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Things Joe Says When He’s Sleeping

Joe Sleeping Cartoon

Exhibit A: Joe sleeping

My fiance talks in his sleep. And nothing he says makes sense.

The conversations he has while sleeping rarely relate to anything we’ve done during the day. Although I guess I could count the time we watched The Walking Dead one Sunday night and he muttered this gem while asleep:

Joe: Why are there no zombies in Australia?

Me: What?

Joe: *shouts* WHY??

Who shouts in their sleep about zombie settlements?!

In the words of my mother, “You’re not allowed to watch those shows before bedtime anymore.”

This weekend, he apparently was quoting movie lines in his sleep, but I didn’t get the reference. All I heard was this:

Joe: Be happy in your work, Pear.

Me: What?

Joe: Be happy in your work, Pear.

Me: Who’s Pear?

Joe: You are. You’re my little Pear Juice.

Me: *shakes head, rolls over, goes back to bed*

He was quoting lines from the movie, Club Dread, a film we watched MONTHS ago.

There’s a Pac-Man like maze in the movie where the employees dress up like fruit.

 You better run, Banana!

I can only hope that the ludicrous things coming out of his mouth continue and that this can become a reoccurring blog series. Sure he’s talking about zombie migration and bad Broken Lizard films today, but tomorrow who knows? He just might solve world peace!

But if he doesn’t, you can bet I’ll have lots more to write about. 😉

So thanks, Joe, for keeping it entertaining!

Your Little Pear Juice, or whatever,


Do you talk in your sleep? Does your partner?
What strange quirks do you or your partner have?


Our Engagement Story: AKA – The CD Case Explained

“What’s with the cd case?”

I’ve been getting that question a lot after posting this picture of Joe’s and my engagement.


So here it is, gizmos, the story behind the cd case.

Not all of you may know that Joe is a musician. And I don’t mean he covers Green Day tunes in the basement and doesn’t shower until late in the afternoon, though I wouldn’t rule that out altogether… Joe is a bonafide, music education major, cd releasing musician. He teaches band and private guitar lessons while following his dream performing and touring with a ska/reggae band, TUGG.

When we first met, he played in a funk/rock band called Hooch. I still have one of their benefit t-shirts, on which I got his autograph – only HIS autograph. He likes to remind me of what a lovey dopey dovey schoolgirl crush I had on him. 

I didn’t even know his last name for awhile. I called him ‘Joe Paisley’ because he performed with a pink paisley guitar on stage. It was awesome. Now he more commonly plays with some kind of Les Paul, amber colored guitar with a whammy bar. It’s probably driving him nuts right now that I didn’t fact check what guitar he uses.  *shrug*

Anyway, he had a stint where he performed with a successful musician that was born in this area and came back to do some touring. I didn’t like the guy. Talk about womanizer! And I mean c’mon, who NEEDS to perform six effing encores in a row, be done dammit! Some of us have drinking to do!

*eh hem* So, fast forward to our 7 year anniversary this past October. We decided to celebrate by going to one of the joints we hit on our first date. When we got there, I see one of Joe’s buddies and his parents there – the friend that set Joe and I up on our first date!

This is where I confess to being completely and utterly clueless. I had NO IDEA the boys had planned all this together. I was all like, “Wow, that’s so crazy you’re here! It’s our anniversary today and you’re responsible for initiating our first date. How cool you’re here!”

Seriously. No clue.

So this friend of ours tells Joe he’s got a cd in his car, and it’s a recording of him with the successful musician that I do not like. Yippee!…..Not.

All through lunch, the cd is sitting in front of me. Vague and brief references to its presence are made, and I push it farther away.

When it’s time to leave, I purposely try to leave the cd there!

“Grab that please,” Joe says. I do so, but grumble about it.

We say our goodbyes and Joe and I get in the car. Our plan was to drive up to the bluffs and go hiking to enjoy the fall colors one last time before the cold really set in. He asks me if we can play the cd on the drive up.

“Do we have to?” I whine.

“Please,” he says.

I take the cd and remove the tape seal. When I open it, there’s no cd. There’s a ring! And the words: “I love you lots and lots. Will you marry me?”

2013-10-20_14-29-51_513Once I stopped stupidly muttering the words “Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!” I said YES!

So there you have it, our engagement story, AKA – The CD case explained.

Here’s to a year of new adventures!

If you’re married, what’s your engagement story? And for all you sassy singles, what’s your dream engagement like?

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