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Stuff I Meant To Get To And Just Finally Did

18314760839_a7c49e4737_zI’m a fan of the ‘Save Link’ option on Facebook. Only I’m terrible at actually going back and looking at all those saved links.

At any given point and time, my laptop has at least 10 tabs open of blog posts waiting to be read.

So, in honor of New Year’s being just around the corner, and it being a time of year for renewal, I thought I better clear out my digital queue.

Here’s what I meant to read, and just finally did.

Self Care Tips and Do Good Ideas

leap fail

How My 2015 Has Felt

My year has been another one of transition and change. It’s been full of stress. And I’m not a good model for slowing down. These posts gave me some food for thought. 

In need of some manageable, quick tasks to help you feel refreshed? Check out 15 Easy Things You Can Do That Will Help When You Feel Like Shit.

Want to reduce your stress level by 68%? Who knew all you had to do was read before bed!

And then when you’re ready to reflect, make some new goals, and treat yo’ self, read 26 Things Every Person Should Do For Themselves At Least Once a Year.

Ready to put some good in the world? 15 Things For When the World is Shitty and Terrifying.

Writing Tips and Blogs to Read

typewriter gifThis year I became a freelance writer, writing both for local magazines as well as online sites. And I’m still plugging away at my book. Here’s hoping I can reserve more time to write in 2016. 

Struggling with some aspect of your writing? Watch out for these culprits: Doubtful Writing Habits You Should Forget About.

How to Be a More Productive Freelancer in 20 Minutes is both a funny read and good advice from the seriously silly Schmutzie. Read for a laugh, stay for the tips.

Jane Friedman is a stellar resource for any writer and she nails it with 5 Reasons You’re Experiencing Writer’s Block.

Now, need a kick in the pants to get going again? Advice in Six Words: 17 Inspirational Writing Tips.

Just For the Fun Of It

funny witherspoonIt’s not Jess Witkins’s Happiness Project without a little fun involved! 

Because it’s not time wasting when important questions are being solved. Which Jane Austen Heroine are You? 

I got Catherine Morland. No surprise there. 😉

Because this is so real it hurts: What Marriage is Really Like.

And lastly, this beautiful round up courtesy The Bloggess, who shared all three Bad Lip Reading versions of Star Wars in We’re Those People.


Your turn! Show some linky love in the comments below to the posts you’ve been reading or feel free to share one of your own. Let’s keep the blog hopping non-stopping! Cheers, friends! 



Monday Mashup: The Pee Your Pants Edition

photo (2)

Road trippin in style. Starbucks + Audiobook = the Good Life!

Hello my little Lulubells! 

(Did you know that’s what my mother calls me? How embarrassing.) 

I’m playing hooky and off at a writer’s retreat in Madison this week. Random tweets and awkward photos soon headed your way! (soooo, there’s THAT to look forward to.) 😉

To keep you company, I’ve compiled some of my favorite funny posts from the month. Happy reading!

(OMG, I can hear you SNORT from here!)


Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess is dealing with Mother Nature in her post, Texas is Trying to Kill Us. Worth a read just to find out what a fox scream sounds like. But there are also mountain lions and howler monkeys and power outages.

The Bloggess gets a second nod this mashup because of Turning Into a Cat Lady Literally. Literally the greatest reason for photoshop right here.

Aussa Lorens of Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy. is married now, and that means she can blog about sex without judgement! It’s well worth the wait. Feast your eyes on these hilarious tips for setting the mood.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the germ-infested kids who eat mud on their bread. My pal, Andrea Culletto, blogs about the perils of dinnertime and getting her kids to wash their hands in Ew. Gross. 

Darla from She’s A Maineiac hates Twitter. Which is sad, because I love Twitter. However her fake tweets in Tales of a Twitter Nothing are pretty fantastic. I think she should actually tweet them. LOL

Kristen Lamb – buttkicker of writers and social media guru – tells it like it is in You Might Be a Writer If

There’s no such thing as stupid questions, but Jenny Hansen has some useless ones for you in Squirrel Underpants and Other Useless Links.

