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Living Without a Backup Plan: Guest Posting at Ingrid Schaffenburg’s Blog

Life of a Writer

Happy November everyone!

Today I’m so excited to say that I’m guest posting at the fabulous Ingrid Schaffenburg’s Blog today!

Ingrid blogs about creativity and mindfulness, and going after your dreams. She is a spiritual globetrotter who knows it’s never too late to learn a lesson.

Ingrid asked me to share my story about how I made the bold decision to quit my job in retail management with NO BACKUP PLAN!

This time of year, with holidays looming ahead, can be so stressful. (I know that better than most.) I think this post is timely for all of us to remember to take risks, stay positive, and believe in ourselves.

I hope you’ll hang out with us today! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE POST PLEASE. 🙂


TEASER ~ Living Without a Backup Plan

“For six years I worked in retail for a large department store. It’s identity shall not be named in order to protect the damned. I started working there in college, and after graduation, I freaked about becoming an “adult.” So I took a full time position at the store and bragged to my dad that I finally had health insurance.

I was good at my job. I just wasn’t happy.”


See you at Ingrid’s place!
Tell us about your dreams and big plans.

Big Change Ahead

(source: ideachampions.com)

Hello Family and Friends,

Some changes are ahead for the ol’ Happiness Project.  I’ve read many other writer’s blogs and listened as they adapted their schedules to get more writing time.  I held off as long as I possibly could.  I made rules and tried to live by them hoping I could prepare blogs ahead and still work on my book.  But, it wasn’t happening.

So, I’ve decided to make a big change in order to focus on my writing more.  I’m limiting my blogging to twice a week.  Starting in February, I’ll blog on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Tuesday will be my “anything goes” day blogging about all things paranormal, travel-related, book and movie reviews, and any tales from my accident prone life!  Friday will remain on it’s alternate schedule of Guilty Pleasure Fridays and then Life List Club guest posts.  I may on occasion throw in a 3rd post, but only if I have something or someone really awesome to share with you!

This decision was not made easily; I’d been thinking about it for awhile and finally decided it’s time.  The biggest wake up call is the fact that I’m completely starting a new writing project.  I’d been working on one paranormal fiction piece for the last year and started over with that about 6 or 7 times.  I’m getting really good at beginnings!  But after workshopping it with my Warrior Writer’s Boot Camp team, I realized the direction it was going didn’t have my heart in it any longer.  I’d still like to come back to this project, but I need time to really hash it out.

My new endeavor is one that I feel right with and one I know won’t fizzle halfway through.  I’m taking the opportunity to write about my family.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I figure now’s as good a time as any.  All those wacky stories about my dad and those life threatening instances with my siblings are going to get put on page!  That is, provided my siblings don’t tie me to a stop sign again or bury me in the sandbox for revealing these tales. 

I’d also like to take the advice of two wonderful friends and bloggers Pam Hawley and Sonia G. Medeiros and spend time writing short stories and learning about the craft.  Nina Badzin is another great blogger to follow with tips for social media and she really woke me up one day on the importance of submitting your work and building credit to your name.  In order to submit good work, I need to dive in and study more.  Eliminating one day’s blog post will give me another day to work on these projects.

I hope the change doesn’t impact my readership.  I love you guys so much, you have no idea!  You are my motivation for making this change so I can work on the really important thing for a writer to have: a book.  But none of it would be worthwhile if I didn’t have readers.  So I still plan on being a pest in your comment sections and chatting up with all of you here.

Thanks for listening!  Stay tuned!

But wait, there’s more!!!

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