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Guilty Pleasures: Things That Start With ‘S’

I’ve had fun reading others’ posts about their favorite things themed around one letter.  Marcia Richards shared the letter ‘L’, Kathy Owen shared ‘R’, Myndi Shafer picked ‘B’, and I’ve been assigned the letter ‘S.’  Many more of you shared your favorite letter lists, so feel free to put your links in the comments so I can check em out!  Or if you want to play along, let me know, and I’ll give you a letter!

My Favorite Things That Start with ‘S’:

1.  Sense and Sensibility


I love all Jane Austen.  But this one starts with S.  Demure and responsible Elinor.  Spirited and whimsical Marianne.  Edward, Colonel Brandon, and Willoughby!  Need I really say more?

2. Scattegories


Remember this game?  It’s one of my favorites, yes, more than Scrabble.  Scattegories is a game with a dice that has every letter of the alphabet on it.  The dice is rolled and that’s the letter for the round, which is timed.  Each player has a list of categories they must create an answer for with that letter.  If another player has that same answer, both are disqualified, so it’s best if you come up with creative answers.  LOVE THIS GAME!

3.  Storytelling

My Medusa Halloween costume circa 2009

When I was in high school I participated in Forensics, which is actually more like performance or debate than the CSI shows everyone thinks of now.  My category was storytelling.  We had rules like you couldn’t get out of the chair you sat in at the front of the room, but other than that, you picked your stories.  We had to have 5 in our repetoire and the judge picked the one they wanted to hear based on the title.  Some of you who met me at DFW Con learned I’m pretty good at voices!  I can do a mean kid with a cold, an Irish king, and at one time I was good at doing Medusa!

4.  Scavenger Hunts

One of my favorite things to do with kids I babysat for back in the day.  Let them create themed scavenger hunts, write out clues, plant surprises along the way, booby traps, you name it!  I’ve helped create a lot of Harry Potter scavenger hunts, and Pokemon, and Pogs, and Beanie Babies…  Everyone was awesome.

5.  Science Fiction


I am a bit of a sci fi nerd.  I like Star Wars.  I dig Futurama.  And I am engrossed by late night marathons of the Syfy channel’s Face Off.  Make up artists competing to create the best monster or creature look?  Heck yah!  And I LOVE, Luh-Huhv the cult hit classics that are Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The worst of the worst films out there, being re-dubbed by robots and humans trapped in a spaceship!!!  *Squee!*

6.  South Korea

This past April I traveled to South Korea to visit a friend and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip.  The people, the city, and oh the food!  I was craving bulgogi the other day!  It was quite the experience for me, bumming around a foreign country where little english was spoken during the day and then trying a plethora of drinks at the Korean hofs (bars)!  Makali might be my fave – it’s a sweet drink, made of rice.  But soju is good too, and helps cut the spice.  If you are a beer drinker and you might want to learn the phrase, “Maekju hanna juseyo,” which means “please bring me a beer.”  😉

7.  Sleep

Sleep is a very precious thing to me.  As a bit of an insomniac, I appreciate sleep.  I love nights when I dream, even if it makes no sense.  The other night I dreamed all my teeth fell out!  Should I worry?

8.  Serena Ryder

My favorite female artist right now is Serena Ryder from Canada.  Her voice is powerful, gritty, and full of rock.  I love all her songs!  You must check her out.  “What I Want to Know” is my favorite song, but “Little Bit of Red” and “Stumbling Over You” are great too!

9.  Strangers With Candy


Ok, this show, which lasted for three seasons on comedy central, is sooo not politically correct, but that’s why I love it!  Starring writing and acting talents Amy Sedaris (sister to David, the writer), Paul Dinello, and host of the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, Strangers With Candy is the chronicle of Jerri Blank (Sedaris).  Jerri is a 40-something returned to high school, picking up her life where she left off.  She’s still boy crazy, and wants to be a popular girl, but somehow always does the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons…yes, yes I said that right.  It’s hilarious.  Don’t judge till you see it.

10.  Series and Sagas


I admit it.  I’m addicted to series and sagas.  Books, movies, and television.  Especially television.  Why else would I stay up until 3 am watching The Game of Thrones season 1?  And I’m eagerly awaiting the new seasons of Damages, Vampire Diaries, and Dexter.  Such gluttony feels good!

What are your favorite things that start with the letter ‘S’?