Julie Heiss Scagell is blogging at The Indie Chicks with The Most Annoying Things Your Co-Workers Say. We all know someone who says these phrases. Heck, it might even be you! Stop it already.

From the writer behind This Is Not That Blog comes the enchanting stick figure run down of what happens when you’re trapped in unnecessary small talk with a stranger, Good News for People Who Hate Boring News.

Because this is the Pee Your Pants Edition, ever been intercom’d while literally peeing in a public bathroom? Meet Susie and her Insane Circumstance.

And lastly, because I too kind of hate bicycles, I leave you with I Need a Bicycle Like a Fish Needs a Man by Barbara from the cleverly named blog, And By That I Mean Vagina. Fuck bicycles. There, I said it.

Happy reading everyone! 

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” ~ Milton Berle

Weekend Mash-up and Feel Good Posts

Time for another mash up of awesomeness on The Happiness Project!

Halloween CollageFor the Halloween Fans

Did you catch this month’s Original Vs. Remake series? Tiffany A. White blogged about John Carpenter’s Halloween, Catie Rhodes posted on the Rob Zombie remake, and I blogged about the 20th Anniversary comeback film!

Kassandra Lamb did a post for Misterio Press on Why Being Scared Out of Our Wits is So Much Fun!

Book News and Word Play

Damian Trasler shared a post on The Future of Libraries. I’m always at the library on my days off, so I found this insider’s take extremely interesting.  I learned some libraries are getting liquor licenses to boost attendance at events!

Julie Glover shared in her Wise Words Wednesday post How Shakespeare Added to Our Language. I’ll bet you’ve heard a ton of these phrases that all came from the great bard himself!

Ever question whether to use profanity or not? Madge Madigan shared her take on the issue in The Art of Naughty Words.

Leanne Shirtliffe, humor writer and children’s book author, shares Why You Should Write in Multiple Genres.

Feels Good to Laugh

Piper Bayard has been stuck in bed, but she’s finding exceptionally creative ways to keep preoccupied. Check out her fabulous list in Having Fun in Bed.

Kait Nolan shared Three Awesome Things – one of which is a funny video about a voice recognition elevator and a few guys with Scottish accents. It’s pretty awesome.

My pal Misty Laws has declared herself Best Wife Ever after buying her husband a new car for their anniversary. Read all about it!

What did I miss? What blog posts have you loved this week?

Share links in the comments below!

Happiness Boosters and Posts that Promote You

Hello Everyone!  I’ve been training all last week (and still am) in a new Manager Position, so forgive me for not visiting as many of you as I try to. And worse, for not working on that WIP like I should be. I’m currently sitting at 51K on Oops Baby (the WIP). I’ll update you soon! In the meantime, I’ve been reading some great stuff and thought it was time for another mash up! Grab your coffee and settle in!

Coffee Time

Happiness Boosters

With summer finally here, are you feeling like you have nothing to wear? Are you on a tight budget and trying to re-purpose your closet? Nina Badzin shares Wardrobe Rescue – Her story of getting help from a Style Expert who matched up clothes that were already in her closet!

Speaking of wardrobes…What does your footwear say about your love life? The hilarious Tawna Fenske asks herself just that in Judging My Love Life By My Footwear.

Looking for a little life recharge from the solitary writer’s life? Joe Warnimont shares Breaking Through Writing Solitude with ideas to escape cabin fever and refuel again!

The Packing Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Romance writer Erin Knightley packs 8 days worth of travel into one carry on bag! Need to see it to believe it? She’s got a video! It’s beautiful! I will definitely be implementing her tips when Joe and I take our road trip again this summer.  How to Pack for Nationals

Wondering where to go on your next vacation? I am so excited for author Patricia Sands who joined forces with Women’s Travel Network to plan a trip to Provence, France touring the sites from her book, The Promise of Provence. Looking at the itinerary, it sounds like the trip of a lifetime!  Come to France With Us Next June!

