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The Redhots: So Hot, So Not Review of 2012

SAMSUNGHappy New Year Everyone!  With each new year comes hope and beginnings, but it’s always fun to look back at the past year to remember it’s highs and lows.

Well, today The Redhots are saving you the trouble!  We’re here to report what we think was SO HOT and also what was SO NOT
for the year 2012.

The Redhots – SO HOT!

  • Using Social Media To Tell You Who You Are!  No point in years of journaling and asking yourself those hard life questions, “Who am I?”  Now there’s an app for that!  It’s called Social Me and you can use it too!  Jenny Hansen first introduced it to me, and you can check it out by clicking here!  What it does is analyze your Facebook account, for as long as you’ve had it, and compile that info to tell you about what your profile is telling everyone else!


Here’s a synopsis of what Social Me said about me:  Jess uses more words per sentence and yet fewer periods than 94% of people.  Jess is also more optimistic and uses longer words than 99% of people.  Jess is extremely humorous, but not educational, not even a little bit.  Most of her friends are between the ages of 24-59, and they like when Jess posts about South Korea, fairy tales, and LL Cool J.

Without Social Me, I would’ve never known that I’m guilty of writing extremely long run-on sentences with very little punctuation, if any, because I must have the lung span of an elephant and an elephant never forgets…to listen to LL Cool J.  

I also learned that 99% of you must be very sad and have no way of articulating it.  Forgive me, ‘articulating’ means:  You no words have.  Feel baaaaad.  Perhaps you might be happier if you listened to more LL Cool J. 

And they say I’m not educational!

  • Debut Authors Hitting Your Shelves! – So many great authors launched their first books this past year!  There was Tiffany A. White, Catie Rhodes, Myndi Shafer, August McLaughlin, Leanne Shirtliffe, David Walker, Angela Orlowski-Peart, and many others I know I’m forgetting and don’t mean to.  But one author was the first to be featured with the Redhots, and that’s Fabio Bueno and his release of Wicked Sense!


  • They Made A Movie About Male Dancers! – It was a year of guilty pleasure films, and of my favorites, was Magic Mike.  Based on some stories Channing Tatum knew while he worked as a dancer, he and some other favorite men:  Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, and Adam Rodriguez showcased their best dance moves for a story with slim plotline, but all the right rising action.   (Shameful, I know, but I couldn’t resist!)

The Redhots – SO NOT!

50 Shades of Black and White:  A Biblical Response to 50 Shades of Grey – I just really hope it includes the phrase from my Catholic school days of “petting is a no-no.”  Careful now, Jesus is watching you…and he thinks you’re a slut.

Fifty Shades of Gray Matter – Same story told with zombies!  Now, someone tell me how this works.  If you tie up your zombie lover, won’t their limbs just rip right off?  Who needs a riding crop when you can use your own arm?!

Fifty Shades of Chicken – Told from the point of view an overheated fowl (does that mean it’s fried), the book contains photos of erotically placed birds.  Quote:  “What are the safe words, Chicken?’ ‘Golden,’ I mumble, ‘if I’m approaching doneness.’ ‘And?’ he prods…  ‘Black, if I’m in danger of drying out.”

Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy – Interweaving the classic Jane Austen tale with the 50 Shades book itself, we are introduced to Lizzy Steele and Mr. Darcy’s “Blue Broom Cupboard of Seriously Kinky Sh*t.”  It is a truth universally acknowledged…that a man in possession of good leather boots, won’t be riding just his pony.  

Fifty Shades of Silver Hair and Socks – Flipping the table, so to speak, it is an old silver haired blogger who wears argyle socks that is turned on by a young entrepreneur woman.  Be careful, old man, this lady comes with baggage!

I almost want to change my answer, maybe the 50 Shades parodies can be part of SO HOT!

  • The Jersey Shore Cast – vh1.com

    Reality TV and Lindsay Lohan – Why is it considered fun to watch marathons of Jersey Shore?  All they do is drink, get in fights, and date one another!  It’s like Dawson’s Creek was abducted by aliens and they came back with hair extensions, a bartender’s manual, and Ugg boots.  Have at it, kiddos!  And while we’re at it, here’s your own beach house too!  Throw in the Kardashians, Teen Moms 1 and 2, and all the Real Housewives!  Don’t even get me started on Lohan!  She and her parents are so messed up!  She makes Britney Spears’ melt down look like a trip to the ice cream shop!

  • KFC’s Chicken and Their Customer Service – Did you hear about the kid who thought he ate brain at KFC?  Ok, this technically happened the first week in January 2013, but it’s definitely a SO NOT!  He snapped a photo of this gross chicken wing and posted it on social media, because that’s what consumers can do now.  Of course, millions were disgusted and how did KFC respond?  By reporting back to consumers that though they haven’t inspected the actual item, it appears from the photo to be a kidney that wasn’t removed, and not a brain after all!  No health risk was made, and they offered the 19 year old kid coupons for more KFC!!!  To bring back a phrase from the 90’s, that’s wack!

