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Wisconsin Walk Outs

The protests continue in Wisconsin.  Busloads of teachers and students are departing all over the state headed for the capital.  The solidarity of those individuals united is a great thing to see.  And people are trying to stay positive and proactive as much as possible during this unrest.  One protester joked, “They neglected to think they were fighting against people who stand on their feet all day.”

The Democratic lawmakers have left the state.  They are boycotting the vote on this bill which directly impacts our Wisconsin state workers, with teachers being a direct target.  Unless one democrat shows up, they cannot vote on this bill.  The hope is to encourage negotiations that should have occurred a week ago.

Rallies all over the state are happening.  Teacher and student walk outs are impacting everyone.  Yesterday, I attended a rally in La Crosse.  The teachers said it best, noting how Wisconsin has been a leader in education for 50+ years, how our state motto is “Forward!” and yet this bill will push us back so far, forcing some teachers to retire early and not have enough saved up to live on, forcing others to work for less year after year, resulting in schools being closed down and a middle class carrying the weight of the economic crisis on its back.

This is a Dr. Susan Crutchfield from UW-La Crosse.  I will tell you that after one day of her class, I walked to the registrar office and signed up for my minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  She also became my guidance counselor in the English Department.  One day, for her to impact a life change in a student’s path.  At the rally in La Crosse she spoke on behalf of Wisconsin workers and their voice as a union which requested a chance to speak with Governor Walker and negotiate this bill.  She said, “We will work for less.  We are not asking for a bigger slice of bread, but we will not take the CRUMBS leftover at a table to which we were never even given a seat to!”

This is my family.

My whole family has been protesting at the Capital all week long.  My sister is a teacher, and my brother and his fiance’ are employed by the state too.  My niece and nephew have been out of school for three days now due to closings and walk outs.  My sister has been showing up and teaching every day, then driving an hour to the capital to protest with her fellow teachers because she thought that’s what she should do.  Until yesterday…

Why I Walked Out: (An excerpt from a Wisconsin teacher)  I thought I was doing the right thing when I reported to work this morning with the rest of my staff. I thought I’d show my support at the capitol as soon as school ended. Afterall, our district has a referendum to pass. Plus, not showing up would cost me a significant portion of my paycheck. As I looked at my smiling students I felt nothing but pain. The school I know and love will never be the same after this bill passes. I finally got the message that staying in school tells others that I’m o.k. with this legislature. Say what you want about how rich you think teachers are or how selfish you think we are, but understand that I’m going to the capitol because I want Wiscinsin schools to be the best in the nation! This fight is not about wages, benefits, or even my workers’ rights. It is about the war against Citizens’ United and their agenda to eliminate the middle class and the public schools we know and love. So, teachers at the capitol I apologize to you for not being there this morning. I’m on my way now and it’s because I love my students and because I want my daughter to one day attend a great Wisconsin school!

You can read more about what’s happening in Wisconsin by checking out this news article from TPM.  You can see how it affects people by reading my last post, I Heard the Cry on the Capital Stairs.  Please spend a little of your time today thanking a state worker, or a teacher, I know this battle is going to spread across the country and we need to tell our employees that we appreciate them.

Any thoughts on Wisconsin?

I Heard the Cry on the Capital Stairs

Thousands rally at the capital to speak up for State Worker's Rights

I know the rules of blogging platform.  We are not supposed to dive into the political, so if you don’t want to listen just click on my Jane Austen post instead.  But I can’t silence my head.  I’ve argued with people, paced around the house, drove around listening to NPR, and spent countless hours worrying about the future and my family.  If you didn’t know, Wisconsin is in an uproar regarding Governor Scott Walker’s plan to end all unions.  Thousands of state workers and teachers have rallied in protest at the capital all week long.  I really do understand the downsides to a union, in fact, in my job I educate new hires on why our company opts to do without a union, but four people in my family are union members through WEAC or other state positions.  And with the plans Governor Walker wants to put forward it will mean less pay every year for our educators and increased pay ins for health benefits.  All I’m doing is sharing a spoken word I wrote today because it’s heavily on my mind.  I thank you for listening, and whichever side of the struggle you fall on, please send support to my family as I know a battle lies ahead.

I Heard the Cry on the Capital Stairs

This is an appreciation.

You’ll have to forgive my fixation

but this crowd-

balled up against the capital stairs

speaking out so loudly

I can hear it from 200 miles away!

They say

Kill the Bill

to those who won’t even agree to listen

yet admit that their legislation

could use a little editing.

Well I learned how to proofread,

but sometimes a mistake

is not so easily repaired by the

force of an eraser on paper.

Sometimes it can never be taken back

and it becomes a mandatory civil disobedience,

a role call of citizens who speak up

and speak out about why

you can’t tear down a structure

like a building and not acknowledge

you’re leaving a mess.

And that is why we are here today!

That is why some of your children

could not attend school

because their teachers chose to walk out

rather than spend the day in denial of their own voice

their own voice

handling the matters that impact them directly.

So if you know a teacher,

are related to a teacher,

and Heaven bless you if you are a teacher,



SPEAK now SPEAK strongly

SPEAK with the conviction

of a child raising their hand and asking WHY?

Never stop asking questions!

Never doubt for a moment that our nation

would never learn how to read or count

or grow without our teachers preparing

every class lesson and opportunity

a child is given

by devoting their own free time

to the success and the future

of the next generation!

Say thank you!

Say you hear them!

Say you know there are changes yet to come,

but not from a tumbling structure undone,

in this day, while we stand

united on the capital steps

let us SPEAK,

even if you find yourself only able

to whisper.

Let all voices be known as a face,

a part of the answer,

not the problem!

Say thank you!

Say you hear them!

Say you have the courage

and the remembrance of a teacher

who has shaped your own life

to SPEAK out


SPEAK strongly

and never stop SPEAKING!

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