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Do You Poop At Work?

Things are getting real at the Happiness Project today. We’re talking today about something I know a lot about. We’re talking about poop.

DSCF0724Beware hiking in extreme temperatures around
things labeled the ‘Devil.’
Nothing good happens.

But we’re not talking about why it’s important to pack extra underwear on vacation. No.

We’re talking about pooping at work.

Do you?

Be honest!

I’m betting most of you, like me, need to “drop off the occasional package” while working. 😉

I’ve had some interesting bathrooms in my workplaces over the years. From your basic department store row of stalls, complete with screaming child trying to crawl under the dividers away from her mother, to a restroom located in the creepy cellar of a warehouse’s storage area.

The one thing that bonds us all is the fact that we all poop. Although, we don’t like to admit it. (Unless you’re me and have no shame.)

However, even I struggle with how to sneakily “pay the bowl troll” without any coworkers knowing. So when my wonderful fiance shared this video with me, I just knew I needed to pay it forward with you.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you…

How to Poop at Work

*Warning: Side effects of watching this video may include randomly shouting “Turd Burglar” and laughing so hard you poop your pants.
So tell me, do you poop at work? 😉
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