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I Broke the Fan, So Then I Fixed the Fan

I broke our box fan the other day while decorating the house for Halloween.

You see, Halloween is a big deal in our house. It’s our favorite holiday! And I was doing my share of the work, spider-webbing the house…a little too near the box fan…when the end of the web just sort of got SUCKED INTO THE FAN LIKE AN ANGRY MOTORIZED VORTEX OF INOPERABLE TERROR!

I Broke the Fan

So I took the fan apart to see if it was fixable…

Out Damned Web!

After some extreme force…

The fan is not my friend.

I saw the last bit of web to cut out!

I win!

I broke the fan, so then I fixed the fan. And our house now looks like this!

Halloween Collage

Happy Halloween!

Love and Box Fans,


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