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What’s your #GuiltyPleasure #Food?

All of us have our favorite foods, delectables, and comfort dishes.  And of course it’s fun to try new foods too!  Here are some of the dishes I tried while visiting South Korea.


Twiggem is any kind of fried food.  My first night in Seoul we walked through the streets and alleyways till we found a little spot with a large assortment of twiggem to try.  Each guest is given a basket to fill with whatever they’d like to try, then it’s weighed and you pay by the pound.  *Don’t think too hard about it!*  I tried fried kimchi, mushrooms, fish, leaf wraps with rice and ham, fried zucchini, and fried lotus root.


My favorite dish!  Bulgogi is Korean barbecue.  It’s cooked right at your table in a broth of vinegar and soy sauce with some pear zest in it.  Add onions, mushrooms, and leeks.  I ate it twice while on my travels and with it was served an assortment of green leaf salad, kimchi soup, a wasabi slaw salad, glass noodles with chilis and nuts, fish, and more kimchi (cabbage in a vinegar/chili sauce).

Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is a Korean take on a Chinese Hot Pot.  It involves a pot of boiling broth brought out to your table and an array of foods that are cooked in the broth.  We tried everything from meatballs to beef slices, various greens, a whole plate of different mushrooms, peppers, rice cake, broccoli, and dumplings.  At the end, the remaining broth is mixed with rice and a fried egg, which was tasty but I barely had any room left!


Fish Market

Baby Octopus

The Dakgalbi Before

The octopus awaiting the fry pan!

The Dakgalbi After: Tentacles and All!

My first bite of octopus!

Dakgalbi is typically chicken in a chili sauce with a mix of greens, mushrooms, and rice cake in it.  We added baby octopus.  Neither my friend or I had tried it before.  I like it!  Tastes like squid – a bit on the chewy side.  🙂


My first experience with Korean desserts.  Hotteok (pronounced Ho-duck) is dough filled with brown sugar and nuts and fried till slightly crispy on the outside.  Mmmm.


Doncasu is pork cutlets, breaded and fried.  The side dishes with it included rice, corn, soup, and a spicy sauce.  The top left dishes hold different kinds of radish which are common sides that have been pickled and will cut the spice of the main dish.


One of the vegetarian dishes I tried.  Bibimbap is rice and fried egg with various mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, corn, sprouts, and seaweed and a hint of a chili sauce that you mix up.  Yum!

Ojinga Sundae

Ahh, for Easter Sunday, my lunch was ojinga sundae!  Literally it translates as “squid sausage”.  It’s squid head that’s been cut off and scooped of any organs, filled with rice and vegetables or glass noodles, then breaded and fried.  Messy, but very tasty!

Those were my food adventures while traveling overseas.  But tell me about your favorite food experiences!  When was the first time you tried something out of the ordinary?  What are the foods you love?  What foods can you NOT stand?  What does your guilty pleasure plate look like?

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