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Boy Meets Girl, A Love Story

This is the story of how one boy met this one girl.

joe and i in collegeNine years ago, I sat next to this boy in one of the worst college classes ever. We struck up a conversation and got to know each other. I knew he played guitar in a band, a pink paisley guitar to be precise. He knew I was a theater minor at the time, and probably crazy.

It was not meant to be. Both of us were dating other people. He was a graduating senior, I was a Freshman. We talked in class, when he showed up that is, and that is all.

Two years later…

I’m downtown having a beer at the Bodega – that’s a lie, I didn’t drink beer yet, it was probably an amaretto sour – when I see that boy across the room. We started talking again. I thought he was really cute.

Little did I know he had forgotten my name. *sigh*

He remembered my face and we kept talking. A friend of his came over and introduced himself.

“I’m Jessi,” I answered back.

Now he knew my name again.

His friend told me I should come hear this band playing on the weekend at the Alpine Inn. I said that sounded fun, but I didn’t have a car, so had no way of getting up there.

“Joe can give you a ride,” he suggested.

And thus our first date was set.

100_0764We talked about everything you’re not supposed to talk about on a first date. Religion, politics, and ghost encounters. I learned he still played in the same band and was also substitute teaching. He learned I dropped my theater minor in place of Women’s Studies, and that I wanted to be a writer.

It happened while we were dancing…

Joe claims he knew I fell for him when we danced that night. I say I just really like Stevie Wonder tunes. Whenever it happened, we became a couple.

Once I graduated, got a job, and moved into the abyss known as adulthood, we started traveling in style!

And no, I’m not talking about my ’88 Mercury Sable.

Every year we would travel together. We started small – a day trip to Minneapolis to the Science Museum. The next year, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Then Boston, MA!


Walking through Boston Common

I think I started rubbing off on Joe, because the next year, I actually got him to leave the country with me. We made it as far as…Canada!

Aboard the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls boat tour

Aboard the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls boat tour

Then Joe rubbed off on me, and I agreed to a road trip. We drove out west touring the Badlands, Deadwood, the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Salt Lake City.

Hiking outside the Tetons

Hiking outside the Tetons

Wherever we go, it’s usually an adventure.

But not always the safest one…

Are TRAILS supposed to look like this?!

Are TRAILS supposed to look like this?!

It’s been a wonderful journey so far. I couldn’t imagine a better partner. Which is why I’m excited to announce a new journey we’re embarking on.


We’re engaged!!!

From our house to yours, we want to thank you for being a part of our lives!

Happy holidays everyone!

Was The Host Worth Watching?

In getting over a cold this week, I spent my weekend pretty low-key. I rested and caught up on some movies that came in for me at the library. *Score!*

One of the titles I watched was The Host.

Based on the Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight series) novel of the same title, The Host is the story of a futuristic world where aliens of some sort – read sparkly balls of electricity – have traveled the galaxy overtaking one planet after the other by surviving in host bodies. Melanie Stryder, played by The Lovely Bones’s Saoirse Ronan, is a member of the human rebellion that is fighting against them.

In the opening scene, Melanie risks her life by leading the “Seekers” away from her younger brother, and in turn, she is captured. She is placed as a host body for an alien lifeforce, but the transition is anything but smooth. Melanie is a fighter, and so her soul does not die, but becomes trapped in her body along with the alien force, who goes by the name Wanda.

I was curious just how “Stephenie Meyer” this storyline was going to be, and true to her voice, it’s a teenage love story with a triangle as well. Fans of Team Edward need only to tape over their t-shirts to read Team Jared, while Team Jacob groupies need to spray paint the name Ian over theirs. Father FAN-atics of the Team Carlisle breed are going to be disappointed when forced to vote for Team Uncle Jeb (played by William Hurt).

Team Jared!

Team Ian!

Team Uncle Jeb? … Um… Where’s Carlisle?

So – if you’re still with me on the storyline – Melanie/Wanda is living in the same body. Melanie loves Jared but Wanda has “human feelings” for Ian, and this after Ian tried to kill Melanie/Wanda, but then had a change of heart and swore he’d love Wanda even if she wasn’t Melanie/Wanda hybrid-humanost. Melanie gets mad when Wanda kisses Jared and Ian, yet there is a fair amount of kissing because this is a Stephenie Meyer story.

Melanie is a more redeeming female character than Bella Swan. At least Melanie never falls down just because. She cares about her brother, so I’ll give her that. But I’m still amazed at how fast these characters fall truly madly deeply in inter-species love. Vampire/Human, Human/Werewolf, Humanost/Human. But there’s a problem.

Wanda can’t be with Ian in her true form. Firecrackly electricity ball, remember? What’s a poor, little 1,000 year old sparkler to do?!


I’m not going to just TELL YOU! You have to see the movie! Or read the book.  😛

Overall, I think the film was better than Twilight, but its characterization is very similar. If you can forgive and forget that two people who met in a hostage situation moments prior can now be soulmates and ready to die risking their lives to be together, then you’re going to LOVE this movie!!!

If, however, you require your cinematic viewing pleasure to contain some semblance of realism, then might I suggest Dexter?  😉

What did you think? Did you enjoy The Host? Have you read the book?

How important is believability in the movies? When is it ok to suspend belief?

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