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Susie Strong: Sending Pink Vibes Your Way

This is Susie. I think she is beautiful.

Today my blogger friend, Susie Lindau, goes in for breast cancer surgery.

If you don’t know Susie, you should click over to her blog – Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride – right now. Go ahead! You’re going to love it there!

(But please come back here at some point.)

You loved it didn’t you? Susie Lindau is a Wild Child. Her zest for travel, humor, and the writer’s life is contagious.

Even the way she’s dealing with cancer is funny! She’s been keeping us all posted in blogs titled The Boob Report.

But today she’s going through something pretty scary. She’s having a double mastectomy. And so many of us bloggers are sending Pink Vibes her way and praying that the surgery goes well.

The journey isn’t over. She’s got lots more wild rides to go on. One example, the reconstructive surgery. Who knew there was so much to think about? Nipples? No nipples? Tattooed nipples? These are serious and seriously funny questions for a woman to ask. I’m voting for the flower pots. She should walk around with those all the time. She’s gorgeous.

But please, take a moment today to wish Susie a safe surgery and speedy recovery. Send her a quick prayer, or make her laugh, at the twitter hashtag #SusieStrong.

Go, Susie, Go! We’re all thinking of you today!

To make a donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, click here. Any amount helps put us that much closer to finding and providing a cure for breast cancer.

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