Remember when planes were fun? People dressed up to travel and the food was elegant. Renee Schuls-Jacobson reminisces When Flying Was Fun.

Make ‘Em Laugh, Make ‘Em Laugh

Jenny Hansen of the blog, More Cowbell, shares Dumb State Laws That Made Me Laugh. A few of my favorites from Jenny’s home state, California:

  • No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour. (Whew.)
  • It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale.
  • Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of taverns, schools, or places of worship.

Amy at Left to Write was Freshly Pressed with the post Am I a Millenial? As someone who questions this constantly myself, I feel her pain. I too grew up with a rotary phone in the house and thought the best boy band was New Kids on the Block. And yet I Instagram, therefore I am… ???

Pimp and Promote

Glitter Queen and California Girl, Tameri Etherton, is getting ready to launch her new website. She’s got a great teaser of what it looks like in the form of the coolest business cards ever as well as a name competition to name her dragon mascot!  Dragon Names! RWA Prep! Movies! It’s all here today!

One of my favorite new blogs to read is Madge Madigan‘s. Looking for a laugh from a woman with real snark spark? Ok, snark too. She’s been offering her book, When Life Gives You Lemons…At Least You Won’t Get Scurvy for great deals lately so keep posted to get your copy!

Two of my favorite ladies in one place! Tiffany A. White interviews paranormal writer/blogger Catie Rhodes! Get her take on Ghosts, Haunted Houses, and Forever Road!

Geek Goddess and Steampunk Warrior Ellie Ann has released her debut novel, The Silver Sickle, and a new website! Nab your copy today!

Post-apocalyptic writer Piper Bayard still has her Reader/Blogger Challenge going on to win some PR/Schwag in honor of her amazing new book, Firelands – which I am reading and LOVING! She recently blogged about Currency of the Apocalypse – Whatcha Got?

What did I miss?

Feel free to promote a post of your own in the comments! See you there!

Guilty Pleasures: Reading Blogs and a Vote For You!

Hi Peeps!  I’m on route back to Wisconsin as you read this.  My trip out west was a blast, but now it’s time to get back to work!  I’ll be sharing trip photos next week and hopefully not too many accident stories.  😉

For this week’s guilty pleasures, enjoy the best of the blogosphere that I’ve been reading and think you should too!

On Writing:

Many of you shared this post by Roni Loren on using copyright images in your blogs, but it warrants another round!  If you didn’t catch Bloggers Beware:  You Can Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog, you don’t know what you missed.

To save you after the initial panic of the serious issue in Roni’s post, check out August McLaughlin’s post which helps you create your own graphic images, Blog Images Made Easy:  Tips from a Non-Graphic Artist.

Donah, of Sweet Jelly Bean, also gives a creative outlet in her DIY Monday:  5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Blog Header.  When I get back, I just might give this a try.  Who’s willing to talk me off the technology ledge when I do?

Kait Nolan shared The Dangers of Writing What You Know with some great tips so as not to go too over the top or not give enough.

Pop Culture:

Fabio Bueno introduces us to 5 Addictive TV Series with the funniest You Tube clip from Portlandia!  You might wet yourself.

Ever wanted your own trading cards?  Piper Bayard lets you vote on the outcome of society should you choose to purchase a Balloon Boy trading card in The End is Near (and we deserve it)…Balloon Boy Trading Cards.

Girl on the Contrary shared her play by play thoughts on the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, and whether you admit it or not, these thought crossed your mind too.  This is My Minute by Minute Reaction to the KStew Cheating Scandal

Want to feel smarter instantly?  Donna Newton did the research of classic game show answers that borderline ridiculous and too real.  WARNING:  Read Only If You Want to Feel Intelligent

Margaret Reyes Dempsey puts women’s shopping plights to page in her recount of shorts shopping for an upcoming camping trip, Daisy Dukes Versus Cargo Shorts.

Please HELP!  I need your input! 

