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Guilty Pleasures Friday ~ Embarrassing My Kids by Julie Glover

I’m so pleased to welcome our first Guilty Pleasures Guest of the year!  If you haven’t been following Julie Glover on her blog Threading the Labyrinth, you’re missing out!  With posts on wordplay and word games, ROW80 motivations, and even High School memories, Julie is a fun and inspiring blogger!  Just check out her bio!

Julie GloverAs a city girl from the Lone Star State, Julie Glover owns both go-go boots and cowboy boots; has been to Broadway shows and rodeos; enjoys chateaubriand and rattlesnake sausage; and likes Led Zeppelin and Rascal Flatts. When she isn’t daydreaming about a personal chef or wrestling the family’s laundry, Julie pens mysteries and young adult fiction.

Thanks so much for kicking off our Guilty Pleasure Fridays, Julie!  Can’t wait to hear what no good you’re up to!  Take it away!


When I received word from Jess that I would get to write a guest post about my guilty pleasure, I struggled with the topic:

Um, okay, what’s my guilty pleasure? *tapping fingers on desk* Guilty pleasure, guilty pleasure… *tapping*

I can’t think of anything! I have NO guilty pleasures.

Am I doing nothing decadent?! What happened to the rebel I once was? Was I ever a rebel? Sheesh.

I’m not perfect. I’m plenty guilty. I swipe my son’s chocolate when he’s not looking and neglect housework so long that a HazMat team might simply throw up their hands. I can be selfish and annoying. But I’m not proud of that. It’s not pleasurable.

So what do I take pleasure in…that maybe I shouldn’t do quite so much?

Aha! Embarrassing my kids.

Which isn’t hard now that they are both teens.

I don’t want to cause permanent shame or public humiliation or spur my children to consider joining the circus instead because those people must draw less attention than their uncool mother. But hey, they embarrassed me like crazy when they were toddlers throwing fits in Walmart, Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald’s, you-name-it!

A sampling of the payback:

Mama in Pajamas.  A couple of years ago, my sons kept missing the bus and asking me to drive them to school. Taking them there and returning home sucked about 30 minutes out of my day. That’s 30 minutes I could be cleaning, writing, painting my toenails. Unacceptable!

I explained that I would happily take them to school if they missed the bus. But I would wear whatever I happened to have on. Note that the rest of my family showers and leaves before I even start my daily grooming.

The first time my son missed the bus, I drove him to school in my jammies, robe, slippers and let him out in the car line.

The second time he missed, I parked the car. And walked him to the entrance—jammies, robe, slippers.

That evening, my husband suggested to me and said son that I give him a goodbye hug next time. After all, our son needed to know how much we love him.

He was never late again. *grin*

Mama Loves You.  The threat that I might kiss a kid in public is enough to send either boy into pleas for mercy. Those little boys who once gave me big hugs and smackeroos when they were in preschool are now young men who prefer to save their lips for future girlfriends.

Yet I constantly try to give those big boys some much-needed PDA. And I snapped this pic, which could be used at any time to embarrass my son on Facebook.

Mom & Christian

Oh wait. I guess I already did it here. *grin*

Mama Has Sex.  This is a shocker to all children everywhere, right?

If we ever want to clear the room, all my husband and I need to do is melt into one another’s arms and let our mouths comingle. Four rolled eyes and five seconds later, our kids are nowhere to be seen.

But our vocal flirtations really leave my kids blushing crimson and me tickled pink. For instance, the time during dinner when my husband alluded to his desire to see me shirtless left my sons speechless.

Guess they know now. Mama and Daddy didn’t just do it those two times. *grin*

I threaten to embarrass my kids more than I do. Since I have managed to embarrass my kids a time or two or twenty, they’re never quite certain when I might act. Keeping your kids on edge a little can be a good thing.

In case my sons are reading this post, I want to assure them that my karaoke act is ready at any time that the music piped through grocery store so moves me. I kept all of your naked baby pictures. And the school dance needs more chaperones, especially ones who can teach both the Chicken Dance and Gangnam Style.


