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Mash-up of Awesome Writing

There has been an outburst of talented and thought provoking blogging lately!  Or as Clay Morgan from Educlaytion calls it, Posts That Pop!  I’ve been trying to get my maximum dosage of great bloggers this week as I will be out of town on vacation next week!  I’m headed to New Orleans, LA to see my best friend from High School!  So, I won’t be around to regale you all with stories of bad eating habits, getting lost, injuring myself, or otherwise fascinatingly frightening moments that encompass my life…for at least a week.

Here are my favorite,  most thought provoking posts of the week!  Take your time, enjoy, stop back and say hi, and I’ll see you all in a week’s time!

Posts on Writing:

Rachelle Gardner on E-book Publishing Effect on Readers

Anne R. Allen on The Reality of Writer’s Block, Don’t Bully Your Muse

Kristen Lamb on Reality Deficit Disorder, Why Writing Can Make Us Crazy

Katie Ganshert on Setting Realistic Goals for Improving Your Writing

Posts with Humor:

Elizabeth S. Craig on 8 Things You Need to Know About Living With a Writer

Clay Morgan on School Picture Day:  What Happened To Me?

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