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ROWdate: Writing, Reading, and the Redhots – Oh My!

It’s officially September, which in my line of work, means it’s Christmas.  I’ve been feeling all nostalgic already for summer.  I know I did accomplish a lot, but I still didn’t get to the full list.  Every summer, I make a commitment to get to the beach and read at least three times.  You know why?  It never happens.  How many times did I get to the beach this summer?  Once.  And I left after only an hour because there were a lot of bees around and the sand was piping hot.

Maybe the beach is overrated.  I like the idea of the beach.  But there’s probably a reason why all of the vacations that Joe and I take are to cities.  We’ve gone to Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, Toronto, Ontario, and this year our road trip.  You don’t see us planning vacations to resorts or taking scuba lessons.  While those sound found, I’m not sure I could handle a whole week of beach life.  I just don’t operate that slow.  You know, island time.

I blame my family.  Look at them.

Ok, I probably coordinated that…  We were in the Tetons, I was feeling epic.

Ok, so ROW80, I’m off of work today and it’s time to Fast Draft!  Since I also have to take my car into the shop, I’m hitting another summer to do and biking to the coffee shop to get my writing done.  See you tweeps at #teamsprinty and #FastDraft today!

Other news, The Redhots kicked off this past friday to a huge success!  Did you miss out?  I won’t hold it against you, just go rectify the situation right now!  It’s not too late to get the cutest redheaded version of Siskel and Ebert tear down and pump back up again the sexy series that’s sweeping the nation:  Fifty Shades of Grey.  So visit Marcia and I and tell us what you think:  50 Shades of Hot?  or 50 Shades of Not?

If you’re up for a readathon, there are several great ones going on.  Great New Books just announced the September book review of Hemingway’s Girl and will be voting soon for the next several months.  We’d love your input on what the hottest books this season include – what do you want to read with us?

Then Jenna at Lost Generation Reader is hosting a Harry Potter Readathon from Sept. 1st – December 15th.  I’ve actually never read any Harry Potter books, so I’m signing up for the first book, just to say that yes I have read Harry Potter.

I finished reading A Cook’s Tour by Anthony Bourdain this week and LOVED it!  Never would I have thought that foods like haggis and cobra heart and sheep’s balls would sound delicious.  But reading this book confirmed, once again, that my dream job would be traveling around as Tony’s quirky redheaded counterpart – no real experience, but an eager and gullible partnership could work well.  I also have the travel bug again.  Vietnam and Portugal are placing high at the moment.  Next year…

How is your summer winding down?  Are you looking forward to fall and getting more writing done?  What’s on your autumn reading list?

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