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Are You Working on Your Glamour Muscles?

Joe and I were watching one of our favorite shows, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when one of the characters mentioned he was working on his “glamour muscles.”

What are glamour muscles?”  I asked.

“They’re muscles that have no purpose other than looks,” Joe explained.

Apparently, this is a thing now. These “make believe muscles” as I’ve come to understand them came up again when Joe was watching a wrestling match on TV. We were watching these wrestlers perform and Joe was telling me how a lot of it is staged or choreographed. I kept thinking, “what’s the point of working out then? Why all the muscles?”

With a “well, duh” expression, Joe brought it back to glamour muscles.*

*Note: Joe is reading over my shoulder and wants all potential wrestlers reading my blog to know he values you and understands you’re stronger than he is. Please don’t punch him.

Later I was watching How I Met Your Mother with my best friend, and they talked about working on their “relationship gut”.

Another phrase I’ve never heard before!

So “relationship gut” is defined as the weight you gain after you’ve spent time in a committed relationship. Sort of a nice way of saying, “you’ve let yourself go.”

Well now, that I can identify with a bit better than glamour muscles! It’s tough to keep the mystery there all the time!

Joe and I were talking about something inappropriate in the potty humor realm and he commented, “You would have never made that joke 2 years ago.” To which I replied, “Well, 2 years ago I pooped my pants in public, so that changed things between us don’tcha think?”

Ah, love.

I love that I’m still learning new things everyday!

So, are you working on your glamour muscles?
Or perhaps fashioning a nice relationship gut?

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