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Now head to Marcia’s blog to continue reading about what the Redhots thought was SO HOT and SO NOT in 2012!

It’s your turn to share!  What trends and topics of 2012 did you think were SO HOT and SO NOT! 

But first, please pick your favorite topics from the poll below to let Marcia and I know what you’d most love us to blog about this year!  You can select as many topics as you like and feel free to share more thoughts and ideas in the comments box!  We’ll see you there!

What I’ve Learned From Watching Dance Moms Miami

The other night I couldn’t sleep.  Wisconsin was having one of its crazy fits of weather and we’d gone from cold and rainy to thunderous and muggy in a matter of hours.  I tried everything.  I read for awhile, I moved around, I turned off every light I could think of.  Wide awake!  So I flipped the TV on to zone out for awhile and what did I find?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet my Newest Guilty Pleasure:

Dance Moms Miami

(image from neontommy.com)

Please, let me tell you more!  Staying up until 3am watching this crew, I’ve learned a lot.

The Cast:


Angel and Victor (image from channelguidemagblog.com)

Victor and Angel:  Longtime friends, Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, are the owners and choreographers of Stars Dance Studio.  Their motto:  “Turning Kids Into Dancers and Dancers into Stars.”  Victor you may recognize as he is now heavily requested for his choreography after being a finalist on Season Six of “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Victor is the young, mostly heart, pep talker of the duo, and Angel is the business side, very disciplined, with high expectations for his dancers.  Together, they’re shaping their dance team into professionals, learning when it’s time to work, you work, always earning your place on top of The List, a weekly breakdown of each dancer’s performance and behavior.  Positioning on The List earns you chances for solo competition.


Kimmy (image from channelguidemagblog.com)

Ani and Kimmy:  Are you ready for this?  Meet the only sweet pair in the bunch.  Kimmy is an adorable and kind hearted perfectionist.  She was recently given a solo to a song all about being bad, and the girl had never done anything bad!  Her homework assignment was to misbehave.  You know what she did?!  Another dancer threw pistachios at her, and she threw them back!  Scandalous!

Ani and Kimmy (image from mylifetime.com)

Ani is also the only adorable mom.  Staying out of the drama for the most part, her only anxieties show when she watches how hard her daughter practices to dance perfectly.


Abby and Sammy (image from mylifetime.com)

Abby and Sammy:  New mom on the block, Abby, better prepare herself as daughter Sammy climbs The List.  The other moms have their claws out and ready.

Adorable Hannah (image from tvgasm.com)

Which brings me to Debi and Hannah.  While I love how hard Hannah tries and the fun she clearly has dancing, her mom is a new form of batsh*t crazy!  Whether it’s gossiping, using the other moms as her minions, or full on sabotoge, Debi’s got it covered.

Giving Redheads Everywhere a Bad Name, Debi (image from lifetimemoms.com)

Susan and Jessi:  Rivaling Debi for the Most Crazy Mom award is Susan.  As daughter Jessi is the oldest and been working with Victor and Angel longest, there’s some entitlement issues happening here!  But Jessi recently went to the bottom of The List after her poor sportsmanship was caught on camera, ripping the team’s trophy out of her teammate’s hands!  Tsk, tsk!

But the pressure is totally on.  Jessi’s mom is ridiculously tough on her daughter to the point where Victor and Angel stepped in to tell her stop trying to train her at home because she’s coming to class tired!  After the whole trophy fiasco and teary apology scene, Victor gave Jessi a hug and a “there, there.”  Angel was immediately on him for reinforcing bad behavior to which Victor replied, “It’s not her fault her mom is crazy!”  That might be my favorite line of the show!

Jessi and Susan (image from mylifetime.com)

Lucas and Brigette (image from blogs.miaminewtimes.com)

Lastly, there’s Brigette and Lucas.  As the only boy in the group, Lucas, often gets to shine.  He’s an amazing dancer and his mother is his biggest fan.  Brigette is the lightswitch of the group, if Lucas is on top, she’s all happy and shiny, but if he has a bad week, expect things to go dark…quickly.

Check out this hilarious video of the team’s group number to the song “City Boy.”

So, what exactly did I learn from this new guilty pleasure that seemed absolutely amazing at 3 am in the morning?!

  1. Be fierce!
  2. Work hard!
  3. Own your mistakes, then let them go.
  4. Dance Moms are Crazy People!
  5. It’s not your fault if your mom’s loco!

Thanks for stopping by you guys!  I had too much fun gushing over this guilty pleasure!  What’s been your latest guilty find?  And stick around for one more fun video – where the Dance Moms show you there favorite dance moves!

