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Hits and Misses: A Comical Retelling of 2011

2011 proved to be an interesting year on the Happiness Project, from blogging through the first year to surviving my accident prone lifestyle.  So here is one blogger’s retelling of the hits and misses of 2011.  Hope you don’t mind this trip down memory lane.

The Highlights:


Last April I attended my FIRST EVA writing conference and I was downright giddy with excitement.  I blogged about my experience in The Do Re Mi of Conference Attending.  I’m hoping to attend the DFW Conference in Dallas, TX this May.  *crosses fingers*

Dad and I just off the Superman Rollercoaster

My Dad!  Apparently blogging about my dad is a big hit.  Readers can’t get enough of Saying I Love You, Whoever You Are, Audio Tracked Peacock Noises, and If You Give a Squirrel a Walnut…

The launch of the Life List Club.  We’re busy and boomin’ every other Friday!  Be sure to stop by!

The launch of Guilty Pleasure Fridays, in which I first publicly claimed that YES, I do love Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman in the first ever theme post, Guilty Pleasure?  Don’t Mind if I Do.

Vacations are a hit and necessary to my sanity.  Learn about Toronto, Canada in Survives Vacation, No Scars and  Niagara Falls Photo Blog.


The 10 Random Facts About Me posts are a phenomenal way to get to know someone.  I like reading these posts.

I’m a big fan of costume parties, so Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I am a great source for Costume Advice from the Perseverance Expert.

Aboard the Mayflower II

I’m also a descendant of two of the original pilgrims who crossed over on the Mayflower.  I shared what the true story of the first year abroad in The Mayflower: A True Story, and One You May Not Know.


Well, all I can say is don’t blog about eating bologna or you’ll never live it down.  In the infamous post of what dinner looks like on a bad day, Girl Gets Butt Kicked, Remedies With Sandwich I had more than my fair share of bologna jokes and references for blog posts well into the next month.  Sad to say, my menu hasn’t changed all that much as I ate a ham salad sandwich with a glass of fine Asti for dinner last night.  *shrug*

If you ever wonder why my boyfriend Joe gets 51% of the vote on which direction we go, it’s because of this:  Left for Dead in Hixon Forest.  Let the record state, I got us out.  Besides, his mom gave us a travel wine cooler, two compasses and two whistles for Christmas, so I think we should call do-over!

Is this a trail?

I would say that anytime you add a physical scar to your face, it qualifies as a miss.  Learn the history of the Circus and how I managed to run into an animal cage in Jess Takes on Circus World!

This final one is not really a miss, but a funny blast from the past.  One month into starting this blog I was battling writer’s block and tired from working retail in the holidays.  I shared this spinoff for my first three commentors.  Girl Gets Dickens Scared Out of Her.

  There you have it.  The ups and downs of this writer’s 2011.  What were the highlights and  pitfalls of your year?  Feel free to share a favorite link or two in the comments, I’d be happy to check them out!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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