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Announcing the Halloween Costume Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in my Halloween Costume Contest! I had sooo much fun seeing your costumes! We had everything from Bigfoot to Unicorns, 80’s Punk Rocker to Madonna and Child! You sure are a clever bunch!

Had you come Trick-or-Treating at our house last night, you’d have met this…

Wonder Woman and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Wonder Woman and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

But, there can be only one! And this year’s Costume Contest winner is…

Diana Beebe!!!

Diana’s costumes are positively purr-fect!

Be sure to check out Diana’s fabulous fantasy blog – Mermaids Don’t Do Windows!

Congratulations Diana! Thanks for Trick-or-Treating with me!

Behold your ghoulish bounty!

SAMSUNG+ a book of your choice and chance to guest post!

How did you each of you celebrate All Hallow’s Eve? What was your favorite costume you saw?

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