So Wrong: Guilty Pleasures That Make You Snicker

Welcome back to Guilty Pleasure Fridays on The Happiness Project!  Last time we talked about Guilty Pleasure TV show dramas, so we’re continuing town “the tube” to check out my favorite Guilty Pleasure TV show comedies and hopefully you’ll fess up to some of your own. 😉

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if it was a sitcom?  There are a lot of great characters out there, who would you want to be?  Don’t laugh too much, but I’d pick one of these people:

     Freaks and Geeks:  I wanted to be Lindsay on this show.  The good girl gone freak.  The show was awesome.  Look at all the stars who started out here, Jason Segel, James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Linda Cardellini.  She had the geeky brother with his equally geeky friends, her neighbor Milly who wants her join the Mathletes, and then the freaks, a group a friends who ditch class, see live music, and drive around a lot.  Lindsay’s parents were equally ridiculous between her mother’s necessity to feed everyone and her father’s stories that all resulted in the person dying.  I miss this show and wish it was still on!



     Lovespring International:  Only on for one season, this show was a hilarious spectacle about a dating agency.  Jane Lynch, now in Glee and from Christopher Guest films, starred as the manager of Lovespring International.  Jack Plotnick, the man with the mustache, is seriously funny in my opinion, and I loved him in drag in the film Girls Will Be Girls.  He was the main matchmaker.  The delightfully ditzy and somewhat stalkerish receptionist was played by Jennifer Elise Cox, who some of you may recognize as Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch Movie.  It was a place where things were always going wrong and everyone was completely spastic.  I think this dating company is housed inside my head.


     Strangers With Candy:  This is probably the TV show I quote the most.  It’s the story of “a boozer, a user, and a loser” who went back to high school at the age of 40.  She wore a flock of seagulls hairdo, baggy turtlenecks, too much make up and fanny packs.  She kept a turtle in her locker, constantly hit on anything that walked by, and was always learning the wrong lessons.  The lead, Jerry Blank, was played by Amy Sedaris, sister to satirical author David Sedaris.  Her teacher mentors were played by Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert.  The show was wrong on every level of “politically correct,” and that’s why it was so damn hysterical.


     It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:  Sing it with me, “Day Man, Aaa Aaaah!  Master of the Night Man!  Aaa Aaaaah!  Champion of the Sun, he’s a master of karate and friendship for everyone!”  A group of friends who run Paddy’s Bar and get into trouble.  Trouble like pretending to be crippled to get popular, pretending to be a war veteran to get a date, drinking wine in public while hiding it in Diet Coke cans, and hosting last one dancing wins the deeds to the bar contests.  The cast of this show is amazing talented and timeless with their comedy.  Everyone will love this show.  If you haven’t seen it, go rent the first season immediately.







     Tabatha’s Salon Takeover:  Ok, so this is Reality TV, but it makes me laugh!  Tabatha was on Bravo TV’s Sheer Genius hairstylist competition a few years ago and I used to put that show on before bed and fall asleep to it.  I loved Tabatha then, and she’s her saucy self on her own show.  The premise is Tabatha comes to your failing salon and places cameras around to spy on the staff and see what they’re up to when the owner isn’t there, then she spends a day in the salon critiquing the skill level of all the stylists and even the receptionists, she shows you every spec of dust in the place and usually makes someone cry.  Then she helps them improve their techniques, clean the place up, and feel more confident and professional.  It’s always the same, and yet I can’t get enough.  I think I want her to take over my life and make a schedule for me.  I feel I’d accomplish maximum potential with her aid.

     A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila:  The deal is, we’re placing our most embarrassing guilty pleasure show at the end, otherwise, you’d stop reading after this one.  Tila Tequila became famous for having the most number of friends on MySpace, I think, I can’t remember exactly because no one really uses MySpace anymore.  Her show was her search for love, with a catch.  She’s bisexual, so she had a house full of boys and girls competing for her heart.  I know, I’m losing any chance of every earning the adjective classy here, but I was obsessed with this show and rooting for Dani all the way!  (She didn’t find love with Tila Tequila.)  I blame this guilty pleasure fad entirely on my then roommate who was equally obsessed with Flavor of Love with Flava Flav.  She informed me what was happening on that show, and I informed her what Tila was up to.  Again, it’s another Reality TV show, but this one was a train wreck you couldn’t not watch and it made me smile.  I also consequently had a crush on Tila Tequila, but I’m sooo over that phase.

So there you have it.  Jess’ picks for guilty pleasure TV shows that make me laugh.  I’d start quoting from Strangers With Candy, but that would be highly inappropriate.

Fess up!  What are the sitcoms that got you giggling?  Has reality TV sucked you in at all?  What TV star would you trade places with?  No, I wouldn’t pick Tila Tequila.

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