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The Great Book vs. Movie Debate

To read the book first? Or see the movie? That is the question.


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I find myself questioning my once sound logic. You see, I have always, ALWAYS, been a “see the movie” first kind of gal.

Hey! Stop running out of here, you bookworms! Let me explain!

I am a voracious reader too, and I love a good adaptation like the rest of you.

But if you really want to enjoy them BOTH – the book and the movie – then you’ve got to see the movie first.

Here’s why:

When you see the movie first, you are entertained, you enjoy the story, the cinematography, the effects, the ambiance. You have no preconceived notions of how a character looks or acts. You don’t know the order of events that will unfold. It is all new. Ergo, it’s exciting.

Yah, so if I’ve seen the movie, why should I care about the book, Smartypants? Huh?

Because often the movie IS different from the book! So reading the book, is like reading a new story. You may know the basic plot, but characters could surprise you, new faces may appear, added information becomes available! Therefore, it’s still exciting!


From my extensive research, this has proved to be true:

Saw the movie first, also loved the book:

Read the book first, hated the movie:

Where my conundrum occurs is the TV and graphic novel series The Walking Dead. Which is the right path?

Walking Dead Decision Making

The Show! No, start with the comic! But the show… Gah!!!

I’ve tuned in for all 3 seasons of The Walking Dead now, and just finished reading Book One in the graphic novel series.

You know what?


Characters I love on the show aren’t in the book for very long. Romances that never happened on TV are consummated in black and white!

What the hell?! Now what am I supposed to believe?

Walking Dead

Only that you are wrong.


I think I have to make an addendum to the rule.

Rule Addition When Dealing with Television Series: The person or persons may start the series by viewing the television version first, but may not proceed to a second season of said series until they have read the written work of the original, thereby not forming too strong of a relationship with TV created characters so as to be disappointed in the written ones.

What do you think?

Do you see the movie first? Read the book? Does it make a difference?


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