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7 Links That Will Make You Laugh

If it feels like the pressures of fall are looming – school exams, added work piling up, bowls of Halloween candy eaten months prior to actual Trick-or-Treating…then settle in for a few minutes of laughter links to brighten your week!

Women: Know Your Limits!

My sister sent me the following video as a warning. She knows my love of knowledge and sought to warn me of its dangers.

Favorite part:  “Over-education leads to ugliness, premature aging, and beard growth.”

Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Shared by my friend Piper Bayard, it combines all characters Austen with those of Fight Club. Tea cups will fly!

Favorite part:  “No corsets, no hatpins, and NO crying!”

Craig Cuts His Own Hair

Another favorite I found through my sister. “Craig” is a character created by comedian Kyle Dunnigan, and if you’ve never seen him, I highly recommend you start with Craig’s News as an introduction. But for today’s post, we’re featuring some highly resourceful hair cutting tips!

Favorite part:  The claw.

NFL – Bad Lip Reading

There’s a whole slew of bad lip reading videos out there and fans of The Walking Dead should check out the musical they made! But the NFL mash up is by far one of the funniest!

Favorite part:  “Now! I want cake now!”

Grocery Shopping – A Parent’s Guide with Arturo Trejo

Arturo Trejo is a dad. A dad who likes to film his family and teach them lessons. Enjoy this how to video on successful grocery shopping.

Favorite part: Never shop on an empty stomach.

Best of Sue Sylvester

Even if you’re not a GLEE fan, you’re going to love Cheerios Coach Sue Sylvester and her endless taunting.

Favorite part:  “You’ve just boarded the Sue Sylvester train. Destination…HORROR!”

Flight of the Conchords – Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous

New Zealand comedy and musical duo transforms into their alter egos – rap singers – known as the Rhymenocerous and Hiphopopatamus.

Favorite part:  They call me the hiphopopatamus, my lyrics are bottomless…”

Are you giggling?

Share more of your favorite comedic videos and blog posts in the comments below!

Happy laughing!

Crushes Then and Now (Ladies Edition)

Still swooning over your favorite then and now hotties? Well, the feast ain’t over yet!

Give it up for your favorite Crushes of Then and Now – Ladies Edition!


The Shake Senora Crush

Winona Ryder

Everyone’s favorite ghoulish girlcrush! The Beetlejuice star who became the 90’s It Girl with films like Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites, and The Crucible! All I can say is, “I saw Goody Ryder with the Devil…and she looked gooood.”

The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air Crush

Tatyana Ali

Will Smith’s younger, adorable cousin, Ashley Banks, on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Ashley was the naive, well-behaved youngest Banks child. She looked up to her street smart, fun-loving cousin, Will, and the dynamic made us all fall in love.

The Full House Crush

Candace Cameron

Ah, DJ Tanner from Full House – the slightly bossy, but incredibly smart eldest Tanner daughter. Your wholesome, girl next door crush, that is if you can deal with her obnoxious best friend, Kimmy Gibler!

The Immaculate Crush-action


If you can handle this Material Girl, then life could be a Holiday. Remember to Express Yourself and she’ll Cherish you forever!

The Holy Hot Jackson Sister Crush

Janet Jackson

Watch the music video for her hit Again and tell me you’re not in love.

The Mannequin in the City Crush

Kim Cattrall

If you could make your dream girl out of a Mannequin, would you?

The I’d Let You Know All My Secrets Crush

Teri Hatcher

As reporter Lois Lane on Lois and Clark, Teri Hatcher gave us a taste of forbidden romance. Add to her resume the roll of a Bond girl, and we’re Desperate for more!

The Sweet Sixteen Crush

Molly Ringwald

The original Brat Pack Girl. Molly Ringwald was the voice of a generation in the cult classics Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. Admit it, you’d have paid to see her underwear!

The Will You Go Steady With Me? Crush

Tiffani Thiessen

The Saved by the Bell homegirl, Kelly Kapowski. What would you have done to get your locker next to hers?

The Dreamweaver Crush

Tia Carrere

Camera One. Camera Two. Camera One. Camera Two. Doesn’t matter how we look, Tia, you’re gorgeous! Blame it on a Ballroom Blitz! Schwing!

The Summer Lovin’ Crush

Olivia Newton John

Which song would you pick to be your song? A.) “Let’s get PHYSICAL! PHYSICAL!” or B.) “I got chills! They’re multiplying!” Olivia Newton John is electrifying!