Thanks again Julie for guest posting!  Remind me not to get on your bad side, I fear the repercussions!  I can just see it now, you walking into the DFW Writers Conference in your jammies, robe and slippers!  

Got a guilty pleasure story to share?  Can you top Julie’s embarrassing kid stories?  Share with us!

What I’ve Learned From Watching Dance Moms Miami

The other night I couldn’t sleep.  Wisconsin was having one of its crazy fits of weather and we’d gone from cold and rainy to thunderous and muggy in a matter of hours.  I tried everything.  I read for awhile, I moved around, I turned off every light I could think of.  Wide awake!  So I flipped the TV on to zone out for awhile and what did I find?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet my Newest Guilty Pleasure:

Dance Moms Miami

(image from neontommy.com)

Please, let me tell you more!  Staying up until 3am watching this crew, I’ve learned a lot.

The Cast:


Angel and Victor (image from channelguidemagblog.com)

Victor and Angel:  Longtime friends, Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, are the owners and choreographers of Stars Dance Studio.  Their motto:  “Turning Kids Into Dancers and Dancers into Stars.”  Victor you may recognize as he is now heavily requested for his choreography after being a finalist on Season Six of “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Victor is the young, mostly heart, pep talker of the duo, and Angel is the business side, very disciplined, with high expectations for his dancers.  Together, they’re shaping their dance team into professionals, learning when it’s time to work, you work, always earning your place on top of The List, a weekly breakdown of each dancer’s performance and behavior.  Positioning on The List earns you chances for solo competition.


Kimmy (image from channelguidemagblog.com)

Ani and Kimmy:  Are you ready for this?  Meet the only sweet pair in the bunch.  Kimmy is an adorable and kind hearted perfectionist.  She was recently given a solo to a song all about being bad, and the girl had never done anything bad!  Her homework assignment was to misbehave.  You know what she did?!  Another dancer threw pistachios at her, and she threw them back!  Scandalous!

Ani and Kimmy (image from mylifetime.com)

Ani is also the only adorable mom.  Staying out of the drama for the most part, her only anxieties show when she watches how hard her daughter practices to dance perfectly.


Abby and Sammy (image from mylifetime.com)

Abby and Sammy:  New mom on the block, Abby, better prepare herself as daughter Sammy climbs The List.  The other moms have their claws out and ready.

Adorable Hannah (image from tvgasm.com)

Which brings me to Debi and Hannah.  While I love how hard Hannah tries and the fun she clearly has dancing, her mom is a new form of batsh*t crazy!  Whether it’s gossiping, using the other moms as her minions, or full on sabotoge, Debi’s got it covered.

Giving Redheads Everywhere a Bad Name, Debi (image from lifetimemoms.com)

Susan and Jessi:  Rivaling Debi for the Most Crazy Mom award is Susan.  As daughter Jessi is the oldest and been working with Victor and Angel longest, there’s some entitlement issues happening here!  But Jessi recently went to the bottom of The List after her poor sportsmanship was caught on camera, ripping the team’s trophy out of her teammate’s hands!  Tsk, tsk!

But the pressure is totally on.  Jessi’s mom is ridiculously tough on her daughter to the point where Victor and Angel stepped in to tell her stop trying to train her at home because she’s coming to class tired!  After the whole trophy fiasco and teary apology scene, Victor gave Jessi a hug and a “there, there.”  Angel was immediately on him for reinforcing bad behavior to which Victor replied, “It’s not her fault her mom is crazy!”  That might be my favorite line of the show!

Jessi and Susan (image from mylifetime.com)

Lucas and Brigette (image from blogs.miaminewtimes.com)

Lastly, there’s Brigette and Lucas.  As the only boy in the group, Lucas, often gets to shine.  He’s an amazing dancer and his mother is his biggest fan.  Brigette is the lightswitch of the group, if Lucas is on top, she’s all happy and shiny, but if he has a bad week, expect things to go dark…quickly.

Check out this hilarious video of the team’s group number to the song “City Boy.”

