  It was just a few months ago at my book club when a member suggested her work that I made a stop at the library.

“All the books we read are so serious!”  A cry heard on numerous occasions at book club.  Our group substituted in some summer fun when we read local author, Jay Gilbertson’s Moon Over Madeline Island and Back to Madeline Island.  We got to skype with the author and I interviewed him here!

Janet Evanovich was another name tossed out amongst the group.  With the release of One for the Money in theaters, a film version of Evanovich’s first Stephanie Plum novel, many readers were talking.  Our dialogue introduced me to the characters:  Stephanie Plum – Bounty Hunter and Leading Candidate for TLC’s What Not to Wear, Lula – Ex Prostitute and Bounty Hunter in Training, a real passion for velour tracksuits, Joe Morelli – Jersey Cop, on again/off again fling with Stephanie, and Ranger – Undercover Bounty Hunter, Muscles, early morning runs, Muscles, address is a vacant lot, Muscles.  Excellent side characters include Stephanie’s whole family, with particular favoritism shown to her Grandma Mazur – a feisty old lady with a Jersey accent and a penchant for younger men, well, really men of any age.


So I picked up the title Three to Get Deadly.  This time around, Stephanie Plum is after the elderly owner of a candy shop!  What do you mean that doesn’t sound dangerous?!  Well, she does start out as one of the most hated people in the burg, but as Stephanie uncovers more of the story, there’s a reason she needs to speak to Mo, the resident ice cream guy.

If I may insist, this book is a book best read aloud, with a Jersey accent, which I happily practiced on the hammock with my honey.  He was very entertained, and I have fondness for impersonating Stephanie’s mother now.

*Note:  If you’re going to read this aloud and your neighbors are doing yard work on the other side of the fence, you should probably alert them to what you are doing.  Otherwise there’s just a sudden increase in swearing and shootings and coffee cake!

The author, Janet Evanovich, is a woman after my heart.  Just read the first paragraph from her author’s bio:


“When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in LaLa Land. La la Land is like an out-of-body experience –while your mouth is eating lunch your mind is conversing with Captain Kirk. Sometimes I’d pretend to sing opera. My mother would send me to the grocery store down the street, and off I’d go, caterwauling at the top of my lungs. Before the opera thing I went through a horse stage where I galloped everywhere and made holes in my Aunt Lena’s lawn with my hooves. Aunt Lena was a good egg. She understood that the realities of daily existence were lost in the shadows of my looney imagination.”


That imagination never faltered.  Janet wrote weird stories and collected rejection letters enough to fill a box, and then, she burned it.  Shortly after her in flagrante delicto, Janet got notice that Second Chance at Love wanted to publish one of her manuscripts!  Receiving $2000 for her book, she quit her temp job as a secretary and began writing romance novels.

Now, she is the sole client for Evanovich, Inc.  A company run by her family, it is her children who created the Evanovich site and manage her publicity.  Fans of her work will love the Quote of the Day Feature from her infamous quirky characters.  Here are a few gems:

“You’re number ten on the Bad-Stuff-O-Meter when it comes to cars.” – Lula, Hot Six

“And then the Hobbit kissed the bottle, and said it was his precious.” – Eugene, Sizzling Sixteen

“Those are my choppers. Got them for free from the VA, but they don’t fit right. Can’t eat with them in.” – Fred, Three to Get Deadly

“I never have trouble with heartburn on account of I keep a positive attitude.” – Lula, Sizzling Sixteen

“I shot that sucker right in the gumpy.” – Grandma Mazur, One for the Money

See, wasn’t that fun?  You can check out more of Janet’s quotes of the day or weigh in on her pinterest boards for who should play Ranger or Diesel in the movies all by following her on twitter @janetevanovich.

For all you writers out there, did you know Janet wrote a book about writing too?  It’s called How I Write:  Secrets of a Bestselling Author, and it does seem to look at writing from a new angle than most.  It looks like more of a personal account into her process, writing hours, and characterization.  I’m adding it to my list of books to check out on craft!

So, does your summer reading list or book club need some fun infusion?  Pick up a copy of one of many bestselling books by Janet Evanovich!  Her newest, Wicked Business, a book about the seven deadly sins, was just released in June and Notorious Nineteen comes out in November this year!  

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