The Animated Crush

Marge Simpson

That girlish figure. That grovelly voice. Need I say anymore?

The Barbarella Crush

Jane Fonda

Barbarella is a “5-star, double rated, astro-navigatrix earth girl whose specialty is LOVE!”

That was a quote from the movie trailer. When I finish interpreting it, I’ll tell you why Jane Fonda is your favorite foxy crush!

See Barbarella “do her thing.”


Did your crush make the cut? Share your hotties (and notties) of then and now!

Then and Now: How the 80s Defined Us

Did everyone have a good Memorial Day Weekend? What did you do to celebrate? Joe and I kept it pretty lowkey, but we did cook up bacon hot dogs. Jealous?

Did any of you watch the miniseries special The 80’s: The Decade That Made Us on the National Geographic Channel? It originally aired several weeks ago, but is making a second run around soon. Besides being awesomely narrated by Rob Lowe, Bad Ass Saxaphone Player Hottie of the 80’s, the show was really well put together and interesting.

Teach us about the 80’s, Rob!

Being born in the 80’s, I don’t remember a lot about them. Most of what I recall is actually the early 90’s trying to army crawl their way into a new decade. Watching this miniseries was really informational for me to understand what was happening in the world when I was born. And I started taking notes. Because I’m a dork like that. Because I didn’t want you to miss out on these great observations I had.

Then and Now

The Games We Play

Did you know it was the 80’s that brought us Tetris?

I remember playing Tetris, it was a game I was quite good at. Now everyone plays Angry Birds. And my 8 year old nephew told me my AB score was pathetic. #TrueStory

The Phones We Use

The 1980’s brought about the first ever cellular phone call. The phone call was made from inside a car and filmed on the news. As the phone’s creators held their breath, the nation watched to see if it would really work.

How do I get Facebook on this thing?

We’ve advanced from cell phones to smart phones. If you’re like me, your phone is now smarter than YOU are! My 10 year old niece uses her phone to update her Pinterest page. I do not yet have a Pinterest page.

The Way We Talk

The 80’s brought about a fad from West Coast high school girls who hung out at the mall a lot. Valley Girl Talk! Not sure what Valley Girls sound like? Check out Moon Unit Zappa’s hit song, Valley Girl. It’s like totally awesome! Ohmygod!

I’m not sure we have a dialect that is sweeping the nation, but I have been seeing a lot of anagrams sweeping the internet, IYKWIM… LOL.

The Music We Love

Madonna first made waves in the 80’s with hits like Material Girl, Like a Virgin, and Holiday. She was an innovative star who made music and fashion her own, thereby causing the vast population of women, and gay men, to emulate her.

As much as I wish we had a better example, the only one who I think comes close to this decade’s Madonna is Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her, she has a powerful voice and sense of fashion. She’s gained a huge following and is true to her self – meat clothes, black perfume, and all!

The Wars That Last Forever

The Cold War lasted almost an entire decade. It’s aftermath still leaves Germany divided. War, in any capacity, takes generations to overcome. And by the time we start to move forward, it seems we start a new war. I say this not to upset anyone’s political beliefs, or to dishonor our troops. I am very grateful for all those who serve our country. I understand my freedoms are because of their commitment. But watching The 80’s and learning of the Cold War was very engrossing to me. I understood much more about the values my parents raised me with and the shift in economy because of it.

For this generation, anyone born in the early 2000’s, the war that lasted almost a decade will be the War on Terror. A fight I know leaves us all fearful of what’s next.

The Epidemics We Face

Many of you who were of age to watch the news, and cared about it, probably remember the name Ryan White. I didn’t remember his name, but I am glad that I learned of him. At a time when the AIDS virus severely scared the nation, Ryan White put a face to the disease that told America “This could happen to anyone.” After contracting HIV from a blood transfusion, Ryan used his last years to campaign for HIV awareness and his mother still does this activist work today. I am grateful to both of them.

While it isn’t anything new, I think the epidemic we face is cancer. Nowadays you don’t have to look far to know someone whose family member, or they themselves, have been diagnosed with the disease. Both my mother and sister have overcome it. Here’s hoping with our medical advances, we’ll also find a cure to beat both of these diseases yet in our lifetime.

The Ability to Help During Disaster

In the campaign USA for Africa, one of the largest music-based fundraisers was held in the 80’s. We Are the World was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie to help the many people of Africa who were dieing of famine. The single sold over 20 million copies and rallied a nation to aid our fellow man.