Inspired by Catie Rhodes’ post who is fine tuning some changes to her blog, I really wanted to reach out to you, MY READERS, and ask for your help.

I’ve been posting a barrage of topics lately and I’m curious to know what interests you most!  Blogging really wouldn’t matter without my readers.  I only post because I enjoy my discussions with each and every one of YOU!  I’ll soon be celebrating my 2nd blog anniversary and I’d love to make this next year of the Happiness Project bigger and better than ever!  So please take some time and tell me what you’d love to see more of on my blog!  And if you select other, please share some helpful comments below!  I always appreciate feedback!

Thanks for chatting!  I truly appreciate all thoughts and comments everyone shares!  You guys are the reason I write!

A Mini-Road Trip and Mash Up

Hey Peeps!  How are you all today?  I’ve been thinking of you!  I’m currently on a two day hiatus trip home to give my mom and pop their Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents early.  I’ve got a crazy summer schedule starting up, so I’m glad I got to hang out with the family for a day.  Spent the three hour drive home jammin to old school Tori Amos cds, which was fun and don’t worry, I know you’re jealous.

Today, I slept in until 8 am!  Then I stayed in bed and read until 10!  When I went downstairs I was loudly greeted by my 3 year old niece dressed all in pink princess wardrobe.  I managed to squeeze in a mini work out by chasing her around and doing what I consider to be weighted leg curls because we played “Super Sonja” for quite some time until my legs gave out.  We totally earned that snack break of juice and chex mix.

Many of you are up to more studious things, or things that made me laugh, so I’m happy to share them all with you!  Please feel free to chat, and know I’ll be with you momentarily after I drive the 3 hours back home.

On Writing and Reading:

Kristen Lamb has been blogging some REALLY INTERESTING stuff on the nature and future of the publishing industry.  Find out what’s in store for Barnes and Noble in Big Six Publishing is Dead – Welcome the Massive Three and also The WANA Plan to Save Bookstores and Revive Publishing.

Leanne Shirtliffe, of Wordbitches, recently wrote about a topic I could relate to:  My Love Hate Relationship With Triberr.  What’s your take on this new social media aid?

And Rachelle Gardner had guest blogger Dineen Miller talking about how to put some marketing in your book!  Rooted Marketing:  Building Marketing Tools Into Your Story.

Movie Reviews (Mostly on The Avengers):

Amanda Rudd got advanced screening tickets to The Avengers!  OMG!

Jillian Dodd has you covered this MANday, blogging about the men of The Avengers.  And don’t forget, it’s not to late to enter the MANday Contest!  Find out how to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card here.

Tiffany A White gives her Fabooolous opinion on the flick in Time to Avenge.

Ellie Ann Soderstrom and the gang at Slacker Heroes gives us their Most Anticipated Summer Movies reviews and expectations.

Because Exercise and Nutrition are Growing More Important to Me:

Sherry Isaac guest blogged at the Life List Club about her plan of attack or lack thereof with her exercise routine.  I totally empathized, you might too.  Now she’s got me making changes.  Check out Weigh the Method, Relish the Outcome.

I love this article posted by August McLaughlin, who should be your go to blogger for nutrition and well being.  August explores the myths and gives tips on Body Image.

That’s what I’ve been reading!  Got a link for me?  Include it with your comments!  And I’ll be there to join you soon!

A Christmas and Bookywook Blog Mash-up

Ha Ha Holiday Laughs: 

Mark Petruska lends his blog to Lisa Nowak so she can teach us all How to Write a Farcical Holiday Letter.

Jenny Hansen celebrates her 15th Risky Baby Business post with her Holiday Collection of Fun Baby Links.

Wendy Matheson is back and blogging!  She recaps the holidays in Smiles, Soup, Santa and Silliness.  Go and play her Santa photo caption game!

Are you still shopping?  Ellie Ann Soderstrom has you covered in her Holiday Gift Guide.  So go ahead, buy Aunt Marge those spandex shorts!

