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Lessons in Willpower From Your Friendly Neighborhood ROWers

I believe the celebration I declared on Facebook once my Regional Visit was over was “Can I get a chorus line?!” 

No seriously.  It’s one of my favorite musicals!

A Chorus LineGod I hope I get it!  I hope I get it!  …  I really need this job!  Please God I need this job! 

Yah, that about screams my generation right now.
But it’s also full of spandex and sass!

So now that the 12 and 13 hour days should be dwindling a little bit, I’m ready to get back into those writing goals.  Last week I organized some basic goals to try to unwind a little bit, and you know, finish the laundry…


  • Do the laundry and find the two mysteriously missing pairs of jeans I used to wear often – I found one!  Contemplating putting a reward out for the other…  If you have any information regarding whereabouts of lost pants please contact me at 1 – 800 – HOT PANTS or email me at CuteButtJeans@LaundryMishaps.com  
  • Grocery shop and cook a big ol’ batch of chili mac so I actually have some leftovers to eat – I went shopping!  (not for food, but who’s asking?!)  Fortunately, a pre-planned meeting with my mother in a parking lot resulted in a legal exchange of chili mac she made for a shoe horn I thought she might want.  True story.  
  • Finish reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand – Done!  OMG – AMAZING BOOK! 
  • Spend the weekend with my boyfriend, celebrating our six year anniversary!  Weekend getaway, Tony-Award Winning Production of Avenue Q!  Fancy dinner! – Fabulous, romantic weekend despite rainstorms the whole time.  The food was good, the play was great, and we really needed a weekend away.  Glad we had the opportunity.  Very thankful I have him in my life. 
  • Spend tomorrow’s day off writing!!! – I did only work on blog writing, but still counts!  Also attended an author’s book reading and signing, more on that coming Friday!

Joe and I enjoying a cocktail before the performance!

This week’s goals will focus on getting some blog posts written ahead and doing a bit of plotting/revision to the WIP.  Also planning on finishing reading Shine, Shine, Shine by Lydia Netzer for Great New Books discussion on October 24th!  Be there, or be square!

My ROW80 Role Models:

This week’s Role Model Awards go to three ladies who exemplified virility and vigor to achieve their writing goals even when life got in the way!  All of you will be receiving your invisible ROW80 statue to display on the furniture setting of your choice.  I advise against the floor, it does have some sharp edges, and it’s invisible so…

S.J. MayleeMaylee’s post this week recognized that finding your writing process is a constant trial and error.  There’s no magic formula that is going to work for everyone.  You have to try new ideas, take concepts and roll with them, and still be true to your learning style and productivity.  Even better, Maylee was cognitive enough after working a grueling schedule to realize that even though her day job would be settling down, she’d have to stay focused so she didn’t lose her free time to things like social media black holes, reality TV marathons, duct taping the snooze button down, etc.  Word up, girl, I will heed your advice!

Shawn Murray:  A book in hand lover to the core!  This girl bragged up her extensive Writer’s Digest collection – and it is extensive, if Murray ever wanted a summer home in Maine, she could build one out of Writer’s Digest magazines.  Sharing her best Ah-ha! Moments from the current issue, Murray shared with us how daily distractions can misplace our willpower, actually hindering our writing goals.  Interesting notion indeed!  Check out her post for tips on combating the ever piling up inbox and that custard filled donut that’s calling your name.  Then channel your willpower to best influence your writing time.

And Karen Rought gets the ROW80 Award too for admitting she  has a life.  Yes, Karen, it’s true!  Weeks will happen where you feel down in the dumps over what writing you did or did not complete.  I’m so right there with ya!  But I’m really proud of how you owned it, and then channeled your update post into something positive.  You celebrated the successes along the way, both the ones on your original goal list and some new ones too.  Kudos!

That’s all for this edition of Public Service Announcements brought to you by the proud sponsors of ROW80 – the Writing Program that Knows YOU Have a Life!  (Especially Karen Rought 😉 )  

Who inspired you this week?  What were your learning lessons?  Do you know anything about my missing pants?

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