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44¢ to Mail out Your Soul

It doesn’t seem right that all it costs to send your work in is 44¢.  I spent a few months pounding out my ideas, a few weeks ignoring my characters and telling them to get out of my head (We’re through!), and two very arduous days starting over and crafting a whole new first page which resulted in a whole new setting, character voice, and possibly plot.  Yes I’d say 44¢ is too cheap.  Maybe, I should have sent my work in for the contest by stage coach, or submarine, or a bicycle delivery man.  He looks nice.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Tweedy

Alas, I would not have made the deadline.  Nothing like a looming deadline to kick your toucas into gear!  At least I’m making good on the resolutions I said I’d do.

I am:

  1. Enrolled in a Writing Conference this April.
  2. Submitting work for various contests.
  3. Writing, reading, and editing again.
  4. Not eating cheetos for dinner anymore.  I’ve upgraded, to bologna…with wine.
  5. Ashamed for mentioning the aforementioned yet again.

I have to go now.  *nervous shifty eyes*

How are you all doing on your writing journey?  How do you feel after you’ve just mailed out your soul?  Who is going to drag me out of bed and out of pajamas if this all goes miserably?  *Breathing, breathing*  One day, one word at a time.


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