Books, books, books and Writing:

I love ‘Best of’ blog posts and Sara Grambusch just did hers in My Favorite Books of 2011.

Jillian from A Room of One’s Own blogs Happy Birthday Jane Austen from a Former Naysayer.

Tiffany White interviews new author Stephanie Nelson about her paranormal series Craved and Deceived.

Kristen Lamb serves up awesome in her psychedelic post Aspiring is for Pansies:  Tough Love and Being a Writer.

Jenny Hansen blogged this past weekend for the Life List Club at Sonia Medeiros about the Most Important Writing Lesson I Ever Learned.  This one stuck with me.

Awesomely Paranormal:

Catie Rhodes shared the history of Folk Magic in Appalachia and you can learn by through the research books and stories in her blog comments too!

I’m off to get some wrapping done!  But stick around, chat a little.  I’ll be back with cocoa!

Wednesday’s Winter Mash Up

source: google images

Hello Everyone,

While I’m buried beneath boxes and Christmas gift lists at the mall, please enjoy the phenomenally written posts that others had time to write.  These blogs are awesome and so are their WRITERS!!!  Thanks to everyone for the blog love on my last post.  Sounds like the marketing for Excedrin: NEW for Retail Tension Headaches is going to be a big success!  I’m putting a bottle in everyone’s stocking!

On Writing and Reading:

Kristen Lamb tells it like is when it comes to plot structure and prose in Is Your Novel a Spineless Weakling?

Renee Schuls-Jacobson, my amazing Warrior Writer partner, gave honesty a new metaphor and exclaimed I’m Going To Do a Book.

August McLaughlin interviews  Author Roni Loren on Writing Sexy and Her Novel Debut.  Prepare yourself for drooling and feverish laughter.

My favorite new author, Jody Hedlund, wrote an AMAZING and honest blog post about book giveaways.  She recaps how FREE has a cost, how book sales are trending, and includes very simple and awesome gift ideas that help a favorite crowd of mine, writers!!!  Even Though Free is In, Don’t Forget to Buy Books Too.

The top books of 2011 are already starting to be listed!  Nina Badzin shares her favorite reads of the past year in Top Ten Reads of 2011.  Be advised, read this before making your master list for the 2012 TBR Pile Challenge!  Or do what I did, and keep adding to your Goodreads “to-read” collection!

The Necessary Belly Laughs and Bright Moments for the Holidaze:

Pam Hawley almost brought me to tears in her beautifully heartfelt post about Finding Thankfulness: I Love This Bar.  She talks about growing up in her own version of “Cheers” and makes me want to go meet her for a drink at Hawley’s Pub soon!

If you want pee your pants kind of laughter, you’ve got to visit Jenny Hansen’s post Can a Cup o Joe Make Your Man a Ho.  True story.  And a hilarious one!

Myndi Shafer discovers the real reason for the crankiness factor of the Dr. Seuss villain in The Grinch is Pregnant.

How is your week going so far?

Guilty Good Reading: A Mash-up of Awesome

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone!  Getting my post up a bit later today since I just finished working a 12 1/2 hour day in retail.  *phew*  Guilty Pleasure Friday will be back again in two weeks, but for now, I leave you with my favorite reads from the prior week!

On Writing:

Alica McKenna Johnson guest blogged at Myndi Shafer’s with great writing advice about how to add more diversity to your writing.  She’s honest and open about the tips she uses to write characters from different countries and ethnicities.  Check out her guest post Don’t Bleach and Iron Your Work.

On Reading:

Jillian, a literary student who blogs at A Room of One’s Own, informed me of The 2012 To Be Read Pile Challenge!  For all you bookworms with that evergrowing list of books to get to, take this challenge along with me and see yourself accomplish some great books you’ve never given yourself the time to get through.  The only real catch is they need to be at least a year old in publication.  I’ll be posting my list and hope you’ll share your own!

Thanksgiving is still in season and August McLaughlin shared the Books I’m Crazy Grateful For and sparked a fun conversation in her comments.  Share your own books that shaped your life and made you grateful you’d read them!