In 2010, I tuned in to give to the Hope for Haiti fundraiser after a horrific earthquake left the country in desperate need. Many of us made our donations to the Red Cross to help rescue survivors and provide shelter to those who needed it. We do this again to help our neighbors in Oklahoma now.

Our country has made many advances and come a long way, but one thing I’m glad hasn’t changed is our ability to help each other when we need it most.

What do you remember? What was big in the decade you were born in and  how has it changed? Do you wish we could go back to our old ways in anything? Resurrect Devo anyone?

You mean Devo still is together? And they’re on tour in California next month? Then bring on the Devolution!

The Redhots: So Hot, So Not Review of 2012

SAMSUNGHappy New Year Everyone!  With each new year comes hope and beginnings, but it’s always fun to look back at the past year to remember it’s highs and lows.

Well, today The Redhots are saving you the trouble!  We’re here to report what we think was SO HOT and also what was SO NOT
for the year 2012.

The Redhots – SO HOT!

  • Using Social Media To Tell You Who You Are!  No point in years of journaling and asking yourself those hard life questions, “Who am I?”  Now there’s an app for that!  It’s called Social Me and you can use it too!  Jenny Hansen first introduced it to me, and you can check it out by clicking here!  What it does is analyze your Facebook account, for as long as you’ve had it, and compile that info to tell you about what your profile is telling everyone else!


Here’s a synopsis of what Social Me said about me:  Jess uses more words per sentence and yet fewer periods than 94% of people.  Jess is also more optimistic and uses longer words than 99% of people.  Jess is extremely humorous, but not educational, not even a little bit.  Most of her friends are between the ages of 24-59, and they like when Jess posts about South Korea, fairy tales, and LL Cool J.

Without Social Me, I would’ve never known that I’m guilty of writing extremely long run-on sentences with very little punctuation, if any, because I must have the lung span of an elephant and an elephant never forgets…to listen to LL Cool J.  

I also learned that 99% of you must be very sad and have no way of articulating it.  Forgive me, ‘articulating’ means:  You no words have.  Feel baaaaad.  Perhaps you might be happier if you listened to more LL Cool J. 

And they say I’m not educational!

  • Debut Authors Hitting Your Shelves! – So many great authors launched their first books this past year!  There was Tiffany A. White, Catie Rhodes, Myndi Shafer, August McLaughlin, Leanne Shirtliffe, David Walker, Angela Orlowski-Peart, and many others I know I’m forgetting and don’t mean to.  But one author was the first to be featured with the Redhots, and that’s Fabio Bueno and his release of Wicked Sense!


  • They Made A Movie About Male Dancers! – It was a year of guilty pleasure films, and of my favorites, was Magic Mike.  Based on some stories Channing Tatum knew while he worked as a dancer, he and some other favorite men:  Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, and Adam Rodriguez showcased their best dance moves for a story with slim plotline, but all the right rising action.   (Shameful, I know, but I couldn’t resist!)

The Redhots – SO NOT!

50 Shades of Black and White:  A Biblical Response to 50 Shades of Grey – I just really hope it includes the phrase from my Catholic school days of “petting is a no-no.”  Careful now, Jesus is watching you…and he thinks you’re a slut.

Fifty Shades of Gray Matter – Same story told with zombies!  Now, someone tell me how this works.  If you tie up your zombie lover, won’t their limbs just rip right off?  Who needs a riding crop when you can use your own arm?!

Fifty Shades of Chicken – Told from the point of view an overheated fowl (does that mean it’s fried), the book contains photos of erotically placed birds.  Quote:  “What are the safe words, Chicken?’ ‘Golden,’ I mumble, ‘if I’m approaching doneness.’ ‘And?’ he prods…  ‘Black, if I’m in danger of drying out.”

Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy – Interweaving the classic Jane Austen tale with the 50 Shades book itself, we are introduced to Lizzy Steele and Mr. Darcy’s “Blue Broom Cupboard of Seriously Kinky Sh*t.”  It is a truth universally acknowledged…that a man in possession of good leather boots, won’t be riding just his pony.  

Fifty Shades of Silver Hair and Socks – Flipping the table, so to speak, it is an old silver haired blogger who wears argyle socks that is turned on by a young entrepreneur woman.  Be careful, old man, this lady comes with baggage!

