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Top 5 Reasons It’s Fun To Plan Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Today I officiate my best friend’s wedding.  A few months ago, yours truly, got ordained through the Universal Life Church in order to perform the ceremony for my best friend’s wedding.

The process of planning the ceremonyhas been lovely.  This week for ROW80, my goals involved final wedding plans like arranging the ceremony, leading the “rehearsal dessert”, and today is the big day!  Wish my bestie, Cat, and her fiance’, Aaron, a very happy life together!

The Happy Couple!

Top 5 Reasons It’s Fun to Plan Your Best Friend’s Wedding

#5.  Becoming a Member of the Clergy

It’s cool you guys, I have a certificate and everything.  I’m totally legit.  Catherine wouldn’t let me wear a Pope Hat at the wedding, but I will make her call me Vicar Witkins before the day is through!

#4.  Shocking Your Fundamentalist Father With A Message Like “Guess What I Did Today?  . . . xo, Pastor Jess”

Every time I told someone I got ordained they laughed at me.  Can’t really argue with them, I laughed at Cat when she asked me.  Little did I know…

But once I got my certificate, I couldn’t wait to tell my Dad!  He was more enthused over the fact I can also perform funerals; thinks he’s gonna save a bundle by me speaking at his death.  Just cause he’s family doesn’t mean he gets a discount! 

#3.  Learning About Various Religions

In my extensive wedding planning research, I came across numerous wedding customs and traditions.  It was fascinating to know what different cultures deem meaningful in the union of two people.  Cat’s ceremony includes elements of christianity and pagan customs.  Handfasting is one element she liked, and you can read about it here, but this is only one version of its practice, it is found in many different cultures and varied in each from the color meanings to the strands of ribbon being tied or untied.

Cat’s ceremony also includes some sections from her grandmother’s ceremony, after whom Catherine’s middle name, Helen, is for.  What a privileged treasure for her to send the transcription of that ceremony to me so I could incorporate it into her own.

#2.  2 a.m. Wedding Playlist Text Sessions

Nothing like a 1-2 a.m. text session where the bride asks if you’re still up then sends you some lyrics from a mix cd you made her a year ago asking the song title and artist.  Bonus, I knew it!  Loved chatting with you, Cat!

Then of course there’s the dress fittings and emailed pictures of flower arrangements…

#1.  Telling the Bride and Groom How Much You Love Them in Front of Their Nearest and Dearest

The only portion I didn’t let Cat see of the ceremony is the “Sentiments of the Officiant”, which is me, by the way.  I’m pretty excited to get to share reasons why I love this woman in front of her closest friends and family.  It’s special, and I’m honored to do so.  Just hope I don’t cry!

That’s it folks!  Raise a toast to my best friend on her wedding day and wish me luck!  I know she’s going to love what I have planned:  “Mahwage!  Mahwage is what bwings us heah togetha today…”  You’re right, quoting Princess Bride is not an acceptable form of legal ceremony, but it would be really fun!

How are your ROW80 goals going?

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