Tim L. O’Brien posted an awesome blog about Why Books are Important.  This is part three in his series and focuses on getting kids to read.  He’s got smart advice and an awesome link to a site where you can check out the perfect titles for your kid of any age to read and have them glued to the page rather than to the screen.

On Women:

If you don’t regularly follow the Life List Club blog hop every other friday, you missed an inspiring post by fellow co-founder, Marcia Richards all about long distance swimmer Diana Nyad.  She’s a courageous woman who will inspire us all to do our own Xtreme Dream challenges.  So after you’ve read Marcia’s post, check out Diana’s own blog about her recovery process from her attempted swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys after being attacked by box jellyfish.

What’s in a Name…:

If you haven’t been following Nina Badzin’s baby naming debacles, you’ve been missing out.  She recaps the long nine month journey and also reveals her newest addition’s long awaited, and well thought out, name in Finally, His Name.

Because Humor is Necessary During the Holidays:

I love Sara Grambusch’s blog.  She’s got the spunky and self-deprecating humor that I adore in a person, and she also provides delicious healthy recipes.  In this post, Household Things I Do Wrong, she recounts the number of times she’s unsuccessfully mastered the art of housework.  Let’s all pray she and I never become roommates; angels will weep for society.

The Good Greatsby will have you stitches with his headlines: Starbucks Announces: Come for Joe not John.  Must read for coffee drinkers and users of public bathrooms everywhere!

Jenny Hansen serves up More Cowbell when she asks Is Adulthood Stealing Some of Your “Grooviness?”  Dance parties are a known reaction to Jenny’s posts; you’ve been warned.

Charles Gulotta relives his edible memoirs in his entertaining tale toward intelligence; he calls it Chew on This.

Enjoy your weekend!  See you all again Monday!

Monday Must Reads: Writing, Women, Mummies, and Christmas Lists

Happy Monday Everyone!  I’m madly trying to catch up on my NaNoWriMo goals, finish 2 more books this month, stop this cold I’m getting in its tracks, and still make dinner from a recipe at least once a week.  Here are the blogs that caught my eye this past week.  What else caught yours?

On Writing:

August McLaughlin wrote a beautiful post on Sweet Solitude: Creating Intimacy with Writing and Ourselves.  It’s a little bit about love, about finding creativity, and being a stronger, healthier you.  She also leaves wonderful ideas to get recharged.

Kristen Lamb serves up another batch of awesome-sauce in her post on publishing and author brand:  Beware the Social Media Snuggie – One Size Does Not Fit All!

Albert Berg is an honest man.  If you’re in need of a grip on reality and write goals, please read his post Nailing NaNoWriMo: Or Not.

On Women:

When Quiet offers us a breathtaking poem about the unity of women in WE.  You’ll want to read this one out loud, it sounds as powerful as your mind and spirit are.

True Life Stories:

Mindi Anders conducts part 1 of an interview with a Michigan Religious Cult Survivor and even the comments are interesting.  Mindi’s done an awesome job of healing herself by sharing her own survival story and creating a place for discussion on the topic.

Gene Lempp’s new edition of Designing from Bones is on The Iceman Plot, the true, or slightly fictionalized story, of a 5300 year old glacier mummy.

Kathy Owen shares the history of Thanksgivings Past from the New York Times in this part 1 edition.  How many turkeys do you think we go through now?

Social Trends of the Season:

Tiffany White blogged about a favorite guilty pleasure show of mine The Secret Circle.  Catch up on Cassie, the new witch in town and her five friends who bind a circle of witchcraft only to be found out by witch hunters and demons!  It’s creepier than I thought and I’ll be sticking with it.

Tiffany also blogged about another favorite topic of mine, Urban Legends.  From the tales themselves to the flicks that made them frightening, you gotta check this out!

Don’t lie, we know you’re already making your holiday gift lists, if not for yourself, perhaps Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life, and Pam Hawley’s got you covered.

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