I almost want to change my answer, maybe the 50 Shades parodies can be part of SO HOT!

  • The Jersey Shore Cast – vh1.com

    Reality TV and Lindsay Lohan – Why is it considered fun to watch marathons of Jersey Shore?  All they do is drink, get in fights, and date one another!  It’s like Dawson’s Creek was abducted by aliens and they came back with hair extensions, a bartender’s manual, and Ugg boots.  Have at it, kiddos!  And while we’re at it, here’s your own beach house too!  Throw in the Kardashians, Teen Moms 1 and 2, and all the Real Housewives!  Don’t even get me started on Lohan!  She and her parents are so messed up!  She makes Britney Spears’ melt down look like a trip to the ice cream shop!

  • KFC’s Chicken and Their Customer Service – Did you hear about the kid who thought he ate brain at KFC?  Ok, this technically happened the first week in January 2013, but it’s definitely a SO NOT!  He snapped a photo of this gross chicken wing and posted it on social media, because that’s what consumers can do now.  Of course, millions were disgusted and how did KFC respond?  By reporting back to consumers that though they haven’t inspected the actual item, it appears from the photo to be a kidney that wasn’t removed, and not a brain after all!  No health risk was made, and they offered the 19 year old kid coupons for more KFC!!!  To bring back a phrase from the 90’s, that’s wack!

wiki images

Now head to Marcia’s blog to continue reading about what the Redhots thought was SO HOT and SO NOT in 2012!

It’s your turn to share!  What trends and topics of 2012 did you think were SO HOT and SO NOT! 

But first, please pick your favorite topics from the poll below to let Marcia and I know what you’d most love us to blog about this year!  You can select as many topics as you like and feel free to share more thoughts and ideas in the comments box!  We’ll see you there!

Guilty Pleasures: Reading Blogs and a Vote For You!

Hi Peeps!  I’m on route back to Wisconsin as you read this.  My trip out west was a blast, but now it’s time to get back to work!  I’ll be sharing trip photos next week and hopefully not too many accident stories.  😉

For this week’s guilty pleasures, enjoy the best of the blogosphere that I’ve been reading and think you should too!

On Writing:

Many of you shared this post by Roni Loren on using copyright images in your blogs, but it warrants another round!  If you didn’t catch Bloggers Beware:  You Can Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog, you don’t know what you missed.

To save you after the initial panic of the serious issue in Roni’s post, check out August McLaughlin’s post which helps you create your own graphic images, Blog Images Made Easy:  Tips from a Non-Graphic Artist.

Donah, of Sweet Jelly Bean, also gives a creative outlet in her DIY Monday:  5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Blog Header.  When I get back, I just might give this a try.  Who’s willing to talk me off the technology ledge when I do?

Kait Nolan shared The Dangers of Writing What You Know with some great tips so as not to go too over the top or not give enough.

Pop Culture:

Fabio Bueno introduces us to 5 Addictive TV Series with the funniest You Tube clip from Portlandia!  You might wet yourself.

Ever wanted your own trading cards?  Piper Bayard lets you vote on the outcome of society should you choose to purchase a Balloon Boy trading card in The End is Near (and we deserve it)…Balloon Boy Trading Cards.

Girl on the Contrary shared her play by play thoughts on the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, and whether you admit it or not, these thought crossed your mind too.  This is My Minute by Minute Reaction to the KStew Cheating Scandal

Want to feel smarter instantly?  Donna Newton did the research of classic game show answers that borderline ridiculous and too real.  WARNING:  Read Only If You Want to Feel Intelligent

Margaret Reyes Dempsey puts women’s shopping plights to page in her recount of shorts shopping for an upcoming camping trip, Daisy Dukes Versus Cargo Shorts.

Please HELP!  I need your input! 

Inspired by Catie Rhodes’ post who is fine tuning some changes to her blog, I really wanted to reach out to you, MY READERS, and ask for your help.

I’ve been posting a barrage of topics lately and I’m curious to know what interests you most!  Blogging really wouldn’t matter without my readers.  I only post because I enjoy my discussions with each and every one of YOU!  I’ll soon be celebrating my 2nd blog anniversary and I’d love to make this next year of the Happiness Project bigger and better than ever!  So please take some time and tell me what you’d love to see more of on my blog!  And if you select other, please share some helpful comments below!  I always appreciate feedback!

Thanks for chatting!  I truly appreciate all thoughts and comments everyone shares!  You guys are the reason I write!

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