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What 6 Months of Blogging Has Taught Me About Perseverance

Having a Happy Moment

I’ve been blogging for a little over six months.  I think it took 2 of those to even understand the purpose of a blog.  I initially started this thing as a progress tracker.  I’d just finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and decided to do my own of sorts.  I became a human guinea pig.  I tried something new each week:  Eliminate television, write a poem, walk for 40 minutes each day, eat in, don’t drink, NaNoWriMo.

What did I learn?  I like audiobooks, and Lorine Niedecker, it’s more fun with company and a dog, cheetos are not a meal, wine counts as alcohol, and NaNoWriMo ain’t for sissies.

My forward movement hit a wall the day I posted about eating bologna with a glass of Chardonnay.

Thankfully, a series of “loving” comments came after that, creeping into future posts so I will never live that down, and taught me the following about blogging, writing, social media, and why my happiness project is all about perseverance.

  1. Blog Regularly.  I admit, I cut it close at times, but I have been consistently blogging 3 times a week.  It’s important because sometimes that’s the only writing I accomplish in the week.  But blogging has become my non-negotiable deadline.  I mean it, I’ve even been given the endearing nickname of Bloggy McBloggerstein from my boyfriend when I’m madly typing or reading blogs instead of hanging out with him.  Posting regularly is my progress tracker.
  2. Readers are the bestest most wonderful thing in the world.  I mean if I named you guys after my favorite things, you’d all be dubbed the Black-and-White-Salt-Rimmed-Cabernet-Page-Turner-Ghost-Hunters of my life!  I wouldn’t be nearly as motivated without you guys checking in AND COMMENTING and showing support and laughter along my journey.  You all rock Cary-Grant-lime-on-the-rocks-wine-charm-Goodreads-spooky-story-style!
  3. Social Media is Attainable When You Know Where To Look.  You should basically go to Kristen Lamb’s blog.  She will teach you everything you need to know about blogging, social media, facebook, and twitter.  And she’s funny, too!
  4. I May Not Move As Fast I Want To, But I Am Moving Forward.  I have a hard time accepting compliments.  So I don’t readily hand them out to myself.  I can focus too much on my laundry list of what I haven’t completed or understood, rather than recognize where I have improved and what I’ve learned.  One thing that has helped me to feel more aware of my progress is an addition I’m making to my journal.  Not only do I write 5 things I’m grateful for each day, but I’ve also started recording what lessons or eye opening moments I’ve had about blogging/writing/publishing each day too.  Then if I feel I’m not moving fast enough, I have a record of just how far I’ve come already.
  5. I Take Better Care of Myself When I Blog.  Reading and writing blogs tells you the truth.  The whole truth, and nothing but the bologna eating truth.  Because of blogging people tell me to take my fish oil (Margaret), how to improve my writing (Kristen), how to stay on top of witty banter (Mark, Gene), hone my storytelling skills (Charles), send twitter helpful emails (Nina), introduce me to cool new people (Clay, Mindi), discuss great literature (Jillian), enjoy the small moments in life (Wendy), and understand my family is normal (Leanne).

What has blogging taught you?

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