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7 Links That Will Make You Laugh

If it feels like the pressures of fall are looming – school exams, added work piling up, bowls of Halloween candy eaten months prior to actual Trick-or-Treating…then settle in for a few minutes of laughter links to brighten your week!

Women: Know Your Limits!

My sister sent me the following video as a warning. She knows my love of knowledge and sought to warn me of its dangers.

Favorite part:  “Over-education leads to ugliness, premature aging, and beard growth.”

Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Shared by my friend Piper Bayard, it combines all characters Austen with those of Fight Club. Tea cups will fly!

Favorite part:  “No corsets, no hatpins, and NO crying!”

Craig Cuts His Own Hair

Another favorite I found through my sister. “Craig” is a character created by comedian Kyle Dunnigan, and if you’ve never seen him, I highly recommend you start with Craig’s News as an introduction. But for today’s post, we’re featuring some highly resourceful hair cutting tips!

Favorite part:  The claw.

NFL – Bad Lip Reading

There’s a whole slew of bad lip reading videos out there and fans of The Walking Dead should check out the musical they made! But the NFL mash up is by far one of the funniest!

Favorite part:  “Now! I want cake now!”

Grocery Shopping – A Parent’s Guide with Arturo Trejo

Arturo Trejo is a dad. A dad who likes to film his family and teach them lessons. Enjoy this how to video on successful grocery shopping.

Favorite part: Never shop on an empty stomach.

Best of Sue Sylvester

Even if you’re not a GLEE fan, you’re going to love Cheerios Coach Sue Sylvester and her endless taunting.

Favorite part:  “You’ve just boarded the Sue Sylvester train. Destination…HORROR!”

Flight of the Conchords – Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous

New Zealand comedy and musical duo transforms into their alter egos – rap singers – known as the Rhymenocerous and Hiphopopatamus.

Favorite part:  They call me the hiphopopatamus, my lyrics are bottomless…”

Are you giggling?

Share more of your favorite comedic videos and blog posts in the comments below!

Happy laughing!

I’ll Tell You My Dirty Little Secret

I know it’s not Guilty Pleasure Friday, but maybe, just maybe, this little confessional couldn’t wait.  As many of you know, I’ve been a busy bee at work with inventory, which means I’m living nocturnally at the moment, hence the later postings.  But I’ve been preparing.  When someone works the hours of 4pm to 3am and 7pm to 5am, it throws off your sleep schedule!  So, I’ve stocked up on guilty pleasure TV to watch when I get home and I’m wound up, or when I wake up at 2 in the afternoon still tired!

Ok, little known fact about me.  *cough*  I used to be in Show Choir.  It’s not something I would normally admit.  Truth is, for all the time I spent wishing I was in it, the glitz and glamour that is crusty hairsprayed hair and scratchy sequin costumes is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Someday I’ll tell you all about how the director said I ruined his show when I got my hair cut.  True story.

For now, I’m enjoying a little blast down memory lane while watching GLEE.  Yep, there, I’ve admitted it.  I started watching GLEE.  The completely over the top TV dramedy about a show choir at Mt. McKinley High.  The newly reformed “New Directions” Glee Club is full of misfits, misfits who just happen to sing their asses off.  The key performers are Rachel, the mildly annoying, goody-two-shoes, up and coming starlet played by Lea Michelle, who’s been doing lots of interviews lately and is sometimes made fun of for her impeccable posture during said interviews.  It really is kind of unhuman.

Then there’s Finn, the football quarterback/lead male vocalist?  Finn is your all American guy who can’t ever quite decide if he’ll suck up the popularity contest and actually stay in Glee, even if it means getting slushie dumped all over you.

You can’t not take notice of Mercedes, the show’s other stellar singer find!  She’s a young Beyonce’/Jennifer Hudson kind of gal!  I don’t understand why her clothes have so many neon stripes going on all the time, but I’m no fashionista.

And my other favorite is Kirk.  Kirk is kind of the stereotypical gay kid character, but I really like him anyway.  He’s hilarious.  I think my favorite moment is when he helps lead the football team to victory by getting them to dance and loosen up.  It’s pretty awesome.

Still don’t believe me that you should probably watch Glee?

If that video alone doesn’t excite you, then let me introduce to you quite possibly my favorite character on the show:  Sue Sylvester.  Played by Jane Lynch, a favorite actress of mine, Sue only wears Adidas track suits and she coaches the school’s money-making Cheerleading team, the Cheerios!  For years, Sue’s been on top of the teaching world because her team always wins and her group gets pretty much all the funding.  (Their uniforms are dry cleaned in Europe!)  Now that Will Schuester, the Spanish teacher, took over Glee Club, these kids are giving Sue a run for her money.  But she is no easy villain to back down.  Listen to these hilarious clips of Sue’s plans:

Aren’t you already just a little bit hooked?  Don’t you feel that hours spent surfing YouTube videos all about this cast is time well spent?  I do.  I’m now a “Gleek”.

If you’ll excuse me, I have Season 2 to pick up from the library.  What guilty pleasure got you going this week?

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