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Living Without a Backup Plan: Guest Posting at Ingrid Schaffenburg’s Blog

Life of a Writer

Happy November everyone!

Today I’m so excited to say that I’m guest posting at the fabulous Ingrid Schaffenburg’s Blog today!

Ingrid blogs about creativity and mindfulness, and going after your dreams. She is a spiritual globetrotter who knows it’s never too late to learn a lesson.

Ingrid asked me to share my story about how I made the bold decision to quit my job in retail management with NO BACKUP PLAN!

This time of year, with holidays looming ahead, can be so stressful. (I know that better than most.) I think this post is timely for all of us to remember to take risks, stay positive, and believe in ourselves.

I hope you’ll hang out with us today! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE POST PLEASE. 🙂


TEASER ~ Living Without a Backup Plan

“For six years I worked in retail for a large department store. It’s identity shall not be named in order to protect the damned. I started working there in college, and after graduation, I freaked about becoming an “adult.” So I took a full time position at the store and bragged to my dad that I finally had health insurance.

I was good at my job. I just wasn’t happy.”


See you at Ingrid’s place!
Tell us about your dreams and big plans.

Wednesday’s Winter Mash Up

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Hello Everyone,

While I’m buried beneath boxes and Christmas gift lists at the mall, please enjoy the phenomenally written posts that others had time to write.  These blogs are awesome and so are their WRITERS!!!  Thanks to everyone for the blog love on my last post.  Sounds like the marketing for Excedrin: NEW for Retail Tension Headaches is going to be a big success!  I’m putting a bottle in everyone’s stocking!

On Writing and Reading:

Kristen Lamb tells it like is when it comes to plot structure and prose in Is Your Novel a Spineless Weakling?

Renee Schuls-Jacobson, my amazing Warrior Writer partner, gave honesty a new metaphor and exclaimed I’m Going To Do a Book.

August McLaughlin interviews  Author Roni Loren on Writing Sexy and Her Novel Debut.  Prepare yourself for drooling and feverish laughter.

My favorite new author, Jody Hedlund, wrote an AMAZING and honest blog post about book giveaways.  She recaps how FREE has a cost, how book sales are trending, and includes very simple and awesome gift ideas that help a favorite crowd of mine, writers!!!  Even Though Free is In, Don’t Forget to Buy Books Too.

The top books of 2011 are already starting to be listed!  Nina Badzin shares her favorite reads of the past year in Top Ten Reads of 2011.  Be advised, read this before making your master list for the 2012 TBR Pile Challenge!  Or do what I did, and keep adding to your Goodreads “to-read” collection!

The Necessary Belly Laughs and Bright Moments for the Holidaze:

Pam Hawley almost brought me to tears in her beautifully heartfelt post about Finding Thankfulness: I Love This Bar.  She talks about growing up in her own version of “Cheers” and makes me want to go meet her for a drink at Hawley’s Pub soon!

If you want pee your pants kind of laughter, you’ve got to visit Jenny Hansen’s post Can a Cup o Joe Make Your Man a Ho.  True story.  And a hilarious one!

Myndi Shafer discovers the real reason for the crankiness factor of the Dr. Seuss villain in The Grinch is Pregnant.

How is your week going so far?

Do I Get Tension Headaches? Why Yes, Of Course

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It’s the holiday season
And Santa Claus is coming back
The Christmas snow is white on the ground
When old Santa gets into town
He’ll be coming down the chimney, down
Coming down the chimney, down

Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday
While the merry bells keep bringing
Happy Holidays to you

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I work at a mall.  I am a sales manager at a well known department store, and though I like the people I work with, things are a little stressful right now.  The Ho Ho Horrors of the Holidays are upon us and I seem to be spending my days answering phone calls and questions that sound like this:

“The coupon for this sweater isn’t scanning and I can’t find the brand on the back of it, but the coupon was printed online and I can’t type it in cause the ink like splotched over two of the numbers and I keep trying to type in like a ‘7’ or a ‘9’ but it isn’t working and this lady has been really patient, but what should I do?”

“Can she return the ring if she has it sized?”

“Was I suppose to take a break?  Well, can I just leave early then?”

“So and So keeps taking my sales, but I don’t want to talk to her.  Can you tell her to stop stepping in with my customers?”

“Can I get a hanger pick up in kids, juniors, mens, and Fine Jewelry?”

“A customer just called and said we better take a look in the bathroom.  It sounds bad, you should get gloves.”

*bangs head on cash register*

To push past the easily stressed out answers I could provide, such as “No Lisa, I’m not giving you the stink eye, I just have a tension headache and it’s making my eye twitch!”  I’ve been answering my team with statements like this:

“You’re phone extension keeps clicking, naaaah, that’s just the reindeer on the rooftop!” 😉

“You’ve emptied the fitting rooms 50 times and they’re still full?  That means you can skip weight training at the gym tomorrow!”

“It’s cold in the store?  Good thing sweaters are half off today!”

“A whole shelf of boots fell on the floor?!  Tell the Shelf Elf to knock off the shenanigans!  We’ve got a business to run!”

And when the coffee cheerfulness has worn off, I read for Excedrin.  NEW:  For Retail Tension Headaches!  Courtesy and Inspiration from Queen Latifah.

How’s the month going for you?

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