So Wrong: Guilty Pleasures That Make You Snicker

Welcome back to Guilty Pleasure Fridays on The Happiness Project!  Last time we talked about Guilty Pleasure TV show dramas, so we’re continuing town “the tube” to check out my favorite Guilty Pleasure TV show comedies and hopefully you’ll fess up to some of your own. 😉

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if it was a sitcom?  There are a lot of great characters out there, who would you want to be?  Don’t laugh too much, but I’d pick one of these people:

     Freaks and Geeks:  I wanted to be Lindsay on this show.  The good girl gone freak.  The show was awesome.  Look at all the stars who started out here, Jason Segel, James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Linda Cardellini.  She had the geeky brother with his equally geeky friends, her neighbor Milly who wants her join the Mathletes, and then the freaks, a group a friends who ditch class, see live music, and drive around a lot.  Lindsay’s parents were equally ridiculous between her mother’s necessity to feed everyone and her father’s stories that all resulted in the person dying.  I miss this show and wish it was still on!



     Lovespring International:  Only on for one season, this show was a hilarious spectacle about a dating agency.  Jane Lynch, now in Glee and from Christopher Guest films, starred as the manager of Lovespring International.  Jack Plotnick, the man with the mustache, is seriously funny in my opinion, and I loved him in drag in the film Girls Will Be Girls.  He was the main matchmaker.  The delightfully ditzy and somewhat stalkerish receptionist was played by Jennifer Elise Cox, who some of you may recognize as Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch Movie.  It was a place where things were always going wrong and everyone was completely spastic.  I think this dating company is housed inside my head.


     Strangers With Candy:  This is probably the TV show I quote the most.  It’s the story of “a boozer, a user, and a loser” who went back to high school at the age of 40.  She wore a flock of seagulls hairdo, baggy turtlenecks, too much make up and fanny packs.  She kept a turtle in her locker, constantly hit on anything that walked by, and was always learning the wrong lessons.  The lead, Jerry Blank, was played by Amy Sedaris, sister to satirical author David Sedaris.  Her teacher mentors were played by Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert.  The show was wrong on every level of “politically correct,” and that’s why it was so damn hysterical.


     It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:  Sing it with me, “Day Man, Aaa Aaaah!  Master of the Night Man!  Aaa Aaaaah!  Champion of the Sun, he’s a master of karate and friendship for everyone!”  A group of friends who run Paddy’s Bar and get into trouble.  Trouble like pretending to be crippled to get popular, pretending to be a war veteran to get a date, drinking wine in public while hiding it in Diet Coke cans, and hosting last one dancing wins the deeds to the bar contests.  The cast of this show is amazing talented and timeless with their comedy.  Everyone will love this show.  If you haven’t seen it, go rent the first season immediately.







     Tabatha’s Salon Takeover:  Ok, so this is Reality TV, but it makes me laugh!  Tabatha was on Bravo TV’s Sheer Genius hairstylist competition a few years ago and I used to put that show on before bed and fall asleep to it.  I loved Tabatha then, and she’s her saucy self on her own show.  The premise is Tabatha comes to your failing salon and places cameras around to spy on the staff and see what they’re up to when the owner isn’t there, then she spends a day in the salon critiquing the skill level of all the stylists and even the receptionists, she shows you every spec of dust in the place and usually makes someone cry.  Then she helps them improve their techniques, clean the place up, and feel more confident and professional.  It’s always the same, and yet I can’t get enough.  I think I want her to take over my life and make a schedule for me.  I feel I’d accomplish maximum potential with her aid.

     A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila:  The deal is, we’re placing our most embarrassing guilty pleasure show at the end, otherwise, you’d stop reading after this one.  Tila Tequila became famous for having the most number of friends on MySpace, I think, I can’t remember exactly because no one really uses MySpace anymore.  Her show was her search for love, with a catch.  She’s bisexual, so she had a house full of boys and girls competing for her heart.  I know, I’m losing any chance of every earning the adjective classy here, but I was obsessed with this show and rooting for Dani all the way!  (She didn’t find love with Tila Tequila.)  I blame this guilty pleasure fad entirely on my then roommate who was equally obsessed with Flavor of Love with Flava Flav.  She informed me what was happening on that show, and I informed her what Tila was up to.  Again, it’s another Reality TV show, but this one was a train wreck you couldn’t not watch and it made me smile.  I also consequently had a crush on Tila Tequila, but I’m sooo over that phase.

So there you have it.  Jess’ picks for guilty pleasure TV shows that make me laugh.  I’d start quoting from Strangers With Candy, but that would be highly inappropriate.

Fess up!  What are the sitcoms that got you giggling?  Has reality TV sucked you in at all?  What TV star would you trade places with?  No, I wouldn’t pick Tila Tequila.

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