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Dinosaur Erotica? All in the Name of Research

There’s been a surge out there of Facebook and blog posts with the theme “You Know You’re a Writer if…” It’s considered perfectly normal for thriller writers to have a google search history containing things like: household items used in explosives, where to buy crack in Shipshewana, Indiana, and letters from death row inmates.

I, however, am not a thriller writer. I write humorous nonfiction. So what I do for research?

I read dino porn.

Let me explain.

Do you all follow Jenny Hansen? Because yes, I’m blaming her for this post. Jenny has a FABULOUS blog called More Cowbell, and one of her reoccurring blog series is about crazy book titles. Behold…Crazy Books, Part 9: Dinosaur Erotica.

Dinosaur Erotica Exists and It's Just as Amazing as You'd Imagine

image from Jezebel.com

*stands bashfully in the corner*

I don’t know if you guys knew this about me, but um…I love dinosaurs.

This 3-D flick is gonna rock y'all!

This 3-D flick is gonna rock y’all!

So after reading Jenny’s post, I thought I’d read one of these dino-porno-saurus texts. Ok.

I went with a classic. Taken by the T-Rex. And it’s only 19 pages!

Here is what I learned:

  • I do not, in fact, love dinosaurs.
  • I believe I like them an average amount. Meaning, I dig them in Spielberg films.
  • I am going to have nightmares from reading this book.
  • P.S. There was no plot. NO PLOT!

Let me tell you a little about the authors. Yep, plural. Because it takes two…to write less than 20 pages with no plot in something they define as the “monster sex” genre.

Meet Christie Sims!

Image of Christie SimsHi! I’m just a plain old, everyday Midwestern girl that lives a normal life. However, while my outward tastes are relatively simple, my inner thoughts are filled with lusty thoughts of big, strong, powerful monsters having their way with beautiful maidens.

Midwestern girl? I’m pretty freakin sure this isn’t a photo shot from Lake Michigan!

Meet Alara Branwen!

Image of Alara BranwenAlara Branwen is your typical college student by day, but by night she is a crafter of sexy, hot, sensuous, “monster” fantasy erotic fiction. All of her stories are based on her own desires, or from personal experiences.

The co-author is a dragon?! That’s why the book is co-written. Alara must be the cultural liaison for reptilian hard ons!

If you’re interested in learning more about this raptor-ous book series, (because there are many, many more), you can go on Amazon and look them up.

As for me? One and done!

I’m off to have nightmares now! Ta ta!

What do you think? I have to know!


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