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It’s All Greek To Me

In one month Joe and I leave for our honeymoon in Greece.

Yah, I know we’re doing it all backwards. Our honeymoon is BEFORE the wedding. When you marry a musician, you’re subject to working around their gig schedules.

As such, I’ve been practicing a few essential Greek phrases to help us when we arrive. I can say ‘hello, how are you, what is your name, it is a pleasure meeting you.’ I’ve also practiced ‘thank you, please, and pardon me.’ But what I’m most proud of is the following phrase which I have practiced for three days:

Which translates to:

I’m sorry. I don’t understand. I don’t speak Greek. Do you speak English?

I think it may come in hand.

I have also checked out a number of books on Greece to review the history and mythology I love.

Earlier last week, I forced my fiance, Joe, into going to a free skin screening because he often plays at outdoor festivals and I wanted him to get sun care tips from a dermatologist. (Because he rolls his eyes at me when I share them.)

After speaking with the doctor, Joe texted me:

Dr. W says I “have the skin of a Greek God.”

Great. I will never hear the end of this.

Of course that night, as we’re brushing our teeth, Joe begins to flex and show off his chest.

Joe: You can call me Zeus.

Me: Ok Zeus, pop quiz. Who was Zeus’s wife?

Joe: Athena

Me: No that’s not right. Who was Athena?

Joe: Goddess of wisdom!

Me: And?

Joe: Other stuff…

Me: She was Zeus’s daughter, and also the Goddess of war. Now, who was Zeus’s wife?

Joe: Mrs. Zeus

Me: *face palm* Hera. His wife’s name was Hera.

I think maybe I should do the translating on our trip.

Have you ever learned a new language? How did it go?

What’s your favorite place to travel? And where do you want to go next if you could anywhere in the world?

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