So, what exactly did I learn from this new guilty pleasure that seemed absolutely amazing at 3 am in the morning?!

  1. Be fierce!
  2. Work hard!
  3. Own your mistakes, then let them go.
  4. Dance Moms are Crazy People!
  5. It’s not your fault if your mom’s loco!

Thanks for stopping by you guys!  I had too much fun gushing over this guilty pleasure!  What’s been your latest guilty find?  And stick around for one more fun video – where the Dance Moms show you there favorite dance moves!

Guilty Pleasures: The Strange Films You Watched As a Child

I have always loved watching movies, and growing up three blocks from the local video store, it was often the event of choice at our household.  We had one of those old popcorn machines and we’d make big bowls for everybody.  And then we’d all settle down in the living room for a film.  I often learned in college that the movies I watched growing up differed from the films all my friends were watching.  In my opinion, they missed out, cause these guilty pleasure kid flicks are the best!

     The Dark CrystalStill a favorite, I often quote this one today much to Joe’s dismay.  “Smells like gelflging…*sniff, sniff*…could be IS gelfling!”  The Dark Crystal tells the story of Jen, a gelfling boy, whose destiny lies in finding a missing chard of crystal and restoring the order of their world.  A Jim Henson/Frank Oz co-production, the creatures are unique and the fantasy world is eerie.  I had the opportunity to visit the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, Washington two years ago, and the special exhibit was on Jim Henson!  They included many of the muppets we know and love, but I was way more excited about the full room of early sketches and costumes for The Dark Crystal!  This film is like a shorter, kid-friendly Star Wars.




     WillowProbably the film I watched the most of any growing up, all my siblings loved this movie.  Warwick Davis, who was pretty popular back in the day, starred as Willow, a halfling man who finds a princess baby and vows to protect her from the evil Queen Bavmorda.  Along the way, he is aided by some unlikely and flawed heroes.  There are brownies, teeny tiny warriors that are always messing around with fairy love potion, Willow’s best friend, Meegosh, a sorceress named Fin Raziel, and a surly warrior named Madmartigan.  I’m totally trying to convince Joe to dress up as Madmartigan and Sorsha for Halloween, but it has yet to come to fruition.  I can see a twinkle in his eye when I remind him he’ll get to walk around telling people, “I am the greatest swordsman that ever lived!”



     The NeverEnding StoryI think I fell in love with Barret Oliver, who played Bastian in this film, and it only grew when he went on to act in Cocoon and play Dicken in The Secret Garden.  The NeverEnding Story is an early fantasy film version of The Pagemaster.  A young boy, Bastian, is being bullied, and one day he hides out in an empty attic and finds a storybook that involves him in the ending.  Along the way he roots for Atreyu, the boy sent to save the princess from dying.






      LabyrinthWho doesn’t remember David Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth?  After a rough night of babysitting, Sarah wishes her baby brother away to the Goblin King, and if she wants to get him back, she has 13 hours to make it through his labyrinth or she’ll lose her brother forever.  Another Jim Henson classic, the creatures are all shapes and sizes and personalities too!  And David Bowie, clad in a lot spandex, channeling a little Ziggy Stardust, has some amazing songs in this movie.  I believe this soundtrack was played at Joe’s and my Halloween party last year.






Surprise Attack!!:  Bet you weren’t expecting to see Little MonstersThis rare gem of a sci-fi flick stars little Fred Savage and a rather unrecognizable Howie Mandel.  This film freaked me out!  I was convinced it was all real, that a whole world of monsters really did live underground and the doorways into our world were underneath the beds of children.  I recall watching this movie several times, and it creeped me out everytime.  It’s a little bit Goosebumps, little bit Gremlins, little bit Monsters, Inc.  It’d probably be really funny to watch now, or annoying, Howie Mandel has gone downhill for me since I grew up.  Nonetheless, this was a rare cult classic that probably made its way into some of your homes (and underneath your kid’s beds too).



Do you remember these movies?  Do you own any of them?  I totally still do.  What films did you watch on repeat growing up?

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