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Countdown to the Oscars: Django Unchained

Reunited and it feels so good…

Back together again, Director Quentin Tarantino and Christoph Waltz, both nominated for their work in 2009’s Inglorious Basterds, share the silver screen again in Best Picture Nominee, Django Unchained.

Django is the story of an unlikely partnership between a German bounty hunter (Waltz) and a slave (Jamie Foxx) to collect bounties on several criminals, and ultimately find and rescue Foxx’s wife (Kerry Washington), a slave owned by one of the most ruthless plantation owners in the south (Leonardo DiCaprio).

I must admit, I have a crush on Christoph Waltz.  I love his acting, he’s brilliant, and I adore the sound of his voice.  He is quickly earning a slot in my Top 10 Cinematic Men Crush List.  Right up there with Gabriel Byrne and Jeremy Irons!  Rrrrawr!  The fact that we share the same birthday is further evidence that we must be kindred spirits!

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Waltz could very likely earn a second Oscar with this role!  His portrayal of Dr. King Schultz, bounty hunter and civil rights advocate, is equal parts charm and business sense.

In true Tarantino form, this film is quite gory.  But I’m a fan of his style, so I was one of those people in the theater seats shouting, “Oooooh, snap!

It also has a killer soundtrack, as all his films do.  If I had to compare the emotion of this film to anything, I’d say it’s like attending a tea party where everyone is loaded up like Rambo and when the bullets run out, get ready to break a dish and saucer someone’s a**!

Critics hailed the film for its different take on slavery.  At the heart of Django’s mission, he must pretend to be the worst kind of man there is; he must pretend to be a black slave seller.  In order to get close to Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) and his plantation, Django (Foxx) has to act as a scout for the toughest, strongest black slaves who can be sold into fighting.  In Django’s world, no one is more despised than a black slave seller.

While I loved the film, I sadly don’t think it’s a contender for the ultimate prize of Best Picture.  I am hoping that Christoph Waltz takes home the Best Supporting Actor title and that he calls me to thank him for my unwavering support and would I like to go out for dinner?

Eh-hem…  As I was saying, such a well made movie!  I highly encourage you to see it!  Still, I’m betting my bucks on Lincoln or Les Mis to take home the Oscar!

Are you a Tarantino fan?  What’s your favorite flick of his?  Have you seen Django Unchained yet?  What did you think?  Who are you rooting for